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RPG Virtual Realities: The Matrix Revisited


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[SIZE="1"][FONT="Georgia"]OOC: Okay it's time to start. Just a few reminders for the players.

1. Godmodding is allowed, however, you [I]must[/I] consult with the player if it involves anything life changing (death, relationship, epic battle). I reserve the right to make any final decisions on this, so if a consensus can't be reached, then PM me and we will solve this.
2. Posting consistency will not be strictly enforced, however, I will let all players know if the posts start to decline in quality or relative consistency. Let's keep this thread up, we worked so hard to get it.

Alright. Let's get started!

IC: Yuz came back to the real world with a gasp. He sat up and was met by his operaor, Switchboard. She was an average person, not too homely but not overly pretty. She always had a thing for Yuz, but he never seemed to notice. Yuz was always focused on the mission. She knew that Yuz might never fall for her, but she was determined to try. She greeted him with a friendly smile.

"Y'know Yuz, they aren't gonna be happy with you! You were supposed to repair sector 8 today..and what do you go and do? You go gallabanding over some lady that doesn't even exist!" Switchboard playfullly jokes.

Yuz just stares on ahead.

"She exists Switch. The terminal told me so."

"Oh yeah? Then where is she?!"

"It's hard to pinpoint her location. She seems to move about the virtual world erraticaly. She hasn't been in the same location for no more than minutes at a time. Who ever she is....she moves quickly. It's like she doesn't want to be caught."

"Well they want you in the Lieutenants office pronto."

Yuz rolled his eyes and sighed. 'Great. Another nagging woman on my back.' Yuz didn't have to answer to anyone but Lt. Ornsby. She was a fiery red head who didn't take any garbage from everyone, espicially Yuz. Yuz got up from his chair and went towards her office. Zion had been rebuilding nicely thanks to the efforts of it's people. Yuz was glad that the people were trying to fix what the machines had destroyed. However, Yuz had lost his lover in the battle of Zion. As he walked down the path to Ornsby's office he had a flashback of the battle of Zion.

"AHHHHHH!!!YUZ!!!YUZ!!!" she screamed as the machines closed in.

Yuz jumps in and disabled the machines with a swift attack. They rushed off to the escape pod bay.

"GO!" Yuz screamed as he shoved her in the escape pods.

"Wait Yuz!!!What's gonna happen to you?!"

Yuz stood there and closed her pod door...sealing her inside. He said something to her, but she couldn't understand what he was saying.

"Yuz?YUZ!!!!" She screamed as she pounded on the pod door.

Yuz pressed the eject button and jetisoned the capsule into the depths. He sighed as her capsule floated out of sight. A tear ran down his cheek.

Yuz was suddenly set back into reality when he bumped into a young woman.

"Ooops. Sorry about that" She said.

"No. It's my fault." Yuz said coldy, without expression. The girl got up and hurried along her way.

Yuz continued down to Ornsby's office, his thoughts his own.[/FONT][/SIZE]
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[size=1] "[B] Hey Alex, did you get a check on Sector Four, today?[/B]", Ryan asked with a slight tone of authority in her voice. "[B] No.[/B]", he quietly replied, while holding Ash's cold hand.

Ryan was going to scream at him for not doing so, but then she could tell how he was feeling through his body language. She closed in on him for a hug, "[B] I know how you're feeling, honey.[/B]", she held him tightly, "[B] No, you dont. all you have to do is just stare at that monitor, and tell me things I already know.[/B]", he calmly replied. He never yelled at anyone, cos he understood what kind of digital hell everyone else was going through and he understood that when under stress the body's bound to crack.

He walked to his chair, turned on his mp3 player, and asked Ryan to plug him in, when she asked him where he was going and what he was going to do, he said, "[B] I'm going to Club Hel to see The Merovingian, if that doesnt work, I'll go seek The Oracle... Just keep tabs on my location, ok?[/B]", with that she nodded and wished him luck and he was violently torn from the real world and thrown into the matrix.

He could feel his body press against a metal surface and he could hear it crush under the impact to the "shove" and his body weight. the car's alarm blared a deafing siren and locals crowded around the car to see what had happened, he just looked blankly into the sky, got up and walked off towards the club, while shoving local programs out of his path.

