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Sign Up Heroes: Volume 2 (ML-V)


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This is a direct continuation of the season finale of the hit TV show Heroes. If you have not seen this show I strongly suggest you see it before you Role Play this.

[B][I]Sylar laid quietly on the ground, blood pouring out of the open wound on his chest. He struggled to keep conscious but he couldn?t. His eyes faded white as all of his past victims flashed before his eyes, including a vision of his own demise. Sylar gave no worry to it, he knew what was going to happen. He assumed his vision would come true. As he was about to lose consciousness Sylar heard Peter and Nathan talking, although they sounded distant as his grip on life began to slip away. Suddenly Nathan wrapped his arms around his brother and quickly flew into the air. Sylar had to try and pick himself up, he knew that if he didn?t try he would surely die. So with what little power he had left, he attempted to lift the manhole cover using his telekinesis. It began to rise about an inch as he grew eager. Sylar?s face grew pale as his eagerness turned to sheer horror when he realized that it wasn?t him lifting the cover, it was a man but all he could see was his eyes. Sylar knew who it was he could recognize those glowing yellow eyes from anywhere.[/I] ?Impossible..? [I]Sylar whispered to himself. The man raised his hand and forced Sylar toward him, then down the manhole. [/I]

?Impossible? I see everything Gabriel!? [I]The man replied as he slammed Sylar against the sewer wall. Sylar reeled as new pain filled his body as his opponent's strength was greater than he remembered. The constant throb of his wounds coupled with the constant stench of untreated water quickly made nausea fill his stomach. The once proud self-appointed destroyer of specials was now on the verge of dying or vomiting, although Gabriel didn't know which would happen first.[/I] ?You?re suppose to be dead.. I watched you die..? [I]Sylar said before being interrupted.[/I] ?You saw what I wanted you to see Gabriel!? [I]The man replied angrily as his haunting eye?s begun to glow brighter, seeming to cast a glow in the otherwise pitch black expanse of the Sewer conduit. Sylar could not help but stare into the floating orbs, although he wanted desperately to look away from the hate that burned within them. [/I]?Why are you doing this..? [I]Sylar begged to know. The man laughed in a menacing tone before replying. [/I]?I can?t have you out in my world. It belongs to me, you had your time Gabriel.. Your time is over!? [I]The man spat. Sylar tried to resist, but he failed. This was not the way he had envisioned his death. A solitary clank followed by metal sliding along concrete echoed all around as the man picked up a steel rod, hesitating slightly to allow Sylar to imagine his fate before he plunged it through Sylar?s lung, pinning him to the sewer wall with an otherworldly force. The man laughed as he watched Sylar suffocate on his own blood.[/I][/B]

Sign Ups:
[I]You may use Existing Characters from the show or Create your own.[/I]

Name: (Anything)
Age: (16+)
Description: (Picture or Writing)
Abilities: (One Major and One Minor)
Location: (Anywhere you want.)
Good or Evil:
Biography: (One paragraph or more please.)
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