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Ranting....hate MiniTokyo...


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[COLOR=Indigo][SIZE=2][FONT=Trebuchet MS]Hey all, any of you out there ever have bad experiences with MiniTokyo? Well, I'm certainly finding that I do _not_ like how the moderators treat the membrs. I had begun work on a wallpaper, first by cleaning up a scan. Having downloaded plenty of scans from MiniTokyo, but never having posted anything--I must more like the friendly enviroment over here on Otaku.com--I decided to do some sharing for once, to return the favor.

Well, not only did they delete my scan, but I received a scathing reply from the scans moderator. Quote:

7h 48m ago

MiniTokyo only allowed high quality scans in order for other members to use the imagery within the scans to create wallpapers, webpages, icons, banners, etc...
MiniTokyo doesn't accept scans just because they look pretty. They are a resource for others. So just how on earth do you expect people to extract that image of Ichigo? It is impossible, because it is the incomplete image. Having Ichigo only visable through kannji is not the complete image; I have seen the complete image of Ichigo, and that is not it.

We often delete magazine scans when the text obscures the text, but having too much print over it. In a strange reversal, this case is only visable through the text that the image can be seen, which is not good enough.

If it was the full image, uninterupted, over 1,000,000 pixels in size then it would be acceptable. But size isn't everything and although your scan is large enough it is not the full image.

But you are wrong if you believe that this is the way that Kubo Tite drew the image. THIS is the complete image, which I found on the very first page of Scans in the Bleach category. So not only was it unpractical to the point that it was below MiniTokyo's standards, but it was a low quality duplicate.


God! How rude can you be. I have one scan posted on their site, but if I don't get some resolution (doesn't have to be posting the scan, but I deserved better treatment than that) I'm going to remove it, and haunt the site only looking scans to download. I was just asking for fairness--which I definitely did NOT receive.

If the scan didn't meet their needs, fine. Tell me why, don't insult me and don't insult my intellegience by calling a complete picture "incomplete" and low resolution. The entire time I was trying to understand why it got deleted--but asking politely, and this is the response I get. ARRRGHHH! Act like an adult people.

So, another note, here's a question for Otaku moderators. Is it possible to come up with a thread or something similiar, on Otaku, where fans can share scans they've made with other Otaku fans? Having bought many an import book to look for scans, I think this would be an inexpensive way to help others out...that is, if there aren't any legal hassles that would trip you up. (Believe me, I work at an OfficeMax, where I continuously have to deny photocopying because of copyright issues, so I can understand if you don't want to cross that line.)

Of course, if it's the fans posting to a thread and Otaku.com not posting it to a official hub, I imagine that Otaku.com would have less to work about. Well, really wrote this to vent...but will try to post that suggestion over in the suggestion area.

ARRRGGGH tho. I hate being accused of lying and such, when I didn't. And having it rudely done at that.

Thanks all, for allowing me to vent, lol. Now I's feel better, lol.

P.S. if anyone wants said "incomplete" image for their own personal use here's a link for ya all, lol.

For what it's worth, the scan's resolution is 1450 pixels X 1879 pixels = 2,724,550 pixels (And she says that's low resolution?!?!?)

By [URL=http://profile.imageshack.us/user/kenshinsorrow]kenshinsorrow[/URL] at 2007-06-25
(Above is the direct link for the full resolution image)
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[color=#606060]I can't really comment on what MiniTokyo said; I'm not familiar with their site so I don't know what their rules are. It seems that they want very clear images for people to use in their own graphics which seems reasonable I suppose - it just depends how clear they make this to members.

Anyway, if you want to start a thread to share scans you are welcome to do so. Such a thread would probably belong in our Art Studio forum.

I'd just ask people to host their scans at a place like ImageShack and to put thumbnails on OB. This way we don't stretch the forum width and we also ensure that we aren't using up massive amounts of bandwidth (since scans tend to be on the larger side of the spectrum).