"[B] Bloc Party. Perfect.[/B]", he muttered as people stared at his akward apperance while he continued to walk.[/SIZE]
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[FONT="Georgia"][SIZE="1"]Yuz entered Lt. Ornsby's office with a small sense of dread. He never cared for nagging women and Ornsby woked his nerves to the absolute limit. She was his only superior officer, and nothing he did ever seemed to please her. He walked in and saw that Ornsby was furiously writing down something on a piece of paper. She didn't even look up and said "Yuz, sit down please."

Yuz obeyed and calmly sat down. His eyes wandered around the office and he took notice to the picture on Ornsby's desk. It was a picture of her and Morpheus, who was one of the heroes of the Zion War. Yuz never met him in person, but he knew of the exploits of the Nebuchenezzar and its crew. She looked happy with Morpheus, and Yuz wondered how she knew him. His thought process was interuppted with Ornsby's stern voice

"Yuz, what were you doing today? I thought the mission was to repair sector 8?"

"It was and I did complete my mission but..."

Ornsby breaks in " I don't want to hear your stupid excuses! Who cares about some random person in the Matrix?"

"She resonates with the same spirit as...." Yuz looks away and his voice trails off.

Ornsby loses her anger and meekly puts out "Yuz.... you have to let go. We didn't find any trace of her pod or anything during the recovery....Tell you what. Don't tell anyone I told you this but there is a way to find the one you seek...but you will need some help. According to my sources, he just jacked in and is heading towards a Bloc Party concert at Club Hel. His name is Twitch....he may be able to help you."

Yuz looks back up with a small glimmer of hope in his cold eyes "Thank you Lieutenant."

She waves and says "Yeah whatever. Just don't let it become another headache for me Yuz."[/SIZE] [/FONT]
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[SIZE=1] Alex walked up to the doors of Club Hel and but was held back by the guards, he had pleaded with them to just let him through, but they kept telling him the same thing: "[B] No one gets in if they arent on the list.[/B]", sick and tired of hearing the same excuse as if they were broken records, he attempted to walk through them. By doing so, he was greeted by a shock of a taser. "[B] Ow! who in the bloody right mind would do that?![/B]", he exclaimed. He turned around and saw Persephone, The Mergovingian's wife. "[B] Persephone, what are you doing here? shouldnt you be at your husband's side watching over the club?[/B]", Twitch asked as he got up and walked through the guards.

"[B]No, Twitch, I'm here to help you find your girlfriend.[/B]", she replied as the two walked through the dense crowd dancing to the painfully horrid electronica blowing through the club's speakers and amps. After swimming through the massive crowds, they finally had made it to a more secluded area of the club with a white door. "[B]Twitch, through these doors, you'll find my husband, if he wont help you, I will[/B]" Persephone told him, and as he was about to walk through the door, she had stopped him, and pulled him close. "[B]But before you go, Twitch kiss me like you kissed that girlfriend of yours. Sparks, is her name right?[/B]", A puzzled look came across his face, and to that he replied "[B]Yes...[/B]", then he kissed her and asked her what it would accomplish, but before he could finish his question she guided him into The Mergovingian's office.

"[B]Hello, Alex. Take a seat, have a drink. how can I help you?[/B]", The Mergovingian sounded rushed, Alex didnt like that along with the fact that the program knew his name. Fed up with no answers for nearly two years after Ash's death, Alex pulled out his Desert Eagle, pointed it to The Mergovingian face and screamed, "[B]WHERE DID YOU PUT HER?![/B]"

Alex continued his aggressive behaviour by loading a bullet into the gun and cursing him in French about replacing her with a program to keep him occupied as if her death never happened, becoming intimidated, The Mergovian said that he was keeping her in the train station, Mobil Ave.

With that information, he rushed out of the club, and ran to the closest phone, pushing programs and a fellow redpill out of his way, who followed him to the payphone. The redpill asked Alex where he could find a friend of his but all Alex could hear was Ash's voice echoing inside his head, she wasnt speaking of past times, she was speaking excitedly about getting to see him again.

