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World Music (Traditional)


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[COLOR="DarkRed"]World music plays an important part in everyone's culture. From past, present, and future, it holds the key to keep these cultures alive. There is a wide range from Aboriginal music with their digeridoos to Native Americans to their pow wows.

I love world music and I try to listen to it a lot. Currently, I have music from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Japan, China, Aboriginal, Indian and Native American.

Most of the cds are those rough guide cds thtat have a selection of music from the genre. But I also have cds from 12 Girls Band and Kodou. 12 Girls Band is a music group that plays music with Chinese instruments. Kodou is a traditional Japanese band that plays taiko drums. Also, I try to go to pow-wows as much as possible so that I can see the Native American culture.

I really like Chinese, Aboriginal, Native American, Indian and Japanese.

I hate Hawaiian music. I do not know why. Probably because it is so slow. Not too fond of music from Afghanistan either.

When Osakan students came to my school last quarter, they taught my Japanese class and I a festival song and dance that they do every year. I also love those type of things. Dancing in circles with a few simple moves, singing along. I want to learn more festival songs like that so when I go to Osaka, I can join in.

[B]So what about you? What cds do you own and what music genres do you love to listen to? What ones do you hate?[/B][/COLOR]
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[SIZE="1"]Ah, finaly someone else who enjoys world music like me. People usually have no idea what I'm talking about when I say I like world music. Those hermits.

Anyway; I love Middle Eastern music, and Chinese, Japanese. I just recently bought this CD called Pharaoh Lounge, with a picture of King Tut's mask on the cover with a blackish/maroon backdrop with fading Egyptian heiroglyphs. It has a mixture of Middle Eastern, India, Europe, Africa, and electronica. Its pretty good.

I've been trying to find some real good Middle Eastern music, but its hard. Alot of the cds I've looked at are crap.

I don't actually have any Japanese, or Chinese music,(traditional) except what I've heard on various soundtracks and whatnot. I do have a few J-rock cds, two I bought in Japan.[/SIZE]
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I love traditional music as well. I can't name any groups or anything though, sorry. I will note that I liked the songs in last year's AcaDec Music section, regarding China. They had one or two modern songs, but most of them were traditional or 70's ish.
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