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Writing Rain, a poem by me


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I wrote this a while ago... Please tell me what you think ^^

[B]Rain [/B]

Sitting in the windowsill
Looking at the silent streaks of water drip down
The soft, yet harsh rain outside could be heard
Waiting, waiting

The mute sound of sadness consumes my heart
No one here
I sit in a house full of roaring people
Yet I?m still alone

No one here
As the silent streaks continue down
A faceless person asks me why I sit on the creaking windowsill
I reply to the blank person, waiting, waiting

They vanish into the soulless, non-existent beings
In the distant I could hear the soft whispers of insults

The soft, yet harsh rain outside could be heard
My light arrives, the party seems to become more lively around me,
As my soul lifts as the light comes in

The depression of this empty heart filled
And happy
Not alone

Sitting in the windowsill,
Beside my light
As the rain continues to fall and beat just like my heart
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