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Yumi was just sitting there when it happened.BANG and she was knocked out.The last thing she remembered before she blacked out was talking. "Are you sure this is the one Sasuna?"Said a strong male voice. "Yes nick now come on help me get her to the boss" said a females voice.When yumi woke up she found herself sitting at the edge of the forest.

"What am i doing here?" Yumi asked herself as she looked around.Yumi got up and walked into the forest. "Oh yeah those two people knocked me out" She said as she got deeper and deeper into the forest.She was deep in thought when some sort of demon jumped her.It was black and its hands were covered in blood.

"Who are you?"She asked scared out of her mind. "No one you need to worry about!" The demon said. "Cause in a few minutes you wont need to worry about anything!".The demon attacked yumi. "What the hell?!"She screamed as she grabbed her arm which was now covered in blood.She realized it was no good to just stay there.She had to run.Atleast until she found someone or something that could help her.

Yumi started running when she felt a pain across her back.The demon had attacked her again and was now preparing for another attack when the demon suddenley screamed.It had gotten several kunai and shurikens in the back and was now on the ground breathing hard. "Curse you Relina" The demon said as the person who had thrown the weapons now stood in front of the bloody demon. "Die monster!"The person said as they stabbed a sword into the demon and killing it fully. The girl went up to the now unconscious yumi and carried her to the village.

Several months passed before yumi finally came out of a bad coma.She was in and out of consciousness laying in a hospital bed.When yumi finally came out of the coma she had been thrown into she saw dead roses,tulip and all sorts of flowers and cards hoping she would wake up when they were still fresh.A nurse that was hurrying by saw that she was awake. "Oh dear!Your awake!Here drink some water"Said the nurse handing yumi a cup that was nearby as yumi wondered what was going on. 'Why am i here?Whats going on?And why do i feel like somethings wrong?Why are there dead roses and all sorts of flowers and cards here?' were the thoughts that went spinning through her mind.

After a week yumi was able to go home.5 years passed before she heard the story of the demon who went around slaughtering villages.2 monthes had passed before the demon came to her village.She was attacked and all bloody when they found her. "Oh no!" Sasuna said pulling yumi out of a pile of rubble. "What happened?I thought you said she could defend herself Sasuna!"Said the strong males voice from before. "I thought she could nick!" Sasuna said. "Now what?"Nick asked as sasuna fiddeled around for a while. "We need to gather a group of people to hunt this demon down" Sasuna said after a minute. "What about DH?"Said another person. "NO!We need people outside of DH to hunt this demon down!"Sasuna barked and that was it.
Okay so the point of this is that a group of hunters were gathered and sent to hunt down this demon.You can make how they were requested to join the hunters group.You can be a hunter,A demon or the Prince of hell himself or also known as The Demon.DH is an organization of people who are against demons.DH stands for Demon Hunters.The demon is the Prince of Hell.
Heres the sign up form:
Appearance-[Pictue or a descriptive paragraph]
Bio/Writing example-[One short paragraph if writing example of atleast a paragraph if bio]
Heres my form:
Race-Neko demon
Personality-Shy,quiet and withdrawn from everyone except her friends.She is agressive in battle and will fight to protect any of her friends no matter how annoying.
Appearance-[IMG]http://images.quizilla.com/G/GI/GIR/GirlwAttitude/1152016184_deyesmagic.jpg[/IMG] (she has black cat ears but no cat tail)
Weapons-Swords and Daggers.She also has a migic staff that can sllice through anything or use ay type of magic.She is a master of trickery and has some unmasked powers inside her.She can use any type of demon magic and therefore and summon any element or power.
Bio/Writing example-She grew up in the village of shadows. She was a master at fighting and was always considered the specail one of her clan.Her clan,The hiruki clan, was known for its great swordsman. She was the princess of her clan and an awesome fighter. She was treated differently and had everything done for her.When she heard of the prince of hell she went in search of the clan elder only to find him being devoured by the prince of hell.

She went to the training grounds and found all expert swordsman and told them what she had found.They all went running into a trap.She was the only one who could fight him.But she was so unsure of herself that she went running and trained herself more.She was excepted into another clan and when people found out she was who she was she became the shy girl she is now.She never really like to talk to anyone outside of her friends.She made sure this time that the village was not devoured and destroyed but only put into shadows.She protected as many people as she could.She protected half the villagers but half were devoured or killed and left to rot.Since then she has fought to protect the inocent and kill the guilty.
Any questions about the sign up sheet please pm me.
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