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In a research lab, in the Sahab Dessert, illegal experiments were concealed in their test tubes. Each of these experiments, were once human, fully human. They had a life, but these scum, these low-lifes, had captured them and have tested on them like guinea pigs. They tried creating experiments that had genetically enhanced powers. They didn't want cyborgs though. Which is why there were many failed attempts at experiments. The ones that failed, were the ones that died in their enhancment. Finally, they have created seven, still organic experiments, with super natural powers. But, this wasn't enough for the scum that were making the experiments, they had to make a superior one. One that had all the powers of the previous experiments, yet couldn't be consumed by the power. This was the first time that they tried to make the superior experiments. All the previous seven, slept in their chamber tubes, while their data, DNA, and powers, were being transmitted to the creature forming in the middle. The creature, he was taking the shape of a human, after about, five weeks. He was progressing, just like the scientists had planned. On the sixth week of the experimentation though, the experiment, started to think, even in the chamber tube.
At one day, he opened his eyes, in the tube. He saw all the technology around him. No one was in the room though.
(Where am I? What am I doing in this tube and who am I? I don't remember anything. My name, my family, my life. Nothing)
Just then, a professor had walked in and saw that the experiments eyes were open. "AH! No! He can't awaken in his Chamber Tube! It's not possible. No experiment can awaken in that! I, I, I must warn the others!"
(Experiment? Are they talking about me? Do they know something about me? Do they know my name? Did they create me? I must find out!)
As these thoughts went through the superior experiments head, he shatterd the chamber tube. He took his first steps out of it. The first professor, along with four others had walked into the room.
"OH NO! The experiment has escaped!"
"Experiment? Do you know, who I am?"
"He doesn't remember anything?! That's good."
"Why? Why don't you want me to know who I am?"
"Because, you don't deserve to know!"
"What? Why don't I?"
"We created you! We don't need a reason for our answers!"
"Tell me, NOW!"
"Ha, you can't manifest your powers after sleep!"
"Powers eh? Thanks for telling me!" said the experiment. He then channelled some energy, into the palms of his hands. He placed his hand, about three feet apart. The energy was cycling from palm to palm. He channelled all his rage and energy, into a great blast. This blast not only destroyed the lab, but had insinerated the professors in there as well. After looking, he saw that the other expeiments were on the ground unconsious.
"Are these others, my brothers and sisters? I will have to find out later. Now, I will go and find my past life, before these.....BASTARDS, turned me into this...freak. I just hope that these souls, never have to know, that they were experiments like me" and with this, the greater experiment walked off.
The other experiments had awaken as well, all of them nude and not having a clue who they were, who the people around them were, where they were from, or the shame that they should have, for being nude. Everyone of them were as clueless as the other. They didn't even know what the professers had planned for them. They just sat there looking at each other. How would they live their lives, how would they fit in, and would they find the truth?

Computer Database
Experiment Number/name: (The name, should have SOMETHING to do with your genetic power)
Age: (17-28)
Genetic Power: (I don't even care if it is something from the X-men, just remmeber that the greater experiment has whatever power you have.)
Brief History: (Just small biography of life, before you were captured)

I'll be posting as the greater experiment and maybe a regular one.

Here is my sign-up.

Name:Kredion Akamia AKA Kredion

Experiment Number/name: 3136 AKA Blur

Age: 17

Appearence:5'8, 168 LB, Spiked Dirty Blonde Hair, Green Eyes, Lean Lightly Muscled Body, Tattoo on his right shoulder Showing the japanense symbol of peace with a red ribbon wraped around it. WE don't have clothes yet so lets cross that bridge when it comes up...

Personality: Slightly Hyper and Cocky, Hates Following Orders, Intelligent and a Hidden Compassionate Soul.

Genetic Power: The Ability to force his cells to speed up adding to his recovery rate and extreme speed.

Brief History: Everything was fine in Kredion's life until his powers showed up he was a grade A student his family was well off but on his 14th birthday he seemed to step out of time as most people see it.
Walking under the waning moon in the crisp autumn air he felt alive but out of place this feeling only grew and caused problems in school he started fight did drugs and other things just to see if it would take him to a level he felt right in.
His answer however came the day when a group of thugs tried to mug his he taught them a thing or two but it turned out someone was watching and learning his strange behavior and made his a promise he couldn't refuse. the chance to be normal again. Turns out the bastard lied....
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