As the redpill, named Yuz finished inquiring about his friend, Alex had jacked out.[/SIZE]
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[FONT="Georgia"][SIZE="1"]Yuz confronted Twitch outside of the club, but he brushed him off. He seemed to into his own thoughts to be bothered about anything else. But Yuz wasn't about to be denied anything. He walked up to a woman wearing a bright pastel colored tank top and miniskirt.

"Security Override. Level Alpha"

The girl was puzzled about Yuz's strange behavior, but then her body twitched and she said "Username and Password."

"Sykel. Password: We shall walk where gods fear to exist." With that, Yuz slipped into the Shell terminal and began to type. /user name"Twitch". The computer spat back "Unable to verify, modify search query. Yuz typed again /Matrix History then /Username: Twitch-history. The screen brought up a detailed biography of all aspects of Twitch's behavior, personality, log ins and log offs....etc. His eyes caught something in particular. Ash: Former Girlfriend, now Deceased.

"That's why...." Yuz said to himself. He couldn't believe it. There was someone else besides him that was searching. Maybe if he could help Twitch, he would in turn help Yuz find "Ahrianna". Yuz then logged off the terminal and then jacked out.

"Where would he be?" Yuz thought. He knew of one place, The Crimson Logos....Zion's biggest bar.[/SIZE][/FONT]
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[SIZE=1] Alex came back to the real world with a burp. "[B]So any luck buddy?[/B]” Ryan asked. "[B]Yea, but I dont know if you can get me to Mobil Ave, I mean that's like Limbo, is there any chance you can get me somewhere where there is no entrance or exit?[/B]" To which she shook her head, and replied that he needed a little bit of relief by heading out to The Crimson Logos with her. "[B]I might be able to do it, but you're going to need a crew, I'm going to need two more operators to help me out.[/B]", to that he questioned, "[B]But how are we going to get a crew, and wont we need a hovercraft to pull it off? Cos apparently...[/B]” he looked over to the two chairs and chuckled,"[B]... Two chairs and one computer wont be enough.[/B]" She began to get dressed and Alex couldnt help but stare, and she knew that he was staring at her, she stands at 5'8", with blonde hair and an athletic build, brown eyes and the looks of a model, she liked it.

"[B]That's why we're going out to the bar; I have connections that are more than willing to help our cause out, that redpill you shoved out your way? He’s now on your crew, along with a couple more people, and one of my friends, who is a very gifted operator, she gave me a hovercraft for my birthday.[/B]" she explained to him, as the two walked out to the bar. Alex was becoming very giddy about the entire idea of having a crew and spending day above the ground and with other people, he asked her,”[B] So does that make me captain of the ship?[/B]", to which she replied yes and she told him that the name of their ship was Polaris. She also explained that her friend had built one more chair for a special purpose, and his mind immediately clicked on what that special purpose was, "[B]Let me guess, we're going to plug Ash into that chair?[/B]", he inquired and Ryan told him yes.

After asking so many questions they finally made it to the bar, it was possibly the biggest gathering Zionists he had seen at one time. As the two walked in, hand in hand, the music slowly began to drown the outside noises out. He pulled Ryan close and told her that he would be at the bar drinking water, if she needed anything. With that he pulled out his mp3 player, put in his ear plugs and turned the volume up as high as it would go, to which he heard [B][U]Waiting For The 7.18[/B][/U] by [B][U]Bloc Party[/B][/U]. He struggled through the dance floor to the bar, pulled up a barstool and ordered a glass of water. He sat there facing the crowd drinking periodically, wondering what his crew would be like and what kind of dangers they were going to risk in a rescue mission.[/SIZE]
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Ooc: This is turning into quite the two poster affair....where are the rest of you guys?! I will dispatch PMs today to those who have yet to post.

IC: Yuz arrived at the Crimson Logos and was greeted with the sound of Trance music and a large undistinguishable mob of his fellow humans dancing in one giant clump. He waded his way through the dancers and made his way through to the bar. He sat down and ordered water, to which the bartender responded "You too?" Yuz was puzzled and the bartender pointed to a man down at the end of the bar. Yuz immediately recognized him and told the bartender to set his water down at that end of the bar. He approached Alex and extended his hand? Alex looked as if in a trance. He wasn't listening to anything, he was in his own world. Yuz had to hold back his anger, because he needed Alex to help him find Ahrianna. Yuz sat down next to Alex and the jolt from him sitting down seemed to pull Alex back into reality. He looked at Yuz with a questioning glance and then smirked.

