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Sign Up The Quick and the Dead M(LVS)

Akieen Cloud

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Quick and the Dead M (LVS)

Shooting the can that was few yards away she smiled and blew the smoke away from the barrel of her Colt 45 and spun it into the holster on her hip. Walking over to the old man behind the podium she held out her hand.
?You shook on it old man, I won the bet fair and square.?
He nodded and handed a bundle of bills at her smiling.
?You know, one of these days those skills of yours are gonna' get you into trouble girl.?
?That?s what you think Mac. I know what I?m doing.?
?Alright, but when you get called out by the Black Winds don?t come runnin' to me.?
?Aw, c?mon Mac, you know me better then that.?
She spun around, the long coat following her movements as a large pack of horses came running into town, their riders all wearing black clothes and hats; all of them riding black stallions.
?Black winds.?
She gritted her teeth as the leader stopped his horse, the others stopped behind him smiling and waiting for his next move.
?We bought a jug of Ale from the bar here and it was sour! We?re looking for the man who sold it to us, he has an appointment with the noose and we tend to make sure he makes it!?
She turned and looked at the old man she was talking to earlier.
?Mac? You can?t.?
He smiled kindly and put his hand on her shoulder, the entire town knew his ale was the best and had never been sour in the many years he had been in business, and the Blacks just wanted something to do.
?This isn?t right??
He looked back at her as he stepped up.
?What can I do for you Black??
?Your ale was sour last night, we want our money back.?
?Now I can?t do that, you know that, but I can give you another order-?
?Shut it old man! I want my back pay and if you won?t give me my money back I?ll take it from your hide.?
She watched as he was struck to the ground and then pushed into a chair, his hands behind his back, his ankles tied as well. She met his eyes as he stood there in the chair, a rope around his neck and strung across a tree branch.
?You have any last words??
?No, I have had a fulfilling life, I think I?m ready.?
Black pointed to a man on a horse who laughed and was about to spur his horse when she pushed through the crowd and growled out.
?That?s enough!?
Black turned on her.
?And who might this little filly be??
?My name is Violet Ukrane. I?m the daughter of the late sheriff.?
?Well then, you might try to stop us here.?
?I won?t try, I will.?
?Let?s see you then.?
The man on the horse spurred his horse and before he could get the beast to move Violet had her gun out and shot the rope so Mac hadn?t even budged.
?Well then, this is means for a challenge.?
?Name the time and place Black.?
?A month from now, here between our best, you and I will be the decides of the matches. Agreed??

As the Blacks rode away she helped the old man to his feet and brushed him off.
?This is a bad idea Vi? You don?t know anyone that could help you.?
?They?ll come Mac? they?ll come, this won?t stay in this town alone? you know that as well as I do.?
Looking up at the blood red sky she sent a small prayer to her father and helped Mac into his bar.

Sign Ups:

All I want is a post about your past and your grudge against the Black Winds gang, and it can be near anything, from bounty to you got kicked out, I also want you to include how you heard about the show down in Rock Valley.
Remember this is Wild West, no cars, no hand to hand weapons. You?re allowed guns only and they have to be old fashioned like my Colt 45s. The last thing I need is a description, either in your post or a pic at the end.

[URL=http://www.orgsites.com/ca/role-play-recruit/anime_girl_240%5b1%5d.jpg]Tan pants and tank top under the red instead[/URL]
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