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Checked the thread directory and didn't find a thread on Gits Solid State Society. So Ill just make a thread about it.

Gits SSS is the first gits movie thats not a pain to follow. The original and Innocence were great but they were so confusing. The plot in SSS is a lot easier to follow. The events begin two years after Motoko(The Major) has left Section 9. Togusa is now is now in charge and is leading the investigation into a series of crimes setup by the hacker the puppet master.

The movie was shown on SciFi but was just recently released on DVD. Now I enjoyed it a lot. The animation was stunning resembling the art style used in 2nd Gig rather than the past movies. There were some also truly brilliant moments such as [spoiler] Togusa faced with the issue of sacrificing himself or his daughter that was literally stunning when he told her to run and held his own gun to his head. Battous reaction when he thought he was dead was also great. I also enjoyed the sniper battle with Saito.[/spoiler]

It was a great movie and was like a extended version of a Gits episode rather than a traditional Gits film.
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[i]Great[/i] twist at the end. Well, I guess I don't mean so much the twist itself (although it was very fitting) as the way they lightly planted evidence for it earlier in the film, while misleading you to make you think it wouldn't happen. Agatha Christie would have approved.

It tested my attention span (and my ability to comprehend technobabble), but that's the case for anything GitS-related. It was worth watching for the set pieces--such as the scene you mentioned in spoiler tags--the eye candy, and of course the superlative dub.

I was impressed that they listed the Japanese voice cast on the back of the DVD. I've never seen that done before.

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[COLOR=#35425e]I was actually waiting for [spoiler]Kuze and Gouda[/spoiler] to come out and say at least a profound line or two. But that didn't happen even though their pictures were plastered in every SSS poster released a year ago. Thank God for [spoiler]the return of Proto and the Tachikomas[/spoiler] though.

[spoiler]The abduction system was brilliant, and though I first felt that Koshiki's confession was a bit Scooby Doo-ish, they managed to make his story lead back to the attempted assassination, the abductions and the Kifu Aged.[/spoiler]

Amazing how they wind up with three different stories with the stand alone complex theme.[/COLOR]
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