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Writing Harlot & The Hat Thieves [PG-VL]

Dragon Warrior

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[size=1]The following is a challenge for myself to write a story straight through without plotting it out first. There's no need to go back and use a thesaurus or attempt to develop characters. I have a basic idea and I must build on it. Please comment and tell me how I'm doing. And I hope you enjoy it :][/size]

[indent]Taking place in a distant, gothic future, things have somewhat returned to what may look like a metallic Victorian age. Styles of clothing and other pop cultures have seemed to gone back in time. With very little development emerging in the world, the major cities seem to be run with vice and hatred. Violence is a very common thing. The cities are run by the government, however they do not bother to look over the countryside, which is where it is most safe to be.

But now things are changing, perhaps for the better or for the worse. News has spread about the cities that a rebel group called The Hat Thieves plan to overthrow the reigning government and set the people free through acts of terrorism. Crime rates go up greatly suddenly as does death rates. Word of assassins and killers arriving in the cities rains through he streets, mercenaries sent to kill any rebellious civilians that show their pale faces. There's even talk of some kind of grim reaper creatures being sighted.

The story shall follow the steps of Furdorah the Hat Thief and a lonesome harlot that gets caught up in the whole ordeal as the war between the government and the rebelling citizens wages on. Rebels, harlots, grim reapers, assassins, and a whole deeper plot thickens in a gothic tale of both love and death.[/indent]
[center][SIZE="7"][b]Harlot & The Hat Thieves[/b][/SIZE]
[SIZE="4"]By Gavyn Kendrick Brown[/SIZE]

[size=1]Fear plays a simple role in life. Everyone fears something, but more often than not, death is one of the most feared. To be living life on the edge and suddenly distancing yourself from all that you know; to fall into a deep slumber of forever. It all seems awfully unappetizing. But maybe death isn?t the greatest fear. Perhaps something more passionate is involved. Perhaps love.

The future is bleak and gothic. The cities have been shamefully known for their corruption and vice, however it?s gradually blanketed over by denial and acceptation that there?s not a thing we can do about it. The government could maybe stem the dark tides a bit longer, but they neither do it nor care to. The government runs things; the dark, dreary government that clouds the very existence of the lives they?re meant to protect. They?re corrupt and cruel and feed off everyone and everything. It?s no longer safe to live in the cities.[/size]

[size=1]Far beyond the limits of the metallic and brick empire, deep into the lush greenery of the countryside, peace appears to reside. The horrible state of the cities has yet to reach out this far. Prosperity is just as common as poverty, but the balance between the two keeps things steady and innocent. Most folks are farmers or merchants, leading simple lives and making nice with the neighboring villagers. Unlike the cities, the small towns lack crime and hatred, and almost everyone knows everyone.

The village of Vaillesoire is no exception, but is much smaller than most. There is no doubt something cannot go down and not end up in the town paper the following day. Very few families inhabit Vaillesoire and more often than not, to form any new families, young men from neighboring towns or even larger cities must come and propose to the farmers? daughters. Still, even then, the daughters leave with the young gentlemen shortly after to go live in the cities, despite how unappealing it may sound. And so, Vaillesoire gradually depletes in size, barely the prospering town it once was known as.

The two largest families of Vaillesoire, the Van Tassels and the Lovewaters, ran a lot of the businesses and farming around the area. They weren?t, however, heavily rich, still they were admired far beyond the surrounding forests and often come to for their services. On occasion, a Van Tassel was known to work with a Lovewater in a business, particularly Vaillesoire?s tavern and motel, the Van Water Inn. This made the families very close, especially between Lucius Van Tassel and Ernal Lovewater. The two men were proud farming neighbors and were heads of the town of Vaillesoire. They were both unmarried after tragically losing their wives, but still had children to raise.

Lucius Van Tassel cared for his two sons, Vencent and Dmitrye. Vecent was the older of the two and helped run his father?s tavern The Van Water Inn. Dmitrye remained helping his father with paperwork, but still rarely did much to help the family. It was the classic story of father playing favorites between them. Being the first born, Lucius took a fondness to Vencent. There wasn?t much room in his life for Dmitrye.

