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ok well im making a rp(rpg, mmorpg{soon}) and well i need help i have a basic story down, races, and classes, i just need help with names of towns the country they are in.
heres the story ill post the rest if people show some interest im also thinking about letting people play here.

[SIZE="3"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]M[/FONT][/SIZE]any years ago there was a great war between the forces of light and darkness where each race on our fair planet had to fight its [I]shadow beast[/I]. The races fought by themselves and every one of them lost it wasn?t until the races came together that they were able to turn the tide of war against the shadows. Battle after battle the races won until a huge battle out side the capitol state, one of the generals was transformed by black magic which the shadow beast wielded with great ease. The general and his whole army were transformed into monsters and helped the [I]shadow beast[/I] win the war. After the war ended the general?s army turned to dust leaving him alone. The general is now the emperor that we server under and the [I]shadow beasts[/I] are his army they are everywhere and show no signs of leaving. But there is hope a rebellion has been formed to combat the empire and kill the [I]shadow beast[/I]. Which side will you choose server the emperor and the gods of darkness or fight for freedom with the gods of purity.
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