"You're that redpill I saw earlier." Alex said dryly

"Name's Yuz. Got that? I know why you are searching the Matrix. And I want to help you...but you must help me as well. I'm looking for a user known as Ahrianna. Do you know of her?" Yuz replied just as dryly

"I don't...but I know how to find her. But you must be willing to do anything I say. I'm your captain now." Alex said.

"I don't have to answer to anyone. I agreed to help you because we are both looking for someone. I will do the best I can to assist you, but I will [B]not[/B] take orders from you."

Alex chuckled to himself and asked "So what can you do?"

"I'm a skilled net diver. I can hack into shell terminals within the Matrix and find out anything....whether it would be information on users or current locations of users. I am also more than proficient in hand to hand combat. I am here to help you. I am at your service." Yuz replied."So what do we do first?"
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[COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"][FONT="Garamond"]OOC: Sorry I haven't been on... preoccupied.


Shift sat at the console in the bowels of the Renegade. Green code streamed down on the forward screens, while graphs and various maps blinked on the others. His fingers tapped rapidly on the keyboards, eyes flickering in between the screens.

"Are you doing my job for me again?" The voice startled Shift out of his programming. He turned to see Vault standing next to one of the matrix-jacks.

"No, no, just uh... writing. Listen, could you get the Meiji Era program up for me?" He started typing again, closing programs. Vault approached the console at stared at the screens as he spoke. "Again?"

"Yeah... look, I got a ninjitsu program from the Highland," he held up what looked like a dark floppy disk.

"You finally found one?" Vault grinned and signaled Shift to stand up, "Alright, get up, I'll load it up." He sat down in Shift's place and plugged the disk in. "By the way, you know where Ahri is?"

Shift looked over at him, "No. Last I saw her, she was Gabriel."[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[b]?You lookin? for me, babe??[/b]

Ahri stepped out of the bathroom, towel wrapped tightly around her body. It felt so good to be able to take showers now with no risks. A life of running away had taken her modesty level to zero, but her friends were used to it. She toweled her long hair vigorously and gazed at the two, Vault getting ready to plug Shift into a ninjitsu program. She padded across the ship and looked over his shoulder.

[b]?Ninjitsu, huh? Coolio.?[/b]

Vault chuckled. ?[b]You?re gonna catch cold, Ahri.?[/b]

She stuck her tongue out at him. [b]?Will not. By the by, you were speaking of Gabriel? Oh, I went into the Matrix to check out this pie eating contest in Japan.?[/b]

Ahri grinned a toothy smile at the boys matched groan.

Switch shook his head. ?[b]You eat enough to put a sumo to shame.?[/b]

Ahri gave a look of mock hurt and stalked off to get dressed. Sliding the door to her room on [I]The Renegade[/I] shut, she heard, [b]?Keep an eye out. I heard someone?s looking for her.?[/b]

Frowning, she slipped into the comfortable, easy trousers and huge T-shirt, then flopped down on her mat to take a nap.

OOC: I have absolutely no idea. >.< I hope to post again tonight, but I have school tomorrow, so I might not. See if one of you can carry this until Ahri?s nap ends? I will involve her by the end of the week.
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[SIZE=1]Alex continued to sit there, thinking about his next move, when all of a sudden he heard Ash's voice inside his head again, but she wasnt talking about the past, she was talking about the present time and possibly the future. "[B]Honey, there's something beyond these walls that The Merovingian, has trapped me in... And from the sounds of it.... it doesnt sound all to well, the people who pass through the station, they've told me what's been happening... they say it's a new virus on the rise...[/B]", she sighed, He continued to sit at the bar, listening to his mp3 player and periodically drinking his water, pretending not to hear her.

This went on for four minutes, when he realised that his crew of two were standing in front of him, waiting to get started on their mission. As they walked out of the club and back to his house, he said, "[B]What kind of virus? What does it look like? Who does it infect?[/B]", his crewmate, Yuz looked at him as if he were crazy, then Ash continued to talk. "[B]They say that he calls himself Agent Dean... No I didnt get a good look at him, cos I'm trapped in the station... Um... The victims of the infection are programs, bluepills [I][U] and[/U][/I] redpills...[/B]", when Alex heard that he stopped dead in his tracks. "[B]You're not joking are you?[/B]", he questioned loudly.

