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It is an age of unrest. War is seemingly looming over the horizon. Humans have split in to diffrent provinces. The largest provinces the Shinme and Kameguri are the closest to War. The 3 smaller provinces Kiwa, Genki , and Yomoichi are caught in the middle. For with in them are major strategic point that could give Shinme or Kameguri the advantage over the other.

The one deciding factor on these side are the Oni of the Provinces. They are disputed over who should get the land. Some say Lord Shinme has the wisdom and will to rule, Others say Kameguri has the Strength and Ambition to govern. Now there are even conflicts between the Oni themselves. They have chosen sides.

The smaller provinces aren't prepared to defend against these forces only few Oni belive that War doesn't have to happen. However unknown to these people the War has started already. The first arrows have been fired.
OK! How is that eh? ^ ^ Ok this is set in a Alternate Timeline. THis is set some time befor the show and as such you can be an ansecestor or relitive but NOT a character from the show. Feel free to use you OCs.
Besure to follow the site rules.

You may have more then one character

Ok RP signups:


Age: (Oviously if your an Oni your going to be older then humans or something)

Race/Nationality: Human or Oni / Kameguri, Shinme, Kiwa, Genki



Appearance: Description or Pic will do

Weapons: (Up to 3)

Abilities: Make sure it fits your Character and Race.

Ok make sure to finish.

Name: Hyobusa the Sword Hunter aka Hyobusa the Lone Wolf

Age: 50

Race/Nationality: Oni(Wolf)/Genki

Likes: Being alone, talking to his swords

Dislikes:Loud people , The war

Appearance: [IMG]http://tn3-2.deviantart.com/fs10/300W/i/2006/122/1/a/_Samurai__by_dadoundy.jpg[/IMG]

Weapons:Maru(Katana) and Ice Fang(Diakatana)

Abilities: Speed and ablities to see in the dark

Bio: Wolf Demon's usually stick with thier packs their entire lifes. But some are abandoned at birth if the mother isin't wiling to take care of it. Hyobusa is one of these Wolf Demons. He was abandoned by his mother and left to death but a Human and his young wife found and raised Hyobusa as thier own. As he got older he withdrew from life outside his home. He felt that he was lonely for a reason. His profession is a Sword Hunter. They search for lost weapons and other items. But since the war he hasn't had a chance to hunt for the Sister Sword of Maru. He was on a quest east but now it is blocked off to foreigners
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