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Since time began there has been gods. These ruling gods are known as 'The council'. Originally there was only Aislinn(f), Oma(m), Saramo(m), Bash(m), and the twins, Mae(f) and Maj(m). These six gods ruled over the realm of 'the mundane' and the realm of 'the divine'. What they did not have control over however was the chaotic realm of 'the condemned' (A.K.A. Abyssus). Abyssus was filled with strange deformed spirits known as Belluas.

Aislinn, the dreamer, and Saramo, the realist, fell in love and devoted themselves to one another. They had 3 children Onan(m), Agatha(f), and Dava(f). Maj had loved Aislinn and was dangerously jealous of Saramo's happiness. He tried to convince his sister, Mae, to join him in plotting against the others and taking full power by themselves, but his passion frightened her and she shunned him.

She and Oma had devoted themselves to one another soon after. Oma and Her had two children, Sauda(f) and Ira(m). Sauda had married Bash and Ira had fallen for Dava but had never revealed his feelings.

It was about this time the gods were experimenting in their creations. They had created a new soul in the realm of 'the divine', much weaker than a gods, and another new soul even weaker than that. The stronger of the two (the Aetherians) would live in the realm of 'the divine' as subjects, servants, and later soldiers, while the weaker of the two (The Pignuses) would be sent to the realm of 'the Mundane'(the grounds) and later be known as "Man".

Maj had poisoned Ira's brain since childhood into believing it was his and his uncle's birth right to take over the realm of 'the divine' also known as Caelum. They would be the rulers. The two gods challenged Saramo and Aislinn to a war over the realm of Caelum.

Bash in and attempt to please his pregnet wife joined her brother and her uncle's side. Onan, Agatha, and Oma all sided with Saramo and Aislinn. Mae and Sauda just wept, for they could not make a decision. They believed Ira, Bash, and Maj were wrong but because they were family they could not betray them and join Saramo and Aislinn's side.

During this war the Aetharians were divided into two main groups. The Tutelas, on the side of Saramo and Aislinn, and the Malusphasmas, on the side of Maj and Ira.

When Ira and Maj were defeated, them and their followers were cast out of Caelum and condemned to an eternity reigning of Abyssus. But as a final retaliation Maj kidnapped the favorite child of Saramo and Aislinn, Dava, and trapped her in Abyssus to be his nephew’s bride.

Sauda had her children, quadruplets, Terra(f), Incendio(m), Aer(m), and Aqua(f). with a heavy heart knowing that their father was now their sworn enemy. and when her children grew older Incendio, the god of fire, chose to leave Caelum and join his father in Abyssus knowing it meant he cold never return.

Aer, the god of the sky and the wind, and Agatha, Saramo and Aislin's second born, were wed as well as Onan, Aislinn and saramos's first born, and Terra, the goddess of the earth. leaving the goddess of water, Aqua, lonely. Aer and Agatha had one son Pritam(m) and Onan and Terra had two daughters and a son, Zuri(f), Qamar(m), and Tynan(f).

Meanwhile in Abyssus Ira and Dava had O' ren(m), Margo(f), Ta 'hen(m), Keith(m), Darcie(f), and Leila(f). Maj had taken a human wife, Lillith(f), who had been abused raped and rejected by the rest of mankind. They had had no children as of yet. And Incindio had taken a Malusphasma bride Tamesis(f). The two of them had 3 sons Julian(m), Adrien(m), and Sebastien(m).

The gods of Caelum were outraged by the promiscuous actions of the Evertians (inhabitants of Abyssus). A god marrying a dark angel and even worse a god marrying a human. It was unheard of. The council immediately made severe laws against that sort of thing in Caelum so that they would not fall to the perverse ways of their enemies.

Any god who took a lesser partner would be imprisoned and their love would be executed as well as any impure child the two of them conceived. The problem was Pritam had fallen deeply in love with a Tutela(angel) named Caer(f). Day after day he would meet with her in secrecy until one day she gave birth to a child Bello(m). The council suspected who the father was but had no way of proving it. Then another child came Isolde(f), and another Tristan(m), and another Litia(f), and another Claudia(f), then another two (twins) Faye(f) and Seth(m), Then Cynthia(f), and then finally Ceceilia(f). It was during Caers pregnancy with Ceceilia that she and Pritam had been caught.

The family fled Caelum and hid themselves on the grounds knowing that giving birth to Ceceilia would be like a beacon that guided the council to there where abouts. Pritam was so obsessed with protecting his offspring, he cast his children away informing them to never again seek out him and Caer. He then stole and angel newborn and on the evening of Ceceilia's birth put her in a basket and sent her down a river to brave the elements alone and handed Caer the replacement instead. of course Caer thought this to be her legitiment daughter and held it close to her in a panic when the councils soldiers came to take them away. She never would have put someone else’s child to death on purpose.