That's when Yuz, finally asked what Alex's problem was, but he didnt hear him all he heard was Ash's voice again, "[B]HOW CAN I BE JOKING?! I have the newspapers with me if you dont belive me, Alex.[/B]", he sighed and told her that he belived her and made a run for his house. While the other two were trying to keep up with Alex, they heard something, a building being demolished, and that building was the very club they were in no less than six minutes ago, upon hearing that Ryan and Yuz began to run faster.

Alex pulled the door open so fast that it almost fell off its hinges, he walked to his chair, then Yuz and Ryan came in, Ryan was going to ask what was going on, but Alex told her to plug Yuz and himself in, he had finally found what he was looking for.

Once again he was violently torn from the real world and thrown into the matrix, but instead of landing on top of a car again, he was "shoved" through a office window, he could feel the massive window breaking because of the force of the shove and his body weight. He skidded on the office's floor and hit the wall, this entrance was met by stares from the people in the cubicals.

Alex got up and dusted the shards of glass off himself, the workers still looked at him, he walked to the now giant space that was once a window, and took stance."[B]Go back to work, everyone, nothing to see here.[/B]" with that they all frantically went back to work, Twitch asked himself, "[B] where did Yuz land? Well.. where ever he landed, I hope it wasnt as bad as mine.[/B]" with that, he jumped from the building and descended at a very fast rate towards the ground, holding an envelope.[/SIZE]
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Yuz fell into the matrix and landed outside a large building in the middle of a busy intersection. He slowly got up and he was met with the sound of screeching brakes and honking horns. A large sedan was hurtling towards him and didn't look like it was gonna stop in time. Without batting an eye, Yuz extended his hand and stopped the car in its tracks. The front end of the car was crushed like an empty soda can. The driver got out and started yelling at Yuz, but he ignored his complaints and looked around. This was strange...normally when Yuz entered the Matrix he landed in a remote location or somewhere that didn't attract a lot of attention. Something was up with the program for sure. All of a sudden he heard gunshots from the nearby building and all doubts were erased from his mind...That's where Twitch was. Yuz sprinted into the building. As he entered, a man in a black buisness suit with sunglasses approached him. Was it an agent? Not possible, the agents were destroyed when Neo destroyed Smith. The man smirked and began to speak.

"You must be the Shell Terminal Hacker. You have been doing a lot of good in this place. That's admirable. However, you are standing the way of our objective. I'm afraid I will have to eliminate you...."

"Who are you?" Yuz replied.

"Do you remember my predecessor? Agent Smith? I am his successor, the answer to all of you filthy humans progress. I am Agent Dean."

Yuz tried to advance past Dean, but it looked as if Dean wasn't going to let Yuz go on his merry way. Yuz lunged at Dean with a flying fist, but Dean swiftly dodged and landed a swift kick to Yuz's mid-section, which sent him flying across the room and into a wall. As he got up...he heard a strange voice...

"Yuz! You musn't fight him. You are not strong enough yet!" The voice called out to him. Yuz looked around but no one was in sight.

"Who are you?" replied to the voice.

"My name is Ahrianna, I'm speaking to you through astral projection. You musn't fight him Yuz....RUN!"

"Ahrianna? You're the one I'm searching for! Where are you?"

"That's not important right now Yuz. You need to get out of there or you are going to die!"

"I'm sorry Ahrianna. Not my style.I can't abandon Twitch. I never leave any comrades behind."

"You humans are all the same. When you realize your helplessness, you succumb to delusions." Dean snobbishly sneered.

Yuz got up and took his overcoat off....revealing his a tightly fit undershirt. He assumed a low stance and readied himself for the oncoming barrage. 'I can't die yet. Not until I find her.' Yuz said to himself.
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[SIZE=1]Alex was falling to the ground when he heard Ash scream,"[B]Twitch! look out, it's Dean! open fire on him![/B]", while falling to the ground he attempted to pull out his firearm, but he was very certain that he was going to be turned into a blood and guts smoothie by the time he opened fire.


then when he thought he was done for, he stopped mere millimeters from the ground and hovered at the agent's shoes, that's when Ash chirped in again. "[B]I'm not going to let my lover die and stand me up, now would I?[/B]", she questioned him, Alex tried to get up, but she was in control of his body. "[B]Dont try to fight him. If you do, you'll be dead faster than a housefly.[/B]", Alex let out a sigh and just hovered there.

