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Waking Life


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An amazing mind bending philosophical journey into lucid dreaming. Everyone should see this movie at least once. It's by the guys that made Dazed and Confused, Slacker, and most recently a scanner darkly.

It's the first movie of there's to use rotoscoping technology. For those of you unfamiliar with rotoscoping, it's when you film something and then add animation over it. Perfect for the premise of the movie, which is a dream.

The main character in this movie is dreaming. You follow him around through false awakenings, and lucid moments. He eventually figures out he's dreaming and ponders if he's dead. He can't wake up from the dream.

Some of the dialogue in this movie is especially creepy and reminiscent of the dream world. One specific example I can remember is when the main character is talking to someone in his dream about the fact that he's dreaming. He asks what it's like to be a character in a dream.

There's also the reoccurring dream character. You know the type. You see him doing one thing and then he's something completely different. He denies the fact that he was ever doing the first thing that you saw him doing.

All in all, great movie. Rent it, buy it, but most importantly watch it.
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[color=crimson]Haha, neat. Someone else watched this movie.

The movie is phenomenally crafted, and it holds a very philosophical touch both visually and in the dialog. It makes you think, and makes you grin. It is witty, very witty.

I recommend viewing it once, and you can take it from there.[/color]
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