Caer and Pritam were forced to watch their daughter’s execution. Caer was hysterical but Pritam just sat calmly.

"Why do you not weep for our child's death?" She demanded. "Do we mean nothing to you?"

"My dear that was not our child. I saved her so that you may die in peace." He explained.

"No. I held her in my arms after her birth. I saw her!" The wife shook her head. "that is the same child."

"You have never held Ceceilia. I stole another’s child and switched it for yours at birth." Pritam smiled numbly.

"What? No! Guards you made a mistmp-" Caer's word were cut off by Pritam's hand.

"Telling the truth will not help. It will only make two dead children instead of one." He persuaded soothingly.

"How could you!" She spat quietly.

"I just wanted to make you happy." He defended before being cut off.

"Its the Tutela's turn." the head guard sneered. The other two guards grabbed Caer's arms and brought her to the execution wall. The held her against it and the head guard raised his sword.

"I hate you" she whispered to Pritam before being beheaded.

Pritam was then imprisoned in solitary confinement for eternity knowing that his true love’s dying words were that she despised him. He was the grandson of Saramo and Aislinn and the great grandson of Mae and Oma and even he was not immune to the brutal marriage laws.

It was during these grief filled times of Pritam and Caer that the Evertians seized their opportunities to make a move to take over the grounds. Ira of course lead the army while Oma stayed in Abyssus leading from afar. He made his nephew Incendio second in command and his oldest son O'ren, who was barely old enough to fight, third.

Because it was an unexpected war the Evertians had almost succeeded. In fact the Evertians infiltrated so much of earth it was impossible to get all of them out and back to Abyssus where the gods of Caelum felt they belonged.

This opened the grounds to pain, deceit, suffering, greed, and corruption. Never again would it be the safe little dollhouse for the gods it once was. And Maj had made a promise when they retreated proving his resentment towards the Caelum gods. He promised that he would attack again, and this time his goal wouldn't be to rule over the humans but to destroy them.

The Caelum's reacted by sending Guardians, or Tutela( A special kind of Aetherian) to the grounds. They would stay there and await the Evertians second attack. The only problem was they were only souls in the realm of the mundane. They needed to be corporeal. So the council arranged for them to be born as souls in human bodies and be reincarnated over and over until they were needed.

Only the Evertians were taking so long to make a move and it was anything but paradise living on the grounds for guardians. It was hell for normal humans but for guardians it was worse. The never fit in. They grew up being shunned by their peers and never finding love, never finding purpose. So when volunteers for the cause stopped coming in the council changed it to a punishment for the particularly naughty guardians.

A prophecy of the war had been written. The war would end December 23, 2012. The fate would be decided by one child, one girl, half Tutela half Evertian. Her name is Andromeda Which side she would choose. Unknown.

___________________________[U]Im chat with Abo...[/U]_____________________________[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Plum"][B]Abomination666:[/B][/COLOR] [FONT="Book Antiqua"]so today sucks huh?[/FONT]
[COLOR="SeaGreen"][B]MassacresSong888:[/B][/COLOR] [FONT="Garamond"]Why?[/FONT]
[B][COLOR="Plum"]Abomination666:[/COLOR][/B] [FONT="Book Antiqua"]last day of summer! Duh... -.-[/FONT]
[COLOR="SeaGreen"][B]MassacresSong888:[/B][/COLOR][FONT="Garamond"] Oh[/FONT]
[B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]MassacresSong888:[/COLOR][/B][FONT="Garamond"] I guess[/FONT]
[COLOR="Plum"][B]Abomination666: [/B][/COLOR][FONT="Book Antiqua"]YOu still talking to that Alice chick??? [/FONT]
[B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]MassacresSong888:[/COLOR][/B] [FONT="Garamond"]yeah she's cool.[/FONT]
[B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]MassacresSong888:[/COLOR][/B] [FONT="Garamond"]She teaches me stuff....[/FONT]
[B][COLOR="Plum"]Abomination666: [/COLOR][/B][FONT="Book Antiqua"]It's like you don't even have time for spells and deep sleeps any more Seiko.[/FONT]
[B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]MassacresSong888: [/COLOR][/B][FONT="Garamond"]you haven't wanted to hang out anyways why are you bugging out?[/FONT]
[COLOR="Plum"][B]Abomination666:[/B][/COLOR][FONT="Book Antiqua"] I just don't trust her okay![/FONT]
[B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]MassacresSong888:[/COLOR][/B] [FONT="Garamond"]Why not?[/FONT]
[B][COLOR="Plum"]Abomination666: [/COLOR][/B][FONT="Book Antiqua"]She just gives me the heebie Jeebies[/FONT]
[B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]MassacresSong888: [/COLOR][/B][FONT="Garamond"]how?[/FONT]
[B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]MassacresSong888:[/COLOR][/B] [FONT="Garamond"]Rose???[/FONT]
[B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]MassacresSong888:[/COLOR][/B] [FONT="Garamond"]Are you still there?[/FONT]
[B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]MassacresSong888:[/COLOR][/B] [FONT="Garamond"]Helloooo?[/FONT]
[B][COLOR="Plum"]Abomination666:[/COLOR][/B] [FONT="Book Antiqua"]just forget about it okay? forget I said anything[/FONT]
[B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]MassacreSong888: [/COLOR][/B][FONT="Garamond"]What ever[/FONT]
[CENTER][I][COLOR="Red"]Abomination666 has signed off[/COLOR][/I][/CENTER]

