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Man vs. Wild


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[COLOR=#35425e][FONT="Palatino Linotype"]Does anybody else here watch or have watched [i]Man vs. Wild[/i] on Discovery Channel? You know, the show where Bear Grylls gets dropped off at really remote areas and, on his way to the nearest vestige of civilization, tries out what may be a whole book's worth of survival techniques? Or, failing to recognize that, the show whose host [spoiler]jumps into (not over!) crevasses, cliffs and frozen lakes for demonstrative purposes, and drinks animal-processed liquids (read: urine and feces) when his water supply runs low[/spoiler]?

I must admit, I watch the show mainly because Bear's cute and I love how OC he gets about making pine tea when there are pine trees around. And I won't try to redeem myself by saying "Oh, I might find it useful someday," because I'm never going anywhere near the Alps or a savannah. Maybe there's something about pretty boys actively seeking bodily harm that makes each episode a must watch (fulfills my morbid fantasies, it does).

So, what do you guys think of [i]Man vs. Wild[/i]? Think they stage the whole thing up? [size=1]Well, they should have, considering that the whole show's more about demonstration than the kitschy reality aspect of it.[/size] And is [i]Survivorman[/i] really the better show?

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Oh no, I won't let that show hide under the "it's just for demonstration and instruction!" guise. It deliberately tried to make everyone believe that Bear was really pitting himself against nature with no help. But when it turns out our brave adventurer is hiding lifejackets under his shirt, faking stunts and gross meals, and staying in [I]hotels[/I] at night, you can't help but become thoroughly bored with the show. Survivorman, from what I've seen, is really where it's at.
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