The agent just stared at him, for awhile then he spoke. "[B]You must be Alex, the one with the shortened temper and monochrome outlook on life... The loss of a loved one must be hard on you, is it not, Mr. Santiago?[/B]", Alex made no eye contact, noir spoke with the agent and stared at the dirty cold pavement. "[B]Join me and I will give you the answers to all of your questions.[/B]", the Agent suggested, Alex continued to stare at the ground, while Dean began to walk out of the alllyway. Ash told him not to listen to Dean, and Alex did as he was told, then Alex's body hit the ground with a soft thud. As he got up, he slipped the envelope into his pocket.

Then suddenly out of nowhere the Agent pulled out his pistol and said to him,"[B]You leave me no choice, Mr. Santiago.[/B]", and he fired six rounds into Alexander's torso, then walked away and changed into a normal person, as if the incident never happened.

when the bullets hit him, Ryan saw his body jerk spasmodically and six holes appeared in his chest, Ryan wanted to scream and cry but she couldnt, cos a group of rebels were sweeping the building, so she stopped typing and hid under the desk, her tension mounted as she heard doors being kicked open, screams of terror and gunshots being fired. She grabbed the pistol from the top of the desk, and whispered, "[B]Alexander Santiago, you better deliver that envelope, do you hear me? Do I make myself [U][I] clear?[/U][/I][/B]", with that she loaded the pistol and took on her security vigil.

Meanwhile back in the matrix, alex lied there on the hard cold ground, he was most certainly dead, but then Ash reminded him, it was just his imagination, and that the bullets were fake, she kept reminding him about the simulated reality, then he slowly got up and he made a run for the closest mail box, pushing programs out of his way, but they slowly started to become infected and began chasing him.

he made it, there was an elderly lady in his way. "[B]Pardom me, ma'dam[/B]", and she moved out of his way, he dropped the letter into the mail box, the old lady apologised and told him that she was in her own little world, then she asked, "[B]Let me guess, young man, it's important isnt it?[/B]", he replied, "[B] Yes... Yes it is.[/B]", he bid her farewell and started running again to a payphone. "[B]Yuz, you better get here on time.[/B]", he muttered as he picked up the phone and was jacked out.

Alex came back to the real world with a gasp, but to his suprise it wasnt Ryan who unplugged him, she was covered in blood and pulling the bodies out into the hallway, it was Ash. The first thing that came to mind was how it all happened, Ryan told him that rebels began tearing through the building and she dispatched them, while Ash was hacking the matrix and trying to get him home.

He got up out of his seat and sighed, "[B] Now all we do is wait for Yuz to jack out, then we'll talk...[/B]"[/SIZE]
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[SIZE="2"][FONT="Georgia"]Yuz flung himself at Dean again and repeated strike after strike , but he couldn't hit him. 'I don't understand....I defeated several agents before, why can't I hit him?' Agent Dean smirked and hit Yuz with a flat palm against his chest which sent Yuz flying across the room and hit the wall with a thud. His body twitched in the real world and blood began to gush from his mouth.

"Yu....mph!" Ryan attempted to scream, but Alex covered his mouth and he motioned for her to remained quiet.

Meanwhile in the Matrix...Yuz steadily got up and staggered to his feet. His head was throbbing and he couldn't see a thing except for a black silhouette. He thought he heard Dean speak, but he couldn't make out anything....his world started to fade. 'This is it..I'm sorry...' He said to himself, but then he heard a voice inside his head.

"I will kill you if you die Yuz!" It was Ahrianna again.

"Time to die Mr. Zabuki (Yuz's last name). Have a nice time in hell," Dean said behind an evil grin. He threw a stabbing shot at Yuz, but Yuz managed to block the stike inches before his throat.

"It can't be..." Dean gasped.