[COLOR="DimGray"][FONT="Century Gothic"]"What was that all about?" Seiko questioned as she stretched. She shrugged it off and when back to viewing her Myspace.[/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]___________________[U]Chatroom chat with Rep...,Abo..., & Cri...[/U]___________________[/COLOR]

[B][COLOR="Plum"]Abomination666: [/COLOR][/B][FONT="Book Antiqua"] I can't convince her guys[/FONT]
[B][COLOR="DarkOrange"]Repent86: [/COLOR][/B] [FONT="Fixedsys"]okay just appologize[/FONT]
[B][COLOR="Sienna"]CrimsonSacrifice23:[/COLOR][/B] [FONT="Lucida Console"]then go invisible[/FONT]
[B][COLOR="Plum"]Abomination666: [/COLOR][/B] [FONT="Book Antiqua"] right. okay[/FONT]
[CENTER][I][COLOR="Red"]Abomination666 has signed off[/COLOR][/I][/CENTER]
[B][COLOR="Plum"]Abomination666: [/COLOR][/B] [FONT="Book Antiqua"] why don't you guys ever talk to her[/FONT]
[B][COLOR="Sienna"]CrimsonSacrifice23:[/COLOR] [/B][FONT="Lucida Console"]it's complicated[/FONT]
[B][COLOR="DarkOrange"]Repent86: [/COLOR][/B] [FONT="Fixedsys"]it's harder for us. She won't trust us now that Alice has gotten to her first and poisoned her mind.[/FONT]
[B][COLOR="Sienna"]CrimsonSacrifice23:[/COLOR][/B] [FONT="Lucida Console"]that's why we need you to help her. You need to save her from Alice so that she might fulfill her destiny[/FONT]
[B][COLOR="Plum"]Abomination666: [/COLOR][/B] [FONT="Book Antiqua"]I understand I'll do my best >.< [/FONT]


[COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]____________________________[U]Im chat with <3M...[/U]____________________________[/COLOR]

[B][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]<3mOrBiD♥♥♥pRiNcEsS<3:[/COLOR][/B] [FONT="System"]I'm still picking you up for school tomorrow right?[/FONT]
[B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]MassacresSong888:[/COLOR][/B] [FONT="Garamond"]if you want to[/FONT]
[B][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]<3mOrBiD♥♥♥pRiNcEsS<3:[/COLOR][/B] [FONT="System"] cool I really want to[/FONT]
[B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]MassacresSong888:[/COLOR][/B] [FONT="Garamond"]so I take it you still plan on taking a fifth year of high school[/FONT]
[B][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]<3mOrBiD♥♥♥pRiNcEsS<3:[/COLOR][/B] [FONT="System"] yeah well I wanted to take some more classes that I haven't had time to take my first four.[/FONT]
[B][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]<3mOrBiD♥♥♥pRiNcEsS<3:[/COLOR][/B] [FONT="System"]plus I really don't think I'm ready for college yet.[/FONT]
[B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]MassacresSong888:[/COLOR][/B] [FONT="Garamond"]that's cool. it just means we get to hgan out this year[/FONT]
[B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]MassacresSong888:[/COLOR][/B] [FONT="Garamond"]*hang[/FONT]
[B][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]<3mOrBiD♥♥♥pRiNcEsS<3:[/COLOR][/B] [FONT="System"]well I'm gonna crash[/FONT]
[B][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]<3mOrBiD♥♥♥pRiNcEsS<3:[/COLOR][/B] [FONT="System"]see you tomorrow?[/FONT]
[B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]MassacresSong888:[/COLOR][/B] [FONT="Garamond"]yeah[/FONT]
[B][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]<3mOrBiD♥♥♥pRiNcEsS<3:[/COLOR][/B] [FONT="System"]good night[/FONT]
[B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]MassacresSong888:[/COLOR][/B] [FONT="Garamond"] night [/FONT]
[B][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]<3mOrBiD♥♥♥pRiNcEsS<3:[/COLOR][/B] [FONT="System"]I'd say Nighty Night Sleep Tight Don't Let The Vampire's Bight but something tells me you'd bight them back [/FONT]
[B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]MassacresSong888:[/COLOR][/B] [FONT="Garamond"] very funny Alice [/FONT]

