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Gaming A FFX question


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Ok, I just went into the calm lands a while ago (gave up on this weird part), where you train chocobos, and do the monster arena thing. Anyway, near the middle of the place is a metal rock with an Al Bhed inscription on it, something along the lines of "Seventeen right, then 4 right" or something like that. So I did that and pressed X, on a weird swirly mark on the ground was another inscription, "continue on, find me". So I went north to the freaky tree thing near the valley, guess what? Another Al Bhed inscription. I don't have all the primers so half of the sentence was wrong, but I managed to decode it using the other ones, it says (something like) "with the vale at your back, go forty-nine, then seven right in the truest line". I asked my friend who's beaten the game already, and he had no clue wtf I was talking about, he had to go there and see for himself, said he hasn't seen anything about it in guides and walkthrus. I was just wondering if anyone else knows what this is. A Vale is just a valley, so.....yeah it's pretty big and I don't know if "go forty-nine" means go down, right, or what. I don't THINK it's the remiem temple, that has nothing to do w/ Al Bhed, so I'm pretty stumped, if anyone can help me out that'd be cool, w/o spoiling the storyline please =P, I'm only at mt. gagazet. thanks
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