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[SIZE="1"][FONT="Trebuchet MS"][COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"]Hi guys, wondering if anyone could point me towards some font editing software? Preferably for Mac [as my Mac is my baby].
And a big sorry to the Mods if I should have posted this in the Art Studio.
Thanks all,

[color=darkred][size=1]Yeah, I reckon it belongs there. *moved* -- Bombu[/size][/color]
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[size=1][color=midnightblue]Try Font Creator Program by High Logic. It's the font software that I use to muck around with font creation.

Alternatively, try a program called Softy, I think it's still available, just try googling for "softy font creator" I guess. Not as powerful as Font Creator Program, although it's much easier to get a handle on. Softy is great for sandboxing and learning the art of font creation for the first time.

If you're into high-end font creation, Adobe have a program called Fontographer, which is the big mack-daddy of font creation and editing appications. ^_^

Softy and Font Creator Program both come as free trials that you can use to muck around with and get the hang of font creation, so I suggest starting there.

Hope that helps.[/size][/color]
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