[I][CENTER][COLOR="Red"]<3mOrBiD♥♥♥pRiNcEsS<3 has signed off[/COLOR][/CENTER][/I]

[COLOR="DimGray"][FONT="Century Gothic"] Seiko yawned and checked the clock. [I]11:05.[/I] She should probably go to bed too. She shut down her computer and made her way up to her room. Her scruffy dog pranced behind her as she went into her room and collapsed on her bed. Seiko allowed her self to be drawn into a deep sleep. The last thing she remembered was buddy, her dog, wagging his tail. Then she was out.[/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR="Olive"][I][FONT="Lucida Console"] Seiko was walking up a hill. The road was cold and damp. The black pavement glimmered in the starlight and was surrounded on both sides by a thick eerie forest that seemed be closing in around the road. The branches overlapped above her head blocking out most of the gleam from the moonlight. Something was moving in the forest. Something that wanted to hurt her. She had to keep walking.

A car was coming. She could hear it. If they saw her something really bad would happen. She didn't know what she just knew it would. She could hide in the forest but then the strange creatures might get her. She didn't know what to do. She was trapped. Every one wanted to hurt her. She dived in the foot wide patch of grass separating the forest and the woods and laid down waiting for the car to go by. Once it was out of sight she stood back up and continued walking up the road. That's when panic set in. Something was coming to get her NOW!

She started running but her legs were slow and sluggish. She couldn't get them to move fast enough. She fell forward onto her the knees. She had to stand up but if she took the time what ever was pursuing her would catch her so she started running on her knees. Still she could barely move. She pressed forward. It was coming fast. It wanted to hurt her. She had to get away. Hurry!...[/FONT][/I]
[COLOR="DimGray"][FONT="Century Gothic"] Seiko woke herself up by violently jerking her body forward. She must have been so desperate to move in her dream that she moved in real life. Buddy was wagging his tail nervously and licking her face.

"Go away" She grunted and looked at her clock. [I]6:30[/I]. School started in an hour. She had to get ready.

She tiredly stumbled out of bead and yanked on a pair of ripped jeans and a corset tank top before ripping a brush through her thigh length violet hair. She ten made her way downstairs to brush her teeth and do the deodorant thing. By the time she got herself something to eat it was 7:00 so she yanked on a pair of combat boots and went outside to wait on her porch. [I]Alice should be here soon. [/I] she assured herself, a little nervous Alice would stand her up as others had done in the past.

Sure enough a piece of shit pinto came swerving around the corner, Death metal blasting through the calm silence of the early morning. School started at seven and Alice’s music made sure that she would be awake by then. Seiko grabbed her bag and hopped into the rusty car.

"Hey Alice." she said buckling up.

"What!" Alice shouted above the screaming melody.

"HI!!!" Seiko repeated.


"WHAT?" Seiko screamed.

"WHAT?" Alice squinted her eyes.

They both gave up and just laughed for the rest of the ride there. Once they got to the old brick building Seiko intently starred at the big sign above the doors. [I]'Darkville High School.'[/I]

"What are you starring at?" Alice asked.

"The sign." Seiko responded. "It should say 'Hell'"

"Yes." Alice giggled. "Yes it should."

They made their way into the building, which by 7:10 was swarming with teenagers with overactive hormones. Immediately every one looked at Alice. With her choppy uneven hair cut and spiky bangs died highlighter fluid yellow and red eye shadow artistically drawn into butterfly wing patterns above he gorgeous dark blue eyes she sure stool out. But the way she dressed made her look beautiful like some techno rave Goth goddess. She had on red high heel knee high boots and yellow fishnet stockings under a yellow and black jumper with a black lacey quarter shirt underneath. She had blood red perfectly manicured fingernails and pail unblemished milk colored skin. Her Eyebrow nose and tongue were pierced and her ears all the way up. but she also had a new addition. A Monroe. No one else in the small town had ever had one. Just her. Sure a couple, including Seiko, had decided to get snakebites, but never a Monroe. That was something people from towns with more than population: 10 people total got.

The truth was the Alice was so cool that Seiko would never ever compete. and she was okay with that.

"So I gotta get to class." Seiko pointed down the hallway.

"That's cool. I gotta go too." Alice smiled.

"Well bye then. " Seiko took a few steps backward down the hall.

"Yeah Bye." Alice replied before they both disappeared down the hallway to get to their individual classes.

Seiko groaned angrily. This was the third year in a row she had English first period. English had once been her best class. She was even in advanced. But she never made it to school before 2nd period, because she chronically overslept, So she found it difficult to get higher than in the 70s.

At least the teacher was cool. Mr. Spear was young and new. This would be his third year teaching. He was 25 almost 26. Younger than her oldest brother. He dressed very metro. He wore chocolate brown boot cut pants and a tighter blue and white pinstripe button up shirt with a corduroy blazer and a bow tie. To complete his look he even had a brown canvas man purse and a glow in the dark tongue ring. No other teacher was as cool as he was. None even compared.