Yuz grabbed Dean's wrist and twisted it and put into a hammerlock behind his back. Dean tried desparately to free himself, but Yuz continued to apply pressure on the hold.Dean threw a kick to Yuz's midsection and the kick bounced off of Yuz's torso. Dean yelled out in agony and then Yuz let go of the hold. Dean came at Yuz with a flurry of punches, of all which were blocked. The tide of battle had changed! Yuz grabbed Dean by his collar and headbutted him, which sent Dean sliding across the linoleum. Without hesitiation, Yuz pounced on Dean and began to punch him furiously. Yuz was enjoying bashing Dean's face in....but suddenly he stopped. Visions of his girlfriend flashed in his head. He got up and ran away from Dean, who didn't give chase...instead he pulled out a small black cell phone and dialed a number.

"This is number 5. Target showed amazing potential. We must recruit him to our side."

Yuz ran outside and looked for the nearest phone booth. There was an occupied booth not too far from his position. He shoved the person out of the way and disconnected their call.

"Hey man! What do you think you're doing."

Without hesitating, Yuz dialed the operator's number. Ryan's voice came on meekly "Operator?" she said.

"Get me out of here Ryan."

"You got it."

Yuz came back to the real world with a jolt. Ryan unplugged him and as he sat in the chair...she hugged him.

"Oh my God! I thought I lost you two! Don't ever scare me like that again."

Yuz stared at her in disbelief "Lost both of us? What are you talking about?"

"So you encountered him too huh?" Alex said without emotion.

"Yeah..." Yuz said."We need to find out what's going on."[/FONT][/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1]Before the four of them began to talk about what was going on with The Matrix and the status of their distress signal, Alex left the room and made a sweep for any more rebels. All he saw were his shellshocked neghbours, blood on the walls, junk and used bullet cartriges. Whoever they were they struck fast, wrecklessly and with no remorse, the attackers reminded him of one person, himself.

He walked back into his room, and locked up the door behind him. He let out a sigh, and removed his black tank top. "[B]Jeez, Alexander, you're very fit for the age of 17![/B]", Ryan commented at the sight of Alex's six pack, while she inspected the wounds he had recived from Dean's gun. The bullets were easily identifiable, nine milimeters, and Ryan took that into note, so she could outfit the guys with the proper weaponry the next time they jacked in.

"[B]Well, now, it doesnt look too bad. I didnt see any bullet fragements in you, I guess it's just scarring. In that case, you're good to go, Alex[/B]", Ryan told him, then she went on to check on Yuz. He ran into Ash's arms, the two hugged each other, and kissed for awhile. "[B]Two years was too long of a wait.[/B]", she said, when everyone was settled down, "[B]I know, honey. It was a long two years, too.[/B]" Alex replied. Yuz asked Ash how she died, and she told him that one of their previous commrades unplugged her while she was still in, apperently that person had struck a deal with Smith and went rogue on them, so Ryan dispatched her but she found out that the rogue didnt make a deal with Smith, she just wanted Alex to herself, so she killed the rogue anyway.

"[B]What's going on with the programming, Ryan?[/B]", Alex inquired, she said that she tried to figure it out but the death squad was closing in on them, so she had no time to do anything. "[B]So that's why I heard screaming when I woke up.[/B]", Ash commented. "[B]Exactly... All I know is speculation, but I think there are hackers that have connections with the machines, in order to hack the matrix so well.[/B]", Ryan concluded. "[B]Ok... That answers one of our questions... my next question is...[/B]" Yuz said, "[B]... is how did you come back?[/B]", he asked Ash.

"[B]It came to me as I was trying to wake Alexander from his wounds... that the matrix was pure fiction, and I began telling myself that I wasnt dead and that I had one person who belived that.[/B]", Ash answered while glancing at Alex, she sighed and hugged him tighter, then fell asleep on his chest.

"[B]Since that's out of the way, now all we do is wait for the crew of The Renegade to answer the distress beacon.[/B]", Alex said before dozing off on the couch. Ryan wondered why he picked them, instead of the other fleets that were avalible, then she heard Alex's voice inside her head, "[B]It's because my older brother once served on that shipped before he was killed, and I knew that the crew of that ship did alot to help clean up the matrix.[/B]", Ryan nodded, and walked over to the two sleeping on the couch and both gave them kisses, before walking to her cot and falling asleep on it.[/SIZE]
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