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Obnoxious Co-worker Experiences


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[color=#9933ff][font=lucida calligraphy]Well we've talked about customer service experiances, customer experiances and what we do for money. So now I decided to ask about the most annoying co-workers you've had to deal with due to what you do for money- or have done for money.

Right now I'm lucky because I really don't work with my co-workers, so usually I just laugh at my friend's stories. But there was a time I had some of my own

The one that sticks out best in my mind was when I worked at the local airport cleaning planes. One of the ramp agents was a real idiot. He broke his foot while standing on a moving belt loader and was sent to help clean planes with me and some other cleaners. Well one night while I was cleaning the back galley on one of the commercial jets and I had to heed the call of nature. So I started to walk to the front of the plane so I could get out and go do my thing. Well the guy who broke his foot was cleaning the seats and asked me where I was going. So I told him. And the jackass asked me [i][b]WHY[/i][/b] I was going to the bathroom. So I told him 'To change my tampon is that alright with you?

Appearantly it wasn't alright with him because later he complained to a supervisor who told him to just shut up. But he didn't bother me for the rest of the night.

So any good stories?[/color][/font]
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[FONT="Book Antiqua"]HAHAHAHA!!!!! Oh. My. God. I have had moments like this with people from my band. Total A-holes who make [i]everything[/i] their bussiness. But at work, I'm that dueche.

There was a girl in my school band (she graduated last year) and she was the biggest jerk in the world. One day, my friend goes to get something to drink during a basketball game that our Pep Band was playing in. So she (the jerk) start's yelling at him about school pride and such, and he just looks at her and says, "Go take your Midol and change your 'rag'" and walked off. I laughed so hard.

As for at work, I'm totally the jerk that people hate, because I yell at people who stand around during the busiest hour of the day at an Arby's. You just don't do that...[/FONT]
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[font="trebuchet ms"] One of the other waitresses at the restaurant I work at completely blew off a table of guys asking for her to come over. So they motioned for me instead, and when I went over and helped them out, they ended up giving me a $20 tip.

Except then the other waitress demands that I give the tip to her, because the table was in her area. It was sufficiently awkward and I ended up never talking to her again.[/font]
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[quote name='Lunox'][font="trebuchet ms"]Except then the other waitress demands that I give the tip to her, because the table was in her area. It was sufficiently awkward and I ended up never talking to her again.[/font][/QUOTE]
[FONT="Book Antiqua"]Yeah, waiting can get pretty vicious. Never fun when tips are up for grabs. People have died in restaraunts for less. I would know....I was a by-stander, and I almost died... [/FONT]
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[quote name='Sojiro47'][FONT="Book Antiqua"]Yeah, waiting can get pretty vicious. Never fun when tips are up for grabs. People have died in restaraunts for less. I would know....I was a by-stander, and I almost died... [/FONT][/QUOTE]

[color=#9933ff][font=lucida calligraphy]That's why I stick to the jobs where you don't have to fight for tips. Just don't ask the gay grill cook why he doesn't have 5$ for a hair cut.

Oh yeah, that was a nice run in. I used to work at McDonald's a few years ago- this was when I was pregnant. And for a while I was friends with this guy who worked the grill. One day for whatever reason he was telling one of the other girls about how he needed a hair cut but didn't have 5$ for one. So I asked him how he couldn't have 5$ for a hair cut and he got pissy with me.

Later he called me up and asked me to come get my stuff. We got into a fight again and he told me that he hoped I had a misscarriage.

Yeah the people at that McDonald's were great. I had a supervisor who wouldn't let me use the bathroom when I needed to and some forty something who didn't like me for whatever reason and just sought out to get on my last nerve. Christ Sake! She was in her forties and I'm in my twenties get a friggin' life![/color][/font]
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i work as a dishwasher at a local pub, not the greatest job in the world but its work, and i get paid for it.

any ways, we hired another one to work other days and some times with me, ok not a problem.

BUT! this guy was annoying as hell, every 5 min he would just shout some saying or what ever from a movie *yes they deserve to die and i hope they burn in hell to*

but to top that off, he was a VERY close talker, i would be scrubing some thing because the food was cooked/caked on the plate or what ever, then i would suddenly feel him talking into my ear.

i must have told him like 50 times *dude personal space* but he would just look at me as if he could not understand it.

so then i started to make comments to him like *what did you just get out of prison or some thing?* *dude, im not against gays, but back the hell off me*

then to top THAT! he would take 10 - 15 min breaks every hour, just walk off and look at some thing or order some food at the last moment leaving me to do all the real work when ever it got busy, all the cooks noticed this to.

but wait there is more, as a dish washer, it is also my job to make deserts and get things for the cooks ect, i was getting things for the cooks for like 5 min and he started to ***** about it, saying that things were starting to stack.

...... there was only one plate that needed to be washed, so i went back to what i was doing and again he bitched saying that if i was gone he would be swamped, my reply was that i was doing things for the cooks, but the idiot just did not clue in to that ether.

so the next day i go in and im ready to tell him that if he gets too close to me again, he will have a frying pan stuck in his skull.:animeangr

turns out he was fired the next day :animesmil
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[SIZE=1] As I stated in [B][U] The What Do You Do For Money Thread[/B][/U] I spin signs to advertise new homes in my city, and you know I'm bound to have coworkers who are [B][U][I] very[/B][/U][/I] egotistical.

There's this one guy I work with who is very loud and he tries to be the boss's pet, he also likes to show off, and his attitude screams: [B][U] I'M SO MUCH BETTER THAN YOU![/B][/U]

He really bothers me, his loud voice gives me a headache, plus this guy has no manners whatsoever, when two girls came to apply for work, they left after the first ten minutes of practice, they said that the guy was getting into their bussiness [it didnt even look like they were cut out for the job / but still we dont have anyone of the opposite sex working with us]

The other people I work with, they think it's just a competition, and they get all giddy and impaitent when a girl comes to watch us practice, their atitudes bother the daylights out of me.

I hope they fire him along with all the other egotisical people I work with, very very soon.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR="goldenrod"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]I've had lots of annoying co-workers over the years, but probably the one that irritated me the most was one woman, I don't even remember her name, but she was the poor me attention getter type. No matter what happened, she had to be a part of it. If someone was sick, she would have stories about how she was sicker. If someone had a relative die, her's died in a much more sadder or horrible manner.

If something bad was happening in the news, like someone getting shot, she knew one of the people involved. :rolleyes: When 9/11 happened, naturally she lost loved ones. There wasn't anything out there that she wasn't supposedly connected to. It was rather sickening to listen to her go on and on.

And then the woman wondered why no one ever wanted to be near her or share the same table during lunch time. No one liked little miss poor me. Especially since after awhile, she couldn't keep her stories straight so she'd contradict herself on a regular basis. I mean it doesn't take much to realize that last week it was a woman who died and next week she had somehow turned into a guy. XP[/FONT][/COLOR]
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