The class went by fairly tolerable, you know for school and all. When the bell ring all the students swarmed into the hallway and began chattering.

"My Boyfriend gave it to me. So Sweet!" A 4'8" girl with a snobby nazel voice beamed.

"Oh that is sweet." Her friend also short at around 5'4" admired the bracelet.

"Tedros is so perfect it's hard to believe he has a brother that is such a fuck up." The shorter girl sighed dreamily.

"Who?" Her friend inquired.

"Ted's younger brother Cheal. He's a death penalty waiting to happen. He's a criminal and I hear he's a total schizo. I guess al the little thieves and drug dealers call him B-Low cause his last name is Brogan." The shorter girl giggled.

"But I thought Ted's last name is Fiorello?" Her friend commented.

"Yeah that's his mom's last name. They're only half brothers. Same d-" The shorter one was cut off.

"Um you're talking about Ted Fiorello?" Seiko controlled her voice forcing back her anger.

"Yeah my boyfriend." The short girl grinned vainly.

"What'd you say about B-Low?" Seiko started shaking.

"He's a fuck up." The girl shrugged.

"My brother is married and has a son, Kaedyn. He's 10 years older than you and you have the audacity to call B-Low a fuck up!" Seiko barked.

"Y-you're brothers Ted?" The short girl stuttered.

"Uh no duh! If you were really dating him he would have told you that now wouldn't he. Seeming so we're the same fucking age." Seiko snarled shaking violently with anger.

"Y-you're not go-gonna tell Darla are you." The short girl took a cautious step back.

"I can't believe you're asking me that!" Seiko shrieked in fury.

The short girl looked around. Everyone was watching. So she make her mistake. She tried to show off. "Well just try to keep your mouth shut." She put her hand on her hip.

Seiko laughed and shook her head. The short girl smirked. Then with out warning Seiko lounged at her like a snake attacking it's prey. She swung her fist hard across the short girl's jaw sending the prep stumbling back. Then Sieko knocked her to the ground and started stomping on her face. When she grew tired of that she sat on the girl and grabbed the girl by her hair and started pounding her face into the hall floor tiles. It took two campus cops to pull her off and drag her unwillingly to the office.

Rose sat in her desk swaying slightly to some unheard melody. Her laptop sat a crack open under her desk with the cord to a set of ear buds discretely leading from it up to her ear. It was hidden by her Dark curly red hair that matched her sun-speckled face. She starred straight at the chalkboard as if she was paying attention though all she could hear was her twisted sadistic heavy metal reverberating through her head.

"Rose what do you think of this problem? What's the answer?" The woman asked. "Rose are you listening?" The woman straitened her pleaded tweed skirt. "Rose!"

"Mrs. Soren she listening to music through her laptop." Another student explained.

"Well. We'll have to put a stop to that." She marched over and pulled the cord out of the laptop. Only the music was turned up all the way and the impact of the dark heavy metal sent her flying back into a student’s desk. She slipped on her high heels and started screaming. "Rose turn it off!"

Rose turned her head just noticing that the rest of her class could here the music. The class was in shambles from the stumbling teacher. She picked up her laptop and turned down the volume. "Yes?" She asked politely.

The teachers neatly combed hair was now in wads Her glasses were crooked and she had a few runs in her stockings. "Office." She growled pointing at the door "NOW!"

“Hey you come here.” A burly teacher called after a girl with scruffy red-brown shoulder length hair and blunt cut bangs. She was only 5’4” and had on low slung jeans and a visible purple thong and a flowy pale blue see-through half shirt over a purple lace bra. Though her boobs were not that big her outfit made her body seem curvier than any.

“Bug off old man.” She slung her bag over her shoulder and turned away.

“That outfit is a direct violation of this schools dress code” He explained dutifully.

“Nerd!” She rolled her eyes. “What’s wrong with my clothes?”

“They di- distract the other students.” He pushed back his glasses.

“What student?” She out stretched her arms. “Am I distracting any of you!”

“No ma’am” A group of guys answered.

“That is not the point I’m afraid” He stared at the floor. “The rules are rules and you cannot wear that shirt”

“I can’t wear this shirt?” She smirked.

“That’s absolutely correct.” He nodded.

“So I have to take it off?” Her smile grew wider.

“Hm hmm” He nodded again.

She cocked her head as if thinking for a moment. Then she nodded as if agreeing on something and shrugged “Okay” She pulled the blouse over her head and handed it to him “Hear you go.” She smiled casually and walked away.

“Hayden and Mikey” Glad to see you two haven’t changed. “Smoking pot on the first day.”

“Sorry Mrs. B” Hayden rubbed his eyes “It’ll never happen again.

