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  1. Yay! :D I forgot to write into my my intro that Sue is having a secret relationship with Odin that no one knows about. (OdinM knows this and has agreed) :D
  2. Name: Sue Momishin Gender: Female Age: 16 Real World Appearance: 5?4? 140 lbs, slightly over weight. She likes to wear dark clothing because she is ashamed over her overweight appearance even though it is only slightly. Her usual wear is usually a baggy black T-shirt and navy blue cargo pants. She has warm brown eyes filled with kindness, and chocolate brown hair to match her eyes. Year and Class: Year 10 class 2 Personality: She is a cheerful, pleasant girl who loves to have fun. Although, she has a darker side that likes to appear from time to time since she can have extreme jealousy and can do the cruelest things to people, even her friends. GPA: She usually is around B?s and B+?s Character History: N/A (To be revealed) Inner Universe: Her inner universe is a peaceful world where there are no wars and all the country?s live in peace and harmony. The world has three country?s which work in a circle of life. First there is Nifleheim, the country of war who buys from the rural country Asleigh who mostly works plantations and buys food while the county of Grandia is the country where is mostly towns and has few industries and buys from both countries and it sells clothing that is made in their country. Inner Universe Appearance: 5?4 Shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes and is thin. She wears matching black armored chest plate and black armored shoulder pads with black gloves. She wore black pants with a belt with a pocket on the right side where she carries something, that is unknown. She also has to grand black angel wings sprouting out her back. She is a Succubus in the inner universe Inner Universe Races: Succubus, Demons, Humans, elves, vampires Inner Universe Age: 18 Name: Darc Vendetta Gender: Male Age: 17 Real World Appearance: 6?2? 152 lbs shoulder length jet black hair and green eyes. Darc is one of most popular guys at school and is a very good looking guy. He likes to mess with his uniform, he had ripped the sleeves off his school uniform. ON his spare time he likes to wear baggy black t-shirts that usually have to do with heavy metal bands and he likes to wear baggy blue jeans. Year and Class: Year 10 Class 2 Personality: He likes to bully those who are unpopular and people he sees that are losers. He loves to mess with people?s heads and act like a complete jerk. GPA: D?s and F?s Character History: Not much is known about Darc, his personal history is a complete history which will be revealed later. He failed grade 10 once and was held back. Inner Universe: His inner universe world has raging volcanoes and magma rivers, the world is corrupt and are at war with rebels. He is a Demon Lord of the World called Hell?s Gate and dictates it, and has a gigantic army. Its sky is completely black all year round because of the constantly erupting volcanoes. There is torture, slaves and meaningless slaughtering of whole families. The rebels are against Darc but rapidly failing since it is Darcs world. Inner Universe Appearance: 6?2? He has long jet black hair with crimson cold eyes and looks mostly human. He wears jeans, with a long black leather trench coat that goes down to his feet with a black tank top. He also wears sleek looking sunglasses, that are also black. There are also two gigantic black demonic wings coming out of his back, that have a dark purple aura around them sometimes. He is a demon. Inner Universe Races: Demons, orcs, humans, Vampires, Succubus?s Inner Universe Age: 19
  3. Hate: Therse only one person I truly hate in the world. He ruined my social life, he ruined me and he pretty much ruined everything. Thats all Im gonna say about him, anyways, I hate him and his guts and hopes he dies in the most painful way possible and then die a thousand times more. The feeling of 'hate' is probably only true when someone has betrayed you in the most horrible ways and there is no other possible way to put it I believe. Love: Love is probably just as painful as hate to me, I've learned to trust again. Although, after my previous experience it scarred me forever and now Im one of those over protective people who doesnt want there boyfriend to communicate with any other girl he doesnt know. I'm quite sad at that. I believe my reason to is justified though after the last thing that happened to me. I find love a wonderful thing, and Im really happy with my boyfriend ^^. He makes me so awesome and beatiful and awesome! (and apparently makes me lose half my literacy) Sorry if I got off topic in that -_-;
  4. [quote name='XeEmO']I have a few interesting situations. How would you feel if your girlfriend/boyfriend kissed someone of the same sex? How would you feel if your girlfriend/boyfriend kissed someone of the opposite sex with a different sexual orientation? Personally, I really don't care that much in either situation. Maybe I'm weird though.[/QUOTE] Either way I'd be pissed, and he'd find me at his doorstep ASAP and he'd better pray to the dear Lord I kill him quickly.
