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This should qualify as TV, right? I mean it's the revolutionary tv series that was created on Youtube...
If not, it can be moved, I suppose... So here 'goes:

Am I the only one who finds entertainment out of this rather dumb show? I noticed that most of the video comments are hate mail or spam...
I started watching it because of the hype after Jessica Rose "Bree" came out about it all being fake. (And I can see why; you can't keep that stuff a secret. People with common sense would figure it out and the others would call the cops) So I decided to go onto the site and watch every episode. (Which at that time, was probably around 125... Yes, a lot of it was a waste of time, but I've never had a problem saying that my social life is at a zero.
Anyway, it was quite funny at the beginning, and I can see the creator's intent with the first videos: They were trying to set up a fan-base of people who loved Bree's videos and then slowly add a serious back-story to get them worried for Bree when she was in danger. Smart thinking.
Anyway, the added story line made me cuss out loud for a while because it threw me so off. Stuff about The Order, Hymn of One, The Ceremony, Trait Positive, watchers, shadows, blah blah blah really threw me off...
I still get the story, but it just feels like they were trying to go for intentional drama to get more viewers or something. At times, the characters seem a little stupid a.k.a. no common sense...
But what I really want to talk about is the finale: [spoiler]Bree actually dies at the end. And she didn't even die in a good way... She says something along the lines that she knows she'll never escape the order, so her friends will never be free. So she sacrifices her own life to give the bad guys something they want... I'm not sure what the story will lead to, but it seems that giving "The Order" what they want could be very dangerous to someone... But here's the lack of common sense I was talking about: After her whole confession about letting her friends be free, she asks them to find the other girls who are trait positive and save them... What good does that do???[/Spoiler]
Sometimes if just feels retarded, forced, and frustrating. But I'm just easily entertained and I know that it's a good storyline. Tt just needs to be fleshed out a bit more. The character development is great (although most says it's not) and the acting is okay considering that it started out as a free production... (I especially like Sarah... She's pretty and a good actress. Definately the best out of the group) And the directing is A+ considering the style.

So if I'm not the only one out in crazy land who finds entertainment out of this, or even if I am, please leave a comment if you've seen bits (or even all) of the show. Anything you want to add? ('cuz I know I forgot a lot) Good stuff? Bad stuff? Let me know.
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