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RPG The Adventures of White and Dragon Warrior


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[center][b][size=1][color=red]The following is an RP between Dragon Warrior and I. There are no sign-ups or anything. The Underground thread may be used as a critique/comments thread later. Only DW and I may post here but I encourage all to read our story![/color][/size][/b][/center]
[SIZE="1"][INDENT][B]"So, basically it started with two boy orphans. At the age of 4 and 2, these two orphans (White and DW) were forced into an adventure like no other when a gang of bandits raided the town where their orphanage rested. These evil men burned the village to the ground and killed everyone in sight."

"..except us. DW and I were taken in by the bandits and after about five years of being trained and raised by the bandits the team attacked a village that proved to be very strong. It was the Native village of Tial 'Nu and the warriors there were quick like hawks, strong like bison and cunning like wolves. They took myself and DW in and raised us as Tial 'Nu warriors for two years."

"It turns out, though, that the local villagers were stealing food from a nearby city town called Adion. As punishment for this, all of Tial 'Nu was put in prison. Except, once again, DW and I. We managed to escape before everyone was captured and by this time we were trained well enough to fight for our own lives.

"For three more years we lived in the wilderness, getting our own food and shelter. We would head into Adion every once in a while and put on a street show involving acrobatics, fighting and acting. This eventually gave us enough money to buy our own apartment in the Castle Town and that's where we are now.

"I'm 21 and DW is 23. We regularly go out into the woods in search of adventure. Recently we've noticed an increase of monsters spawning near Adion. Since we're so talented, we just go kill them without anyone knowing. Silly town doesn't even know it would be screwed without us."[/B][/INDENT][/SIZE]


[INDENT][font=tahoma][color=dimgray]White lifted his head into the air and took a big whiff of the outdoors. The pungent odor of pine and maple eased through.

"I love being outside. If it weren't for those damn monsters it would be so perfect." White said. He looked back at his friend, DW, who was dressed in long blue robes and a tall yellow hat.

"Don't you think?" White asked. He flipped his shaggy silver hair out of his eyes and smiled. The sunlight sparkled on his silver armor and large two-handed sword sheathed on his back. He poked DW in the face.

DW shook his head. "Heh? Wha?"

"You were in one of those trances again."

"Was I? Sorry, I don't know what it is. I just get lost in my magic sometimes."

"You and your pitiful magic. What good is shouting incantations at something when you can just slice it in half?!" White joked. DW didn't respond and just trudged forward onto the path that lead into the woods.

"Whatever, let's just go kill something." he suggested.

"I'm not in the mood." White's stomach growled. "I want to sit here."

DW sighed and looked back at his heavily armored friend sitting on the grass. "Fine. I brought sandwiches."

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[indent][size=1][b]That is [i]NOT[/i] how it started, White. You're telling the story all wrong. As I recall, we did not start off just as orphans. Our father happened to be King. That's right... KING. And we were princesses.

Er... princes.

The King was ambushed by cyborg kung fu monkeys and had no choice but to send you and me to the nearby orphanage to be safe. Gosh, how could you leave that out? I guess you were too young at the time. So, yeah, that basically makes us brothers. I guess I got the good looks between the two of us.

Oh! And I can make a fancy logo too, ya know. See?[/indent]
[indent]Man, I just put you to shame. But I guess all the rest of the stuff you said was true. But what happens next is so important, I'm going to tell it because I know you'll just screw it up. Hah![/b][/size]

Dragon Warrior removed the sandwiches from his robes delicately, as though they were the priceless directions to some untold treasure. White unsheathed a blanket from his belt and flew it across the grass for a place to lay down while feasting. The two knelt and munched happily... that is until...

... they were ambushed by an old enemy! Cyborg Kung Fu Monkeys!

"You there," they said in the metallic voices of [i]DOOM[/i], "Give us the sandwiches and we won't have to kill you... much."

"Never, you horrible monkeybutts," DW shouted in anger. White held him back.

"No, DW, it's not worth it!"

"But I spent a long time cutting the crust off yours," DW whined.