“I’m sure it won’t boys.” She chuckled.

“Wanna hit?” They held out their bowl.

“No thank you.” She sneered. “Finnish up and meet me in the office.”

“Will do ma’am” Mikey grinned. “And might I say you are looking fabulous. The summer has left you looking relaxed and vibrant. Tan looks good on you.”

“Thank you Mikey.” The woman forced a smile before leaving.

“I think she likes me.” Mikey grinned.

Four girls and two guys sat in the main office awaiting the principle. Rose sat with a huge smirk on her face. Starring at Seiko from the other side. She looked at the short girl and her bloodied and battered face then back at Seiko and winked. Seiko was tarring apart a piece of cardboard restlessly. The short girls face was so swollen you couldn’t tell what she was thinking. The shirtless girl just sat there belligerently defying society. And finally the two stoners sat next to each other laughing their hearts off.

All eyes darted at the door when a girl in a tight bun and a gothic sundress with matching ballet slippers was lead in by her arm by a campus cop.

“I don’t even smoke sir!” She protested. “I was out getting fresh air! It was that gentleman with the mohawks cigarette. I don’t smoke cancer sticks!”

“Yeah every student says that” The man grunted.

“But I’m actually telling the truth!” She exclaimed.

“Sit down Great Britain.” The shirtless girl snarled.”

“When will I get to talk to the principle sir?” She requested as she politely sat down next to the stoners. He didn’t answer. Instead he just walked out. She sat there quietly for a moment before sniffing the air. “Is something burning?”

The whole room burst out laughing. “Yeah they’re brain cells” Rose jabbed.

“Did I say something humorous.” The girls British accent was so apparent.

“Don’t worry about it GB. You’re not part f their worl-” Seiko was cut off by a teenagers shouts.

“I didn’t steal anything! Let me go! Why do you always go after the poor kid first!” The boy yelped.

“We just need to talk to you.” The vice-principal through him into the room.

“Why I already told you I don’t know anything!” The boy demanded.

“I’ll talk to you in a minute! Right now we have other students to meet with.” He ordered before turning to Seiko and the short girl. “April.” He motioned to the short girl. “I’ll start with you.”

“Thank you Mr. Warren.” She sniffled and shot a glare at Seiko.

Once she had left with the principle The Goth ballerina spoke up. “What happened to her face?”

Everyone turned to Seiko awaiting her explanation. When it didn’t come Rose stepped in. “My girl Seiko’s what happened to that suck up whore’s fucking ugly ass face” Rose laughed. “Never piss my girl off. She’s the sweetest person ever! But never piss her off”

“You did that.” The boy who had gotten accused of stealing asked.

“Yeah sure.” Seiko shrugged a little embarrassed.

“My names Zeek.” He extended his hand.

“I know who you are.” She shook it.

After a while April came out and the VP emerged from his office. “Garnet Terpsichore” He called.

“Yes Sir” The girl in the gothic ballerina outfit responded.

“You’re turn” He grumbled and she followed him into his office.

“April. What was the ruling?” Rose laughed sadistically.

“Innocent. My mom’s coming to pick me up and later we’ll sue the brute who did this to me.” April pouted before leaving.

“Rot in Hell bitch” Seiko shouted after her. “And stay away from my brother or I’ll have to have another little visit with you!”

“All this on the first day of Hell. I mean School. Oops.” The shirtless girl grinned.

“Yeah I know. How can they tell she’s innocent if they haven’t even heard both sides of the story” Seiko shook her head.

“Dirty politics my dear” Hayden grinned.

“You’re baked shut up.” Seiko shook her head in annoyance.

Garnet came out and the Vp called Rose in. When Rose came out the VP called Mikey in and the Hayden. Then He came out and called in Zeek leaving Seiko alone with the shirtless girl.

"I've been meaning to ask. Why are you naked?" Siko turned her.

"Cause that's how I am." The girl shrugged. "I wanted to start out freshman year right."

"You're a freshman?" Seiko questioned.

"Yeah" The girl replied. "My names Saphire."

"Yeah? Mines Seiko Brogan. I'm a senior."

"cool" Saphire smiled. "We should chill sometime."

"Yeah sure." Seiko smiled happily.

The VP cleared his throught "Seiko It's you're turn"

"You've found her?" The Tutela asked.

"Andromeda. Yes. She's living on the grounds as a human." The gohstly figure replied.

"I must go to her!" The celestial being stood.

"Gabriel wait!" The figure warned. "Be careful. Do not let harm come to her. Protect her.

"You can count on me." Gabriel bowed his head and then vanished.

Toril loved men. She loved to play with them, to torture them, to destroy them, and then leave them. She was 21 and have raven colored hair and a curvy figure. All men were attracted to her like a mothe to a flame. Her only problem was her little sister Seiko. Seiko loved Christian. and Christian was [I]Toril's[/I] Territory. Even though they were no longer to gether Christian would always be Toril's. HE was excedingly handsome. tall with pale blonde shaggy hair and icey blue eyes. And he was sweet. He opened doors and pulled out chairs. He was perfect. Everything a girl could want. But Toril wanted freedom.