This however did not bother Dmitrye for he had fallen in love with Ernal Lovewater?s daughter Scarlett. She was an only child, but the same age as Dmitrye. With long flowing blonde hair, captivating blue eyes, and a grace unmatched by any angel, she was easily the most beautiful girl to ever be born of Vaillesoire. They had been childhood friends, and due to the lack of boys and girls their age in the town, they were really the only friend of the other. What began as a simple friendship as toddlers soon blossomed into feelings for each other. Still, neither of them said anything about where their heart truly lied.

Things change, however. It can?t always be a happy ending and sometimes it?s not meant to be. One day on a withering autumn afternoon, Dmitrye told Scarlett to meet him under the blossoming apple tree just outside of Vaillesoire, their favorite spot. The sun was setting by the time the boy arrived and greeted his patient friend. Sitting with their backs to the trunk, they merely stared out over the countryside. Talking didn?t seem necessary.

Dmitrye turned to Scarlett and smiled. She returned the gesture, but let it slip away just as quickly as it had come. Dmitrye sensed something was wrong. He took his friend?s hand and inquired. She then asked Dmitrye a question. What do you fear the most?

Dmitrye thought for a moment, then made an expression like he had finally decided on something. He turned back to her and said, ?I fear dying.? Scarlett put her head against the tree and nodded. Dmitrye had let go of her hand and ran his fingers through his wavy locks of hair. Then he asked her the same thing.

She did not take as long to reply. She flatly said, ?I do not just fear dying.? She then looked Dmitrye in the eye. ?I fear dying alone.?

Dmitrye stared back, then took her hand again. It was almost too perfect of a moment for him to tell her how he felt, but his thoughts were washed away with what she said next. She spoke of leaving Vaillesoire. A man was to take her to the city. Dmitrye felt his heart sink and a sudden pain in his chest, as though he was stabbed.

?When are you leaving?? he panicked.

?Tonight.? There was silence. Wind russled the tree?s foliage above them, but that was all that resonated on that quiet Autumn evening.

Dmitrye watched as a small vehicle took away the love of his life, the only true happiness he could fathom in his dismal life in the small town of Vaillesoire. He felt the same aching pain his chest he had when he first heard of her leave, only it was stronger and deeper. He put a hand to his chest and stared angrily toward the road. His eyes pierced the gravel trail, as if he could somehow make the automobile return by just peering off into the horizon. But to his dismay, he could not do anything. Scarlett was gone.

That night, he returned home to the Van Tassel household upset and distraught. His father sensed it, but did nothing to sooth his son. He was more fixated on helping his other son, Vencent work out the financial dealings for opening his own business in Vaillesoire. Dmitrye made his way to his room and locked the door. He was not hungry for food nor weary for sleep. Instead, he stared out over the acres of crops surrounding his home, wondering if Scarlett was thinking of him; or better yet, if she was thinking of him in the same way he thought of her.

It seemed almost a waste of his life to not be with her. His conscience racked at him and his heart gradually depleted in his chest. He continued to feel the sharp pain as it grew worse and worse. It was almost unbearable. He had no choice. He had to follow her.

He stormed out of the house without disrupting his father and his brother?s business. Finding one of the Van Tassel automobiles parked by the road, he got in and drove away out of Vaillesoire without informing anyone of his mission. As he drove down the way Scarlett had taken shortly before, the pain slowly went away and he felt more confident this wasn?t the end.

To arrive at the designated city, it took several hours, but Dmitrye was determined enough. However, upon arriving in the city, he wasn?t sure where Scarlett was or where he was, for that matter. The neighboring village of Applegallon was as far as Dmitrye had ever went outside of Vaillesoire. He?d never actually seen the city before. Parking the automobile in what seemed like a safe alley, he made his way to try and find a local business to ask help from. It wasn?t long after that something flashed in the sky and came flying down on top of him. It was all too quick. He was walking and then, it all went black.

The city is a dangerous place, full of crime and violence. But more than that, it?s full of fear. And fear is what a lot of the darkness feeds off of in the city. If the government keeps the people afraid, it shall reign supreme and survive forever. And if you do not fear them, you shall die. And so comes the fear of death. But are we afraid of dying? or are we afraid of dying alone?


