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If you could choose to add your own music to the anime you have seen and replace whatever music was their before what would it be? what anime would it be for? What portion of the anime would you put the music in for? Why?

For me I would replace most of the music in [B]Highlander[/B]. It was good and everything but I just don't think it was bad *** enough. I think if they put some black metal during the hardcore war scenes it would have been amazing. I mean the earlier battles were the perfect setting for it. Imagine if you will a battalion of northern European soldiers charging toward some Romans with [B]Naglfar[/B] playing in the background. That would be some hardcore manly ****. So basically during the battle scenes I would throw in Black Metal and to be more specific [B]Naglfar[/B].(drools over the concept)

Ok so now that I have my fantasy out of the way here is my second one.

They are sorta light spoilers but just in case you want to have no information about chobits before you watch it here ya go spoiler tags.

[spoiler]During the Chobits when Hediki first gets chii and she begins learning they should play Lateralus from Tool. Why you might ask?Well the lyrics are "Black and White are all I see in my infancy." She has the mind of an infant and those are the only colors infants see when they are...infants. Yea so basically it would represent her growth as a...sentient being I guess? Also that song is overall bad ***...actually Tool overall is bad ***. They should just replace everything with tools songs...
they should play Jambi during romantic moments since that's about as close as they come to a love song. During darker sexual moments they could play prison sex since it is well...about a kinda perverted subject. During lighter fan services moments they could play stink fist since it is more about masturbation than hardcore rape or anything. Ok I think I am tool fanboying to hard now...so I will stop with that while I'm ahead.[/spoiler]

Before I end the post remember

For spoilers use spoiler tags.
I asked why...so that means post reasons.
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