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Request Banner and Avi request


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[COLOR="Navy"]I'd like a new avi and banner please! I'm going away from my normal likings and going for a more comedic feel.

For the banner I have a pic of Jiraya the pervert from Naruto. Here it is!

I also have a picture of a cute girl from Tenjho Tenge.
[URL="http://www.anime.com/Tenjho_Tenge/images/02.jpg"]Cute Girl[/URL][/COLOR]

[COLOR="Indigo"]I'd like Jiraya's face in the front, along with the girl in the back. I'd like the colors to be blue and silver, much like my old theme. In text I'd like it to say: [B]I can see your future. It is filled with WOMEN![/B] In any color which will blend in with the theme.

For the avi, I'd just like a pic of the Jiraya's head with my username [B](Premonition)[/B] on it in the same color as the text in the banner.[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Purple"]Thanx go to whoever attempts this![/COLOR]
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