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Anime Black Jack

miss april

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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]The greatest surgeon in the world had finally come. Osamu Tezuka's Black Jack had been popular by storm in Asia!

I am very impressed by his god hand skills of operating his patients, but take note - when the price is right (talking about the money!). Black Jack had made his operation but he doesn't have a license. He had scars from the past, [spoiler]he had the accident because of the explosion [/spoiler] and he proves to his mentor that he can save lives. Pinoco, on the other hand serves Black Jack since she was reconstructed. [spoiler]She was not existed physically, but she was attached to her sister's body since birth (both Pinoco & her twin sister are 18 years old!). Unfortunately, after the operation on both sisters, she was rejected by her twin and left her alone with Black Jack.[/spoiler]

The story goes very touching especially Pinoco, (:o) in every episode, include the bloopers. All I can say, it's really one of the best animes that had been released worldwide. I also wathced its OAV: Four Miracles of Life.

Feel free to post your comments here... :animeknow[/FONT]
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