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[center][b]Word Up:[/b] Editor?s Notes[/center]

Hip Hop, a way of life for an entire culture. Today, in our world, the genre has been defined by its MC?s, or to the uneducated, rappers. Famous for their lyricism and penchant for legal problems, it would seem that they rule the popular music and culture scene today. However, in the last few years, it seems hip hop's popularity, or at the very least, its connection with its roots, has waned. With record labels focused now on almost only record sales, rappers have very little freedom in their songs to form creative, venting raps, as it was originally meant to be.

Club and dance songs abound, and true lyricism is dying down. It would seem that the art of the MC is a dead one. This article may be a short one; however, if the hip hop community at large cannot see just where I am coming from in saying this, then there truly is no hope for the genre. Its future will be lived out with club songs and the newest dances until it just fades into nothingness.

Never again do I wish to hear the term ?Hip Pop?, for it is one that goes against what Hip Hop stood for in its creation. Unless someone in the industry its self steps forward to make a stand, I fear that the way of life that I have followed since I could think for myself, will no longer be. What would that mean for me? What of the people who died in creating it? What of the people who live it now? Will it all have been for nothing, because the labels were just too much about the Benjamins? Because the rappers needed another grand around their neck?

This is an open challenge to all rappers, to all true MCs?. Prove me wrong. Save Hip Hop?. Start some ****.

[b]Rules of the Game[/b]

You are in the shoe?s of a Hip Hop journalist. You?re job is to report on the newest developments in Rap music. Recently, several rap artists have started musical feuds, better known as ?Beefs? with one another, calling the others on the reported ?selling out? that they have done. These feuds have been started by the waning quality in the music today, but on top of this, it is being perpetuated by not only the rap labels, but also other popular media.

The story will be told by journalistic means, however it is still telling the story of the rapper that you create as the character you fallow. This rapper will put out mixtape diss songs written by yourself.

[b]Step 1.[/b]
Create a rapper.

[b]Step 2[/b]
Go to YouTube and search for voices of various rappers until you find the voice that will be that of your MC character.

[b]Step 3[/b]
Find a beat on YouTube from popular (or unpopular) rap songs to be used as the beat for your song.

[b]Step 4[/b]
Write and post the diss song targeting whoever you may so choose.

And example will follow this if you do not understand.

[b]The 411[/b]

Remember, everything told in this story will be through articles written by various journalists (you) telling the story of the rapper you created and the songs that you wrote and put out for that rapper.

Posts will go by either an article written, or you can post just a song. Or you can post both together. But that is how it goes. The story is told through journalism, and more than that, through the rap diss tracks themselves.

[b]The Roster[/b]

Sign ups will be no different. It will be posted as a ?unsigned hype? or feature article on the artist themselves. Use my sign up as an example. You may use pictures if you please to help with your rappers description.[/size]


[size=3][b][u]Battle Front: New Orleans [/u] [/b][/size]

[b][i]A new soldier from the N.O., Mikey Militant?[/b][/i]


Young, inexperienced, and ill as they get, the path to stardom for New Orleans native Mikey Militant was short to say the least. Born on July 26, 1988 to a Haitian immigrant mother and an anonymous father, the youth that was Mikey Militant found solace in two places as a child. The streets and the grit of early gangster rap. In his teen years, in between recording solo demos and high school, the young man became affiliated with the 3rd Ward Bloods, an off shoot of the numerous L.A. based gangs.

Soon put to work selling cocaine and crack for his higher ups, the young man was inspired by his street experiences and began putting down major tracks which would get him attention from local labels, however, he remained strictly a local hit. However, with his newest mixtape, put out by famed DJ Alert, his path to fame should be short. Already a hit in the underground and mixtape community, the young MC?s vicious attack on most popular MC?s today are both provoking and truth-ringing, calling each one out on their real life mishaps and mistakes.

I got to sit down with the MC recently for a brief interview. We met at his favorite Cajun Bar & Grille, the Fishbone. I watched with a smirk on my face as the arrogant MC answered my questions. No posse, no body armor. He was quite confident he was safe in his hometown, and I can only speculate why.

Standing roughly 6?0? tall, he is deceivingly thin, but yet commands respect in his cocky speech pattern. The long rasta braids on his head can only remind me of Bob Marley?s illegitimate love child with Tony Montana. Iced out and wearing very expensive clothing, we spoke lightly over a basket of Cajun popcorn shrimp.

[b]So? what inspires you to rap?[/b]

[i]Mikey:[/i] What inspires me? Well, let?s look at the game, main. Kids is runnin? **** all wrong. Puttin? out that soft ****, that ***** ****. I mean, looking back on where the game was, today, it just ain?t happenin?. I can?t let the game go down like that.

[b]You mean to say that you aren?t feeling other rappers out right now? [/b]

[i]Mikey:[/i] Feelin? ?em? Main, I ain?t even hearin? ?em. I can?t turn on the damn radio these days without hearin? some punk *** rappin? bout how he in the club, or how he with yo girl, or how he bump ?n grind. I?m tired of it, I gotta here that hard **** again, main. And if I?m the only one makin? it, then I?ll only be hearin? me. Ya mean?

[b]Got ya. So then, tell me. Who all are you targeting in your new mixtape? It seems you are trying to make some enemies?.[/b]

[i]Mikey:[/i] I ain?t trying to make nothin? but dollars man. This is about me getting the game to wake the hell up. This is my revolution if you wanna call it that. I?m callin? out ALL RAPPERS. I ain?t talking ?bout no one person, I?m talking to the rap game as a whole. Wake the **** up, cuz if ya?ll don?t, then I?ll putcha to rest. Unnastand that?