"Insolent fools," the Cyborg Kung Fu Monkey Lord said while warming up his Super Atomic Gamma Ray Gun Arm. "You shall suffer greatly for your stupidness."

"Wait a minute," DW said. "I recognize you."

"Wha?" the Monkey Lord squeaked.

"You were the same Cyborg Kung Fu Monkeys that killed my father back when I was four and he was two."

"Are... are you sure?" The Cyborg Kung Fu Monkey Lord asked. "There are a lot of Cyborg Kung Fu Monkeys running around."

"I'm almost certain... kinda." DW was too furious to care. White wasn't sure what to do so he cowered in the corner. Yeah... that's it. He cowered. Haha.

"Enough of this standing aroundness," said the Monkey Lord. "Seize them!" The monkeys ran over and clung to the two orphan boys and held on strong.

"Get your paws off me, you damn dirty apes!" DW shouted before unleashing a powerful spell that destroyed each of the Cyborg Kung Fu Monkey's data systems, causing them to spontaneously combust. It was only DW and the Monkey Lord left.

"Man, I just got my metallics waxed," whined the Monkey Lord. Then White sliced him in half.

"Hey, I thought you were cowering," DW said in awe.

White flipped his head around and rested his sword on his shoulder. "Can't let you have all the action," he said in a very Clint Eastwood sort of way. DW bent down and looked at the dead Monkey Lord. Then he noticed something.

"Oh, this Monkey Lord doesn't have a scar under his eye. He really wasn't the one that killed our father. Oops." White and DW chuckled to themselves at their mistake. "Ohhh, we're so dumb."[/indent]
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[INDENT][SIZE="1"][B]What?! DW, please. We can't have Cyborg Monkeys in a fantasy/action RP. That just breaks the rules of all that is right and holy about RPing! Besides, stop making everything so funny. This is supposed to be serious and I really think you need to appreciate that.

You're ruining the damn adventure.[/B][/SIZE]
After slaying the vicious monsters that haunted the woods around them, DW and White decided to head back to their house for some rest and relaxation. All the walking was starting to wear out DW's boots and White was getting a little bit cranky.

"I really think you need to settle down." DW explained as they walked through the town towards their home. "Don't let monsters get to you so easily. They don't know anything."

"But he directly insulted me!" White proclaimed. "I don't think it's fair to insult anyones parents if you don't even know anything about them." DW took off his hat and wiped sweat off his forehead.

"Relax, White. It was just trying to get to you. You can't let those kinds of things effect your fighting in the future. You might end up getting us killed."

"You're right, I'm sorry."[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[indent][b][size=1]I never said that! In fact, I don't ever remember saying a wise thing in my life. I appreciate you making me look good, White--and we all know I don't really need any help there, heh heh--but you're telling the story all wrong. Let me fix things here.[/b][/size]

White and DW found their way back into town and to their house. There they were greeted by the magical talking dog Charles. "Wuddup, homes?" Charles said in his pimpin' fresh style.

"White's being a wuss," DW informed. "Complainin' about monsters again."

"Man, White, you need to take a chill pill, brotha," the canine said. He then slobbered a little on White's hand.

"Ewww," White groaned. "That's disgusting."

"You wanna know what's disgusting is guess what I just licked before you." White stared for a moment, then rushed inside after DW. Charles followed in as well. "So what are you two hip cats doin' today?"

"I was going to hit the skin club," DW said, pouring a glass of milk for himself.

"No," White cut in. "We have work to do." He shut the sink off after washing his hands. He then glared to Charles, who panted happily over by the fireplace.

"What work?" DW grumbled. "Since when do I do work?"

"Good point," White nodded. "But the town elder asked me to do something and he wants you to do it too."

"If he needs bitches, I got some," Charles barked. DW and White stared at him. "What? I meant, like, girl dogs? Man, you guys are whack."

"Yeeeah," White continued. "Ignoring the conversating canine, we must leave as soon as possible. It's urgent. And..." White stopped after noticing DW fell asleep with Charles curled up at his feet. "I need a beer."[/indent]
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