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Sign Up Journey To The West [M-LSV]


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(if you want, you may skip down to where it says the journey begins and read the introduction story later.)

In the 19th century the United States of America, then still a new country, opened it's borders to the world. From across the Atlantic came the Europeans and the Africans, from across the Pacific came the Asians and the Arabs. They brought with them their hopes, dreams, cultures, languages, and anything else that they could carry with them in the boats across the oceans. A new world was ripe and theirs for the taking.

They brought something else with them however. They also brought their stories, their ideas, and with that, they also brought their Gods. No longer worshiped, the Gods lived on silently in their people's stories and fables, and with their people they traveled to America. Silently they watched as the people no longer worshiped them, but gave praise to the products of their own self indulgence. They began to worship new gods, Gods of industry, firearms, electricity, and eventually the old gods began to fade and become little more than shadows of their former selves. They knew that unless they did something soon, these new gods would soon grow strong and wipe them out as Zeus did the titans, and Odin did Ymir.

They found their hope in the dying peoples of the Native American nations. The people had rejected the ways of the foreigners to their lands, and so their Gods remained strong. If the Gods of the old world could enlist the Gods of the new world, then maybe they could stop the expansion of these new Gods and save themselves and their legacies.

With this in mind, Odin and those old gods who chose to work with him, tasked a small band of mythic creatures to disguise themselves as men and go to the west. Their goal is to seek the American Gods so that an audience may be had.

The Journey Begins...

Your role is that of a mythic being that is not a god (faerie, djinn, minotaur, werewolf, etc.) whose taken human form to travel to the west and have an audience with the American Gods. Along the way, the new Gods of industry and steel will try to thwart you at any chance as you make your way towards the great plains where the Native Americans still fight for their lands and freedom. The game takes place cir. late 19th century, so characters who represent the Victorian Era or the American wild west.


Name: Name your character uses to address him/herself to other humans.

True Name: What is the true name of your character among his kind, if he has any.

Appearance: a description or picture of your character.

True Form: What is your character's true form (i.e is s/he a faerie, were creature, skin-walker, satyr, etc.)

Powers/Abilities: What gifts were your character blessed with.

Brief summary: A paragraph or so about your character. This can be their legend, a description of them, or even a brief bio, I'm leaving it up to you.

I'll post a sign up later after I get off of work in the morning.
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