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Manga Nosatsu Junkie


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Nosatsu Junkie is a relatively new manga out here in the states. (I can't remember the Manga-ka's name, sorry.)

This story is about Naka Kaburagi, a pretty girl whose face looks like a criminal's when she smiles. She is rejected by her crush because her "Face is kinda scary.". Her crush then began to rant about how he prefers a girl with "A smile like a flower.".

Enter Umi Kajiwara.
Umi is an incredibly popular model whose "Flower like smile" charms men and women alike. Naka, wanting to get revenge on her crush by learning to smile like a flower, gets a job at Umi's modeling agency. Unfortunately, because of her smile, she can't get a job.

Until the day that she enters a modeling contest judged by Umi herself. While on her way, Naka runs into Umi. Umi drops [SPOILER] A proctology clinic card.[/SPOILER] and Naka learns her secret. [SPOILER] She, is really a he! In return for keeping his secret,[/SPOILER]Umi gives Naka the job she was auditioning for, and she becomes Umi's co-model!

This manga is full of humor and light romance, Naka and Umi's antics are a blast!
So far, only two volumes are out in the states, and a third one should be coming out in september.

Does anyone else like this manga?
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