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The OB Battle of the Bands: Underground


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[COLOR="HotPink"][B]Well, this will be much like the old Battle of the Bands in the past, except the fact that it's devoted strictly to what some will call "Rock" music. But here's the catch. This Battle is all about the genres. (I suck at genres but anyway.) You'll know what to put in this thread. No pop. No rap. Nothing too mainstream. You get the idea. Anyway, a person can post up to three battles in one post, in each he/she will put the genre in common between each band in your post. The best thing is, you can even battle two local/unsigned bands as long as you give a link to where we can hear their music. If you don't know a signed band, look them up.

Simple enough? Post battles. People vote. [/B][/COLOR]

[SIZE="1"][I]1)Southern Rock/Christian[/I][B]
He is Legend vs. Maylene and the Sons of Disaster[/B]
These two bands have very rugged and southern styles. If you know who MSD is, you should know that after Dallas got kicked out of Underoath, he went into this band. My personal vote is on HiL, because they have... a darker (??) feel to them. MSD have a much more Southern sound, with catchy tunes and such, which doesn't appeal to me as much as He is Legend's music.

[B][url=http://www.purevolume.com/strikethechoir]Strike the Choir[/url] vs. [url=http://www.myspace.com/onceexiled]Once Exiled[/url][/B]

Both of these bands are local bands from Arkansas, and both of them are absolutely awesome. I've seen OE in concert before, and it was the best show I've ever been to, but StC are really great too. Music wise, I'd have to go with StC, just because I like Screamo a lot more than OE's style of Harcore/Metal-ish xD music.[/SIZE]

Anyway. Post. Vote. Battle, whatever.
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