[b]I feel ya.[/b]

[b] Source Magazine, Field Reporter John Raymond.
August 12, 2008[/b]

[URL=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uh5b0Yw_-kQ][b]Voice Sample for Mikey Militant[/b][/URL]

[b]Ante Up Remix[/b]

Mikey Militant aka Mo? Gatz Blam ?Em feat. DJ Alert

[URL=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMpZmkIQ-_8]Click For Beat[/URL]

Ante Up! Clap that fool!
Ante Up! Jack that fool!
It?s the perfect timin?, and I stay shinin?/
You know I won?t never stop rhymin?/

Hold stacks, baby, they call me [i]Mo' Gatz/[/i]
I'm hot on the trail, ya'll still in [i]cold tracks/[/i]
Cash in my wallet, I can't even[i] fold that/[/i]
I rep the red, and know I'll make you [i]bleed that/[/i]
Best stand straight or I'll make ya [i]reeeelax/[/i]
Don't need your [i]feedback[/i], just give the [i]weed back/[/i]
Hustlin' like a tiger, I'm one of them [i]mean cats/[/i]
I?m known to hug the block, but I will [i]squeeze caps/[/i]
And then I [i]freeze chaps[/i], when my[i] rap?s blast/[/i]
[i]Steadfast[/i], I stay [i]strapped[/i], yeah my [i]gatz maxed/[/i]
[i]Rats get mashed[/i], call me the [i]mouse trap/[/i]
Switched up and [i]snapped[/i], I [i]pounce then slap/[/i]
Gotcha hooked on product like ya whole [i]house crack/[/i]
Gimme the shirt off ya back like ya [i]blouse jacked/[/i]
Mo? Gatz Blam ?Em, yeah, my waist[i] house macks/[/i]
Fifty cal shotties sure will hold ya [i]mouths back/[/i]

Ante Up! Yo Clap that fool!
Ante Up! Yo jack that fool!
It?s the perfect timin?, and I stay shinin?/
You know I won?t never stop rhymin?/
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[B][SIZE=3]Unlikely Dallas resident going down the harsh road[/SIZE][/B]
[I][B]Michael Gore fulfilling his destiny[/B][/I]


A dark, melodic piano tune streamed out of a window one cold Tuesday night. The piano kept it?s pace as Michael Gore, a.k.a ?Akira?, worked on finding that perfect loop for his next song. Mike was born November 19, 1987 in Dallas, Texas. Raised on the bad side of the city, his grandma, Rosa Gore, watched him throughout his life. His mother, Julia Gore, died given birth to Mike as his father, Jonathon Gore, committed suicide because of the event with his wife. Full custody went to Rosa as she took guardianship without a moment to spare.

Mike?s childhood was full with murders and drugs. His friends and close family members offered drugs to young mike, but refused each time. His grandmother had taught at a young age, you get no where with ?that stuff?. Mike had an other side of him that no other boy in his neighborhood had. A love for music. The second he turned 14, his grandmother bought him a piano. Nearly tore his grandmother to death for the many hours of overtime at the diner she worked at, but she knew it was something special to him.

The musician in him burst alive as he stayed up in late hours, practice and more practice. He would make lyrics of growing up without parents and his harsh times. Telling the world about his thoughts and feelings through a black notebook he bought using pick-up change from the sidewalk. His singing voice was nice, but not strong enough for any decent song he would make, so his life as a rapper began.

Michael watched on MTV of rappers and their quick verses and rhymes. His verses came out flawlessly as he felt as if he was free of his worries. He soon got a chance to show the community on who he was one night and Mike didn?t miss a beat. The judges named him 2006 Dallas underground rap king. Soon everyone around the ton came to his door or sent him a letter, asking for a mixtape. Luckily, I got to see him and give a small interview one Friday morning.

[B]So, why do you choose a career as a rapper?[/B]

Oh, im just finding something that defines me. Im not looking for fame or riches, just to go out there and have fun. Able to look back on this and say, ?I gave it my best shot.?

[B]You seem like a gentleman right now. What makes you think you can stand up against others so well?[/B]

Haha, I didn?t think I was a ?gentleman.? I have a lot of anger for most rappers who choose to be.... Like trash. Don?t know a damn what their saying and don?t know how to spell the simplest of words. I wanna go out their and beat them at their own game by not saying, ?I?m going to kill you.?

[B]Last question... What is your goal for this year?[/B]
Haha, to have fun and to kick some ***.

VIBE magazine, reporter Jianna Parks
Auguest 1, 2008. 11:38 p.m.

[I][B][URL=http://youtube.com/watch?v=54W1RNwW5dk]Mike's voice[/URL] [/B] [/I]

[B]Take the Truth[/B]
[B][I]Akira featuring Young Free Boi[/I][/B]

[I][B][URL=http://youtube.com/watch?v=BRd5GDpWt9c]Song Beat[/URL] [/B] [/I]

[FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]Watch them flee.....
Watch them flee....
Yo, it?s Akira, get ready for this ****....

I ain?t your mother, don?t take this to the heart and soul
But your rap sucks, talking bout your bullet holes
it?s all fake, just some story that you stole
Don?t look at me, it?s something I already know
Your reign is over, pack your bags and go
I?ll call your boyfriend, he?ll carry your sack and so,
Turn you hat straight, and look with pride
when a rapper go?s. It?s the poor who die.
It?s okay to cry. Still don?t really believe?
When this rap verse is over, I?ll make you turn and flee.
So listen their powderpuff, open your eyes to see.
Taking so much of this truth in is alittle scary.
Quit the game, or I'll I'll speak the truth to make you say..
"Holy ****! How dare he!"[/FONT]
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Just a note.

By signing up, you're automatically in this RPG. There are no limits. The more the better in this case, which is rare in RPs. It really doesn't matter, just more material for people to write about.[/color][/size]
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