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Anime Cosplay?


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I don't know if I put this in the right section or whatever. buttt...anyway...

I just started cosplaying. I got my first costumes a while ago; Temari (Chunin exam and Shippuuden outfits).

My friend and I have a bunch of cosplays planned out. And it's gunna take a long time a lot of money. But, it'll be worth it!

So, I was wondering, for those who cosplay, how much money have you spent on your costumes and how long have you been cosplaying??

And just for fun...heres are my friend and mine's cosplay plans and stuff. Almost all our cosplays are characters that are grouped together and such. (shes in red, I'm in blue. :D )

[COLOR="Red"]Gaara[/COLOR] and [COLOR="Blue"]Temari[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Red"]Sasori[/COLOR] and [COLOR="Blue"]Deidara[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Red"]Kazekage Gaara (Blue&White robes)[/COLOR] and [COLOR="Blue"]Hokage Naruto (Red&White robes)[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Red"]Anbu Sasuke[/COLOR] and [COLOR="Blue"]Anbu Itachi[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Red"]Kid Gaara[/COLOR] and I haven't figured out what I'm being to match that. Ideas? kid naruto or something...

[B]Kingdom Hearts[/B]
[COLOR="red"]Roxas[/COLOR] and [COLOR="Blue"]Axel[/COLOR]

[B]Death Note[/B]
[COLOR="Red"]Light[/COLOR] and [COLOR="Blue"]Matt[/COLOR]

[B]Ouran High School Host Club[/B]
[COLOR="Red"]Hunny[/COLOR] and [COLOR="Blue"]Haruhi[/COLOR]

[B]FFVII Advent Children[/B]
[COLOR="Red"]Reno[/COLOR] and [COLOR="Blue"]Kadaj[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Red"]Hitsugaya[/COLOR] and [COLOR="Blue"]Ichigo[/COLOR]

[B]Samuri Deeper Kyo[/B]
[COLOR="Red"]Sasuke[/COLOR] and [COLOR="Blue"]Yukimura[/COLOR]

(I dun think your supposed to put lists of stuff on here...someone tell me if it's a big no no!)

So, what are your future plans??
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[COLOR="DarkSlateGray"]I don't cosplay, however when you uttered the words [B]Kingdom Hearts[/B], my attention was grabbed. I'm a KH nerd.

My cosuin cosplays as Naruto, and the jacket is purty cool, I might add. But I just don't see myself cosplaying anytime in the future. i'm not that big on anime. Music ismroe to me, but anime is my number 2.[/COLOR]
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Cosplay has now become one of those hobbies where I tell myself, "This is stupid and weird. The society does not approve =( If your classmates find out you wear these kinds of stuff at conventions, your reputation is phail.", and at the same time, I say "But I like it =3".

It started off when I randomly decided to cosplay as Raine Sage from Tales of Symphonia. Dear God, I didn't even change my hair or anything. Not even my shoes. I just wore a costume and went to Anime Expo 2005. I got a lot of "Nice costume" and "Are you from Ragnarok?" but it was severly disappointing that I didn't know anything about cosplay.

The second time I cosplayed was this year. FanimeCon. With my Haruhi Suzumiya outfit I got in Shibuya. This cost me around $400, $500 if you include the blazer for Yuki Nagato and the shoes. But at Fanime, I wasn't wearing the right shoes. Alas, I was happy to get about 20+ pictures, even though that's not a lot. Ah well =(

Next time, at Anime Expo 2007. With my Haruhi Suzumiya outfit again. This time, I had the right shoes. Total, around 50+ people asked for my picture, but that's not a lot, especially since I went since Day Zero. >_> Oh well, at least it was fun being in a Haruhi outfit.

The reason why I keep mentioning pictures is that one of the reasons why I cosplay is because when I do get taken pictures, I feel like "lol i feel so speshul =D" even though people are probably taking pictures to put on those "Worst Cosplay" sites, or because they only like the costume itself, which I did not make.

I can't sew =(

This really keeps me from cosplaying, because if I did know how to make a costume, I'd have costumes of Souseiseki, Zaku II Char Custom, that one Silent Hill monster, Konata's outfit, and Reimu (Touhou), in the case that I didn't procrastinate.

So yeah... >_> In conclusion, I like cosplay.
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I went to my first expo a few months ago and was so fascinated by the effort and detail people put into their cosplay costumes it made me want to do it too. But I'm not good at sewing or anything and the next expo I'm going to is in October and I haven't made a costume yet so maybe I've left it too late. I don't have a lot of money either and apparently it does cost a lot.
I'm worried about my costume not being accurate enough considering how good 'professional' cosplayers costumes look. For instance, I can't afford to buy a wig. I know that cosplay is supposed to be about having fun not 100% accuracy but I'm a very paranoid person.
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I cosplay all the time, and really pay no mind to people who think I am lame because of it...
Usually my costumes are not that expensive simply because I can't sew(well not well) and most of my things are thift shop throw togethers that I alter. Like my latest costume, Eclair from Kiddy Grade, I bought a red dress, cut it to size, replaced the sleeves and added gold trim.... Which is pretty much the most I have done for any of my costumes.
As for how long I've been cosplaying and the number of costumes I have done... well let me see here... I have been cosplaying for about six years and have...well six costumes under my belt. So far they are as follows:

Rika - Digimon Season 3
Trowa - Gundam Wing
Seguchi Tohma - Gravitation
Kuronue - Yu Yu Hakusho: Poltergiest Report
Edward Elric - Fullmetal Alchemist(I comissioned this one)
Eclair - Kiddy Grade

I think that's about it really... I might put a picture or two up of my better ones later.
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I've never been into Cosplay for the simple reason that I've only been into anime for about a year and a half. However, having just been to my first anime convention last week, seeing all the people who did dress up kind of made me wish I had. It looked like fun and I've always enjoyed dressing up for Halloween, so at that moment it seemed no different.

So I guess next year I'll have to consider going dressed up, though I haven't a clue as to what or who or even how to make the costume since I don't sew. I'm sure I'll think of something though.
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I only managed to cosplay at the last Acen, and that was as the most ridiculous thing that I could think of: a Ninjaburger employee from [url]www.ninjaburger.com[/url]. I had a ninja costume, an apron with the logo printed on it, a giant spatula, and a whole bunch of menus as flyers to be passed out. I wasn't expecting anyone to recognize the darn thing. Shows what I know.

I was constantly turning around to people shouting "NINJABURGER DUDE!!!" and having my picture taken in all sorts of poses (one group wanted a picture of me spanking one of them with the spatula. I went for it so they would leave me alone). It was so popular, it was almost scary. The only thing going for me is that no one could see how red from embarassment my face was. I'm naturally a shy sort of guy, so being the center of so many peoples attention was disconcerting. Really, the only time that I can be outgoing, conversationally wise, is when my face is hidden.

Total cost of the costume: Around fifty to seventy dollars.
Having a walmart discount card helped with keeping the cost down.
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