Emerald was jumping around to techno music when she sinced it.
"Whoah Colios" she giggled "A Tutella just came down to earth! must investigate." She ran out of the clup her hyperactive rainbow hair bouncing behind her

It's year 2007. The first demon attack is in mere weeks. Most of the earlier interaction will be on IM because it is the technology age. Alice is not evil. She just wants Seiko to be able to choose her own destany. Something that scares CrimsonSacrifice23 and Repent86.


name ~~~~~ birth year ~~~~~ Screne name ~~~~~ weapon
[COLOR="DarkGreen"]Seiko Brogan ~~~ 1990~~~MassacresSong888~~~~~Duel Elbow blades, Staff
Rose Darray~~~~1990~~~~Abomination666~~~~~~~Katana
Toril Eadoin~~~~~1985~~~~Demon_Child69~~~~~~~Spiked whip
Zeek Tavor~~~~~1989~~~~TaintedSoul33~~~~~~~~2 Sai
Christian Salut~~~1986~~~~~Mistreated7~~~~~~~~~Ax
Alice Couldron~~1989~~<3mOrBiD♥♥♥pRiNcEsS<3~~bow and arrow
Garnet Terpsichore~1990~CrimsonSacrifice23~~~~~~Greek sword and sheild
Saphire Ellard~~~~1994~~~~Ice<3Queen~~~~~~~pitch fork
Hayden Jester~~~~1988~~~Cramboli~~~~~~~~~~wave sword
Emerald Merridy~~1988~xoxoCyanide♥Kissesxoxo~~nunchucks
Skadi Thanos ~~~~1987~~~~Repent86~~~~~~~~Hiraikotsu
Mikey ????~~~~~~1988~~~NakedHoboGuy~~~~~~Japanese throwing swords
Celestine Webb~~~1990~~~~Beyond_Redemtion~~~Chain and ball sythe
Calyx Shadan~~~~~1990~~~~LuciferReincarnate~~~Sword[/COLOR]
Everyone elses info is for all of you to decide. You can choose any of the ones I already listed for your character or make your own. You cannot have Seiko, Zeek, or Gabriel. becuse they are reserved for someone. she knows who she is. Just try not to be human because they are worthless in the war. Demons are like the guardians they only exist as souls on the grounds. So they have to take over human bodies and push they're souls out. Hense the reason why people are useless. You can have up to 3 characters but you'll probably only choose 1 or 2. Oh yeah No one can be Andromeda because only Andromeda doesn't even know who she is. She thinks she's what ever name she has. But I can tell you her name is in the chart so that's why you should choose one of them as you characters.[/COLOR]

[SIZE="3"][B][U]Character Info[/U][/B]
Human Body Age:
Human Body Appearance:
True Appearance: (only if relevant)
Screne Name: (if relevent)
Character snippit:
Side of the war you are on:[/SIZE]

[COLOR="DarkOrange"][B][U]My characters[/U][/B][/COLOR]
[COLOR="Green"][B]Name: [/B]Celestine Webb
[B]Gender:[/B] girl
[B]Human Body Age:[/B] 17
[B]Human Body Appearance:[/B] 5'9" curvey large breasted tiney waisted and full hipped. She has Shoulder length White hair and gray eyes. Her skin is darkly sunbrowned and her lips are dark and full.
[B]True Appearance:[/B] unknown
[B]Screne Name:[/B] Beyond_Redemtion
[B]Bio:[/B] Calyx's Girl Friend, she just transferred from Camden High
[B]Character snippit:[/B] you'll see
[B]Side of the war you are on:[/B] unknown[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Blue"][B]Name:[/B] Calyx Shadan
[B]Gender:[/B] guy
[B]Human Body Age:[/B] 17
[B]Human Body Appearance:[/B] 5'11' Not very tall. He is very musvular and has a sweet boyish face. His eyes are a rich chocolate brown and his hair id jet black and reached to his mid back.
[B]True Appearance: [/B]unknown
[B]Species:[/B] Unknown
[B]Screne Name: [/B]LuciferReincarnate
[B]Bio: [/B]Orphin, Celestine's Boy Friend, just got released from the psych ward for the seccond time. Celestine loves him very much and wants to keep him mentally healthy so they moved to Darkwood to get away from Camden bullshit
[B]Character snippit:[/B] unknown
[B]Side of the war you are on:[/B] unknown[/COLOR]

