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Anime Real gundam possible to make (update ver.)

Guest heerogp

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Guest heerogp

everyone. On a calm friday night I suddenly feel the want to search something like a gundam game or one where you could create gundam or gundam online games. Just anything about it or have something to do with "gundam". When I was 13 around I was really in to gundam stuff and watched some gundam series. Gundam Wing, the G Seed series ect. Then I come upon otakuboards about a thread if gundam is possible. Well since I'm interested so much I make an account and here I'm with news.
Now back to the main point. "black_vegeta" on 12-23-2001 created a thread about gundam, asking if making one is possible enough. Today my thread is going back about that one too but right now I have no info to tell ppl about it.
As I've read almos the whole thread I know almost excactly that making one or already existed one is not possible. Or could be best.
I already thought for a long time about the possibility if Gundam could be produced or not.
1. first thing we have to think about is the money problem
2. why a gundam when you could build other things that has almost the same effect as a gundam
3. why gundam actually needed
The first two problems is really easy (maybe) to solve but the third one is kinda stuck on me. I give an example as the internet. I know that internet in the early days is used as a military item. How and it was created I've never search bout it but if internet is up because of military problems then gumdam bestly on the other hand could be up.
Okay forget about the crap I've said till now. Just come up with your own opinions but I've foudn out a site which is very insteresting.
http://www.dyarstraights.com/msgundam/frontier.html-->check it out ;)
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Guest edythemighty
So basically why build a gundam if you can build something better? You never know when we might be invaded by giant aliens, or a more likely scenario, your country's enemies build one before you. However, like the previous poster said, you'd need gundanium, so whatever we decided to build would be better, for it would be an otakudam, or otakubot, whichever you like most, seeing as how you seem to be so interested in building a giant robot! It would be interesting though....but at our current stage when the best we can manage is Aibo....we are still ways away from builing Gundams or anything on that scale
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