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RPG A new Hero


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*An eternal hurricane is plaguing the planet of Silvan..it started a few months ago and has no signs of it ever ending. Many towns and many countrie have already been destroyed. The familyos Stormhawk reside in their home waiting further instruction from the galdian militia. After 3 more days, they witness more of their neighbors homes being destroyed and can wait no longer.

Falasade: thats it, c'mon, we're taking Talon and getting out of here, we need to find another place to go...

Callista:But Falasade..what if we get killed out there, its too dangerous

Falasade: I'd rather die out there than die in here like trapped rats, c'mon, we're leaving

*Falasade and Callista grab Talon and run outside, activate their vehicle from underground, wait for it to arrive then leve, heading for the Galdian Militia Space Center. They arrive and Falasade kills the remaining Guards. They search through the space station and find 1 remaining space craft...they use it to make their escape.*

*Out in space their is a malfunction on an outer energy box the makes the ship a dead stick, falasade goes out to fix it. his safety wire snaps and he slowly fades out into space. Callista runs out to catch him before it is too late,but the woman forgets to ut a safety wire on herself, out of blind heroics. both parents are lost out in space..leaving the unattended, 5 year old Talon alone...heading for nothing.*

*for the next 11 years Talon follows up in his Combat mastery and finally catches sight on a planet...When his spacecraft crashlands in a forest, he loses consciousness. When he regains his consciousness he steps outside the beat up craft and begins to walk around. He hears a scream from the North. when he gets to the scene he sees a woman being attacked by Demonos, the newly acclaimed archvillian of Earth.*

(Take note that this is a whole new Era of DBZ)

Talon: Let the woman go villain!!!

Demonos looks back and chuckles

Demonos: Who are you?

Talon: I am Talon Stormhawk of the Silvanos clan, planet Galdia. Who, may I ask, are you to be corrupting an innocent woman?

Demonos: I am Demonos...the most powerful being in the Universe...it would be wise for you to leave

woman: help me please!!!

Talon: I think not, demonos, where i am from, desecration of woman is strictly forbidden. I will see just how powerful you are

Demonos: You have just sealed you fate....

*Demonos rushes Talon, throwing many punches at him, only to have everyone of them blocked. the same happens when Talon attacks Demonos*

Demonos: hmm..stronger than I thought, but you wont survive against this, no one has.

*Demonos fire his special attack, the Demon Wing Beam. At the instant of him doing so, Talon jumps straight up in the air and fires his Silver Energy Blast*


*The Blast hits Demonos and sends him flying through 13 different trees before a thick Silver Maple finally stops him*

Talon: most powerful being..keep training..the people here must be weak...

*Demonos picks himself up and weakily moves over in front of Talon*

Demonos: Its not overyet!!!Demona!!!Come finish this battle!!!!

Demonos flees and Demona appears.

Talon: hell no, not when my energy is drained

Out of Character: This is open for anybody who wishes to join...here is Talons physical stats

Power Lvl: 7,500,500
Race:Silvanos(similar to Saiyan)
Class: Fighter/mystic healer type

I'm not familiar with DBZ style roleplaying, can somebody tell me what else I need?
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*From A safe look out Tero a young Saiyan.See a girl being a attacked by Demonos he also sees Demona and a never before felt power level*

Tero:What the hell!!!Who the hell is that??!!!!!
No,matter I got to help him.

*Tero flies over,seeing sliver Warror fighting Demonosand flies over to Demona*

Tero:Your not thinking about jumping in now are ya?

Demona:What!!!Tero Valor!!!what the hell are you doin' here?

Tero:Make sure your demonic *** don't jump in on my friend's fight over their.

Demona:Oh,oh okay shall we fight then?

Tero:Okay,here or in bed?

*Demona slaps Tero*

Tero:I was olny kidding,Okay,I counld use the warm up.

*Tero and Demona are about to lock in mortal combat,when her
yells for her*


Demona:ah,sorry got to go Tero see you later,okay?

*Demona flies as Tero joking said*

Tero:Call me!!!!

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i was jakura in one of your rpgs wasnt i?? anyways heres my char

race: changeling
powers: dimensional travel, time travel, dark corruption (turns ppl evil), energy absorption
bio: same as last time
items: sayain slaying sword
finishing technique: form 1- carnage wave form - super carnage wave form 3- carnage cannon form 4- death blaster
from: unknown

demanos: uhhhh cant go on much longer....
jakura: yeah thats right ecspecially with me around hehe
demanos: ahhhh what do you want?????
jakura: nothing but payback.... you see i will drain your power and then revive janaeba haha!!! and we will rule the world!!!!!!
demanos:uhhhhh youll never get away with it!!!!
jakura: well see!!! (large needle comes out of tail) haha say goodbye!!!
demanos: nooooooo!!!!!
jakura: ( stix needle in his neck and drains him completly dry of energy) haha goodnight sucker!!!!!!
jakura: then flys away to 2 powers down not to far from the mountains hes in........
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No Jakura...this ismy first thread ever here in the otaku


*Talon looks with a confused look towards Tero. He goes and leans against a tree and pulls out of a bag, a wierd looking fruit and begins to eat it.*

"So, who are you? I see that not all beings in this world are weak, only the ones who say they're the strongest."

*Picks up a scent of another approaching being*

"No time for introduction, there is another power level approaching, get ready for anything."

*Talon lets out an intimidating roar and he gains a silver aura. Then his Hair turns silver and is in Saiyan form. His muscles grow double size, and his speed doubles as well.*

*Talon looks at Tero*

"what, never seen a Silvanos before?"
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