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Request Ouran Host Club Banner/Avatar Set


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Yes, I've finally caught up with the rest of the anime community by watching Ouran High School Host Club, and I must say that I have fallen madly in love with the Zuka Club. However, because I am clearly a lower lifeform, I am unable to make a banner/avatar set to display my dedication. Thus, I would be most grateful if someone could whip one up for me. :)

For the avatar, I would prefer this image to be used:


You don't have to add text to it at all - I'd just like it avatar size with a nice border around it (and, hopefully, keeping the same image quality; it'd be completely screwed up if I were to do this, haha).

Alternatively, if there were some way to make the symbol in the image below into an avatar (without the members of the Zuka Club blocking it), then I'm pretty sure I'd had to worship whoever pulled that off.

For the banner, I want this image to be used:


Obviously the whole thing won't fit onto a banner, so cutting off everything above the three members of the Zuka Club is fine; after all, it is the salute I am most interested in here! On the lower left hand side, I want it to say "Heil Zuka Bu!" I'm not sure if any font in particular screams Nazi parody to anyone, but use whatever font you think suits it best.

Thanks in advance to whoever fulfills my many rambling demands. :)
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I gave it a try...

[SIZE="1"][I'm trying to get sig/avi making experience :animeswea][/SIZE]



If you like it, but want something changed, just ask:animesmil
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