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Anime To The Rescue!!!!!!!!!


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ok, for u ppl that are sick of edited crap on toonami, and wanna see the real thing, or just plain wanna see the real thing, i have your answer! ok, first u need a basic account at streamload ([url]www.streamload.com[/url]). this costs 7.99 per month, BUT ITS WORTH IT. next, leave your streamload username here and i will give you:
-Episodes 1-12 (all, toonami only gave u 11) of Gundam 08th MS Team, subbed and uncut!
-Episodes 1-13 of Gundam 0083 (coming to toonami in the near-future), subbed and uncut!
-Endless Waltz, subbed and uncut!
-Episodes 1-39 (thats either the whole, thing or most of it) of Gundam X, subbed and uncut!
Now tell me that isnt worth 7.99 per month? its better than pay-per-view, thats for sure!

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