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Your risks, and the effects of it.

chaos Alvis

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[COLOR="Blue"][FONT="Microsoft Sans Serif"][SIZE="2"]I want to know what kind of risks do u guys take, and how it effects your whole life or part of your life.I wanted to start this thread because i took many "dareing" risks in the past and my life went downhill from them[/SIZE]. [/COLOR]
[COLOR="Blue"][FONT="Microsoft Sans Serif"][SIZE="2"]See one risk i tried to take was asking out a girl who i really liked we knew each other pretty well.i would usually put my arm around her so she would know how i really felt. Well, she let me put my arm around her but i didn't think she even knew i liked her. Then one day at the end of a huge long trip(we went to six flags) i asked her the question. "Will you go out with me?"... and everything exploded. i had my arm around her still but then she was like "haha...no?..." :animedepr ... ummm she was pretty weirded out after that... a day later i told her i was sorry for weirding her out like that. she told me to never do it again. i'm what you call a "nice" guy. After this incident i started to regret what i did. Our friendship just crashed.whats worse is that its summer vacation and we barely get to see each other anymore. i usually try to text/im her but she doesnt reply back. It kind of worries me but not much. People keep telling me to move on but for some reason when i try to forget her i tend to remember the memories we had together..[/SIZE].[/FONT][/COLOR]
[COLOR="Blue"][FONT="Microsoft Sans Serif"]
[SIZE="2"]well enough about me :animesigh. How about you guys? have you ever taken a dive and suddenly it didn't go as you planned?[/SIZE]
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[size=1]... she sounds... nice?

Uh, well. You'll go through a lot of moments like this. A lot of people don't really think of other people's feelings and tend to lead them on.

I haven't really taken any "risks" relationship-wise, but I do in everyday life for stupid little things. I've done too many idiotic things to even remember them in detail. They all mesh together after so long. >>[/size]
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