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HELP ME! (ff8, dragon fangs, where?)


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[B] Plz plz plz help me, I've b'n looking 4 ages, an I still can't find any dragon fangs,...I need 2 more ta get the Lionheart an it'll only b a few more days til my brother realises tha Energy Crystals make Pulse Ammo,...so b4 then, I needta find out where ya get the DragonFangs from....(we're havin a race)...plz help, any1..thnx
Oh,...an where's 'heaven' an 'hell'? Safer tells me they on the left an right o the map, but I can't find em...eek,..help agen,
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well, you can go to trabia and fight the green dragon monsters there, they usually drop dragon fangs, and as for heaven and hell, they are both small islands to the western and eastern parts of the map, you should see a small island, when you land and check your status, it should say your location is "island closest to heaven (or hell)"....
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