If the thread is full of thumbnails like the one you've provided I have no problem with it. I think scans would be very helpful for the various artists on OB who want to contribute graphics to the Graphic Worm and other projects.[/color]
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[COLOR=Indigo][SIZE=2][FONT=Trebuchet MS]Thanks James. I think I'll do that. I hadn't thought about that some might try and post large/huge pictures on the thread. Probably should come up with a list of guidelines, based on your suggestions, and definitely in the art forum. Too tired to do it tonight tho, and have to go to work at 8am, so will probably get to it tomorrow evening.

And thanks for the vote of support. I hadn't thought about the Graphic Worm--but hey, yeah, it could help with that. Btw, until recently I hadn't had much time to spend online, but checked the Graphic Worm out. Wow, it's definitely intriguing--who ever thought of that was a genius, because something like that definitely requires a teamwork mentality--always a good thing, lol.

Btw, in reference to earlier: when it comes to MiniTokyo, they're pretty strict, and I've been aware of that. However, I was handling it okay, doing my best to be polite, until their moderator insulted me, accusing me of doctoring another scan, of using a low resolution--basically, she attacked me personally, and to a large degree, even professionally, since I am training to be a graphic artist and do desktop publishing at my job. That's what I was really ranting about, lol.

I agree tho, they have a right to limit and decide what goes on their site--I was just trying to understand why mine had been rejected. But to personally insult me, throw up that my scan wasn't original when I did the hard work of scanning and cleaning up any little scan artifacts....yeah, that was the real low blow I thought.

Hey tho, I've never been a dishonest person....so start accusing me of dishonesty that I didn't do, and I get annoyed and frustrated, not to mention a little adjitated.

lol, better go to sleep--am forgetting how to spell.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=#606060]Your scan looks fine, although the one you've put in this thread has a resolution of 463x600 pixels. So I'm not sure where 1450 pixels X 1879 pixels comes from (unless the version in this thread has been shrunk from the first version you scanned, which I just assume).

Still, the actual image quality seems okay on this screen (though I'm not at home right now and the screen I'm on isn't as good), but I definitely don't notice any stand-out issues with the scan.

So yeah, I don't really know, if you submitted the version that you put in this thread it may indeed not have been big enough. Either that or they are only looking for clear character images so that people can crop them and stuff. Who knows.

Either way I think your thread idea is a good one.[/color]
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Yeah, I discovered that too, about the size. The original actually _was_ larger, but apparently ImageShack reduced the file size. So that's one of the things that I'm thinking about for the thread. Perhaps users should use something like ImageShack to show others their scan, but to keep the file size upload to something like MegaUpload or something... Will try to come up with a sure-fire method when I get home.

And yeah, think MiniTokyo is indeed looking for images that users can crop images out of. Although I didn't realize they were that selective. I know as an artist, I find myself often more challenged by the difficult, unique pictures....Oh well...

Okay, "see" you all sometime after 5pm! And thanks for the vote of support on the thread idea. :animesmil

[COLOR=Indigo][SIZE=2][FONT=Trebuchet MS]Or I might throw the idea out to the communtiy, and ask for suggestions on where upload, other than ImageShack. I know there are probably areas I don't know about, that others do. lol, truly make it a group effort.

Okay, gotta get finished getting ready for work, hehe.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][INDENT][COLOR=Red]I merged your posts together KenshinSorrow, please don't double post. Just use the edit button in the lower right hand corner of your post if you wish to add something. Thanks. ~SunfallE[/COLOR][/INDENT]

[COLOR=Indigo][SIZE=2][FONT=Trebuchet MS]Oops! Sorry...been a long time since I had the free time to post on any forum...didnt stop to consider that. In fact, don't know if I've ever heard the phrase double-post before, but I will definitely do my best to avoid doing so in the future. Apologies for the trouble I caused you, Sunfall, and thanks for letting me know the proper procedure. I will do my utmost to follow it in the future. :animeswea [/FONT] [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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