?Damnit, Fudorah,? shouted a tall, lanky individual in a crooked top hat. ?Will ya? hurray yer ass up and brang the wires??

A man not as tall and slightly more built emerged from the shadows adorned in a fedora-style hat. ?It?s not me carrying the wires, Topp. You have to remember who does what.?

?Yeah, yeah, and you teach yer gran?ma tah suck eggs,? Topp snapped back while tossing large rope over his shoulders. ?Who?s in charge of the wires then??

?Dryvar,? Fudorah replied, sitting himself down on the ledge of the building. They were on the roof of a tall office building in the middle of the city, shadowed by large air vents that towered above the brick fountain.

?Dryvah!? Topp shouted, spitting over the edge. ?Where the fap are ya??

A slightly chubbier individual dressed much like the other two, but wearing a driver cap came stumbling up the stairs carrying loads of wires. He was obviously Dryvar. ?Cool it, Topp. I can?t run as fast as you guys.?

?Quit yo? whinin? and get ova? here,? Topp commanded, still perched on an air vent like some high authority. The thing was, they were all ranked the same amongst each other.

?You can boss me all you want, Topp,? Dryvar continued as he panted, ?but you can?t blame me. You guys have those long legs. I have these tiny little hooves.?

?Yeah, well, maybe yo? main food groups shou?n?t be donuts and chocolate milk, eh?? Topp finally got down and took the fires from Dryvar?s open arms, who then collapsed by Furdorah to rest.

?You have no right to pick at a man?s eating habits,? Dryvar said between pants.

Topp ignored the comment and examined the wires. ?Looks good. C?mon. We?re meetin? Pylott on the reactor roof.? He tossed the wires back into Dryvar?s arms, who was unaware of the gesture and almost dropped them off the rooftop. Topp, however, didn?t made a snide remark like usual. Instead, he bounded to the arch emerging from the building?s ledge and fastened the rope he was carrying around the thick stone. He tugged on it to check its durability. ?You girls ready?? When there was no response from either Dryvar or Fudorah, Topp gestured for one of them to go.

Furdorah volunteered silently and took the rope into his hands. He took a breath and then quickly leapt off the building, swinging his way onto the next rooftop. Topp stared down and saw Furdorah was successful. He pulled the rope back up and looked to Dryvar, whose face was a portrait of fear.

?Yo? turn, fatty,? Topp smirked.

Dryvar gawked. ?What in the whole history we?ve worked together makes you think I?m capable of that?? Topp rolled his eyes and shoved the rope into his partner?s hands. ?I don?t want to do this, Topp.?

?It?s easy. Jus? jump.?

?I?m not ready,? Dryvar whined.

?Jus? jump!? Topp repeated.

?I?m not re-? Whether Dryvar was ready or not, Topp shoved his overweight form over the ledge, which quickly built up momentum and sent him speeding into an air vent on the neighboring building. A call of pain resonated from Dryvar, which caused Topp to chuckle softly to himself before following.

They all continued to swing from rooftop to rooftop, every now and then taking short breaks for Dryvar to catch his breath. Still, it didn?t take long to arrive near the reactor where their friend Pylott was waiting.

Pylott removed the goggles from over his eyes and smiled happily. ?Took you fellers long enough.?

?Fatty had to ?ave his thirteen dinners on the way here,? Topp scoffed, pushing at Dryvar who retaliated by putting his arms up over his face.

?Cut it out, you two,? Fudorah scolded. ?Where?s the boss, Pylott??

Pylott, who always seemed to be in the best of moods, simply chewed on a toothpick and pushed the brown hair from his face. ?Waitin? inside just as he said he would. Bless his heart, he already found where we need to lay the bomb.?

A smirk painted across Topp?s handsome features. ?Good. ?Bout time he came in use.? His somewhat English combined with a Brooklyn accent made his crude remark sound even more insulting. Fudorah just glared.

?Let?s get a move on then,? he said. Pylott stood up smiling and put his goggles over his eyes again.

?Okay, boys. Let?s make this place go boom.?[/size]
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