[SIZE="4"]Have fun or what ever.[/SIZE]
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Guest ♥♥Nephilum♥&#9
[COLOR="SeaGreen"]Name: Seiko Brogan
Gender: female
Human Body Age: 17
Human Body Appearance: Seiko his thigh length violet hair and is 5'9". She has dark emerald green eyes and full evenly space eyebrows. She normally dresses pretty goth and is jaw droppingly gorgeous though she has a low self esteme.
True Appearance: wouldn't you like to know
Species: not uman the rest remains unknown
Screne Name: MassacresSong888
Bio: Seiko has 3 older brothers an older step brother and an older step sister. Her older sister Toril is a Tutela and a key player in the war. She is incredabely sweet but has a bit of a temper that needs to be tamed.
Character snippit: I think we had enough of my characters snippit already as seen above
Side of the war you are on: she hasn't decided yet[/COLOR]

Gender: male
Human Body Age: 18
Human Body Appearance: Zeek is 5'10" He has muddy brown hair that falls over his violet colored eyes. He is defenately a hottie though he seems to be somewhat of a trouble maker.
True Appearance: A tall muscular man with defined cheek bones and frosty blue eyes. He has the wings of a sparrow
Species: Guardian
Screne Name: TaintedSoul33
Bio: Zeek was sent down from Caelum as a punnishment. His human life ow is that of a poor kid getting knocked around. His mother abandoned him his older brother and sister and his younger brother and 2 sisters. His father has to work three jobs to support his kids and is never there for him. He went to jail his senior year for a crime his little sister, Didra, commited and had to repeat his senior year of high school this year.

Dianne and Zeb used to help out with bills when they were still living at home but they're older now and have left to start their own lives. His younger brother Zach and his two younger sisters Didra and Daphne are ages 12, 16, and 9. He loves them more than life its self and would do anything to protect them
Character snippit:

"Zeek" Daphne whinned. "The milk is lumpy."

"Awe shit" Zeek grunted and through his sisters bowl of cereal away.

"You swore!" She protested.

"I know I'm sorry." He appologized rummaging through the droors. "You want toast?" he pulled out a almost empty loaf of bread.

"Toast is yuckie" She whimpered.

"What do you want then." He sighed.

"Can I have a rice crispie treat?" She asked meekly.

"Junk food?... What ever here you go" He tossed her th packaged treat. "Didra you better be ready I'm leaving now!" Zeek shouted in the tiny 2 bedroom apartment.

"I'm ready bro" Zach sat down next to Daphne.

"Didra get out of the bathroom!" Zeek called again.

"Okay I'm comming" Didra rolled her eyes. " I need to use your car tonight" she put her hand on her hip.

"You can't I gotta work." Zeek said leading Daphne and Zach out the door.

"You always have to work! the mill's like a mile and a half away you can walk." Didra complained.

"Why would I want to do that when I have a car that I bought for myself?" Zeek asked sarcastically.

"ZEEK! It's not fair! I have people that I have to see!" Didra whined as they walked down the stairwell of the apartment building.

"Yeah. The kind of people that get you in trouble. I told you to stay away from them." Zeek warned as all four of them climbed into his rusty dodge pick up.

"You're not my father!" She squealed with anger.

"No but he's never around so I have to step up!" Zeek explained trying to focus on the road. He stopped outside of the elementary school and let Daphne off.

"It's my life. I know what I'm doing" Didra persisted

"No you don't or you'd be doing a better job." Zeek shouted.

"You mean like you!" Didra shouted back.

"You're passing the middle school!" Zach yelped and Zeek screached the truck to a hault.

"Sorry dude" Zeek grumbled as Zach hopped out and headed for school.

"I don't know why you care. I hate you." Didra snapped once they started driving again.

"Yeah well that's too bad because I love you." He sighed.

"If you loved me you'd let me use the car." She sneered.

"It's because I love you I won't let you use the car. It's because I love you I went to jail for you so you wouldn't get a reccord and ruin your life. It's because I love you I work that crappy job at the mill so you can wear decent clothes and eat every day. It's because I love you that I don't want you to hang out with that crowd" He explained softly before pulling into the high school parking lot. They both got out of the car with out saying a word to each other and headed into the building.

Side of the war you are on: Caelum[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Olive"]Name: Gabriel
Gender: male
Human Body Age: 19
Human Body Appearance: light blonde hair, strong jaw, dimples, Dark midnight blue eyes, 6'3", Muscular. Extremely Attractive
True Appearance: White feathered wings pale golen brown hair and orange eyes.
Species: Tutela
Screne Name: Savior777
Bio: He is just a guardian who is destined to protected Andromeda. THat was the whole purpose of his creation. When she pops up sooner than expected The council gives him the body of a young man who's soul had left his body and was in a comma.
Character snippit:
Gabriel walked down the streets of the small down. The moon cast an eerie gleam over the night. How was he supposed to find andromeda? He wished the council had given him more information. All they had given him was a location. Darkville Newyork.
Side of the war you are on: Caelum[/COLOR]
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