  5. I love Metallica, Im a metallica and Rob Zombie maniac. I love the movies Hourse of a 100 Corpses and Devils rejects! My favourite song has to be Enter Sandman (I had made a video out of it with anime and put it on youtube and it was VERY popular then the youtube ********** took my damn video down.) and Dragula. I have seen Slayer and Marilyn Manson in Concert, it was AWESOME. Anyways... please dont kill me TT_TT
  6. Ive read a bunch of the graphic novels, I think it's absolutely hilarious. I would have to read them again to say which was my favourite part though its been too long -_-; . BUt I do remember my fave character who thinks he was a snake in a previous life XD
  7. I wrote this a while ago... Please tell me what you think ^^ [B]Rain [/B] Sitting in the windowsill Looking at the silent streaks of water drip down The soft, yet harsh rain outside could be heard Waiting, waiting The mute sound of sadness consumes my heart No one here I sit in a house full of roaring people Yet I?m still alone No one here As the silent streaks continue down A faceless person asks me why I sit on the creaking windowsill I reply to the blank person, waiting, waiting They vanish into the soulless, non-existent beings In the distant I could hear the soft whispers of insults The soft, yet harsh rain outside could be heard My light arrives, the party seems to become more lively around me, As my soul lifts as the light comes in The depression of this empty heart filled And happy Not alone Sitting in the windowsill, Beside my light As the rain continues to fall and beat just like my heart
  8. I'd say it's cheating. I know too much about cheating... I used to date a guy who had been cheating on his girlfriend and I had no idea about his girlfriend. I was the other girl, and had no idea till his best friend told me. Either way I was going to dump him because my ex liked only the physical side of a relationship and he... he caused too much pain to me. It only got worse when I found out I WAS THE OTHER WOMAN. I dumped him, and my slow week of breaking down to a nothing is another story.
  9. Yeah sorry guys ^^; Ill be starting it once I get my computer back guys, right now Im in tech class posting my updates...
  10. I will be posting the Roleplay thread within the next few days, so keep an eye out ^^ Everyones Bio's were great.
  11. Name: Darc Vendetta (Demon Lord Darc is what he prefers to be called or just 'Lord Darc') Race: Demon Age: ? (appears to be 19) Gender: male Appearance: 6"1 He has long jet black hair with crimson cold eyes and looks mostly human. He wears jeans, with a long black leather trench coat that goes down to his feet with a black tank top. He also wears sleek looking sunglasses, that are also black. There are also two gigantic black demonic wings coming out of his back, that have a dark purple aura around them sometimes. Darc (its more of a sketch then a drawing of him) Weapon/magic: He uses an 6' in length katana sword covered in silver alloy that has a dark purple aura glow sometimes when combined with his dark powers. He also can use dark magic... History: N/A Personality: He has never been kind to anyone, but by rumor there was only oe person he had ever shown compassion to but was ripped apart in the end. Other: Not someone you'd wantto meet in an alley Name: Sue Momishin 'Fallen Angel' Age: ??? ( Appears about 18 ) Race: Succubus Gender: female Appearance: 5?1 Shoulder length brown hair, she has a blue horizontal marking on each side of her face. She wears matching black armored chest plate and black armored shoulder pads with black gloves. She wore black pants with a belt with a pocket on the right side where she carries something, that is unknown. She also has to grand black angel wings sprouting out her back. Sue Weapon/magic: Twin swords with marks engraves into the blades and they are both about 30 cm long each. She is the master of the magic of fire and darkness. History: N/A Personality: Rebellious Name: Trey Orithinis Age: ??? ( appears 19 ) Race: Demon (Or so they say) Gender: Male Appearance: 5?6 He has dirty blond hair that goes a bit past his shoulders, has stunning blue eyes and wears a regular black kimono with a black shoulder pad with a single spike coming out of it. He has two big demonic wings coming out his back, they look and act the same just like Darcs and is rumored to be Lord Darc?s half-brother his fathers side. But that is just a rumor? Weapon/Magic: He uses a heavy blade (imagine Clouds from FF7) and carries it on his back between his wings. His powers are darkness and lightning. History: N/A Personality: Compassionate, which is rather odd for a demon Name: Jakal Arigawa Age: ??? (Appears to be 26 Race: Unknown Gender: male Appearance: 6"1 He is a slightly built man, and is very good looking. He wears a tight black tank top with black pants with a big brown belt, also he has one random shoulder pad on his right shoulder. He also had two small belts crossing his torso. Weapon/magic: Black magic, his weapon is currently unknown. History: N/A Personality: He's a smart ass most of the time, but there are moments where he can be completely obnoxious and the occasional good side that shows that wins over the heart of women and if he doesn't win the heart of a wman he likes, well then he just doesn't cares either way he gets his way. Name: Sykes Evangelion Race: Elf Magic Affinity: Holy, elements (except dark of course) Rank: Ambassador Melee class: Heavy Swordsman Age: 19 Appearance: He has dirty blond hair and marvelous hazel eyes. His jean pants were rather torn, baggy and loose, it seemed the only thing keeping them from falling off was the belt strapped around his waist. He wears a white tank top that was too long for him and a leather jacket. He also looked around the age of nineteen. Sykes Gender: Male Personality: He's seems to be kind all the time, but when it comes to his job he gets serious about his work History: N/A (All history will be filled in during the roleplay since saying the history tends to spoil all I have in store.)
  12. Those were some good Bio's, we'll wait and see if we get any more people before I post my bios and start.
  13. The Story Along time ago on the planet of Elanor there was peace and prosperity. Humans got along with the Elves, the Elves ad Humans got along with the Fairies, etc etc. Then this peace was crushed when a planet far far away died and thats when THEY came. The Demons. The Demons were ruthless and cold and they were brutal creatures and they enslaved all three races. The Generals that ruled the Demon race were ' Kai the cold-blooded' and ' Sakura the Greedy '. They ruled for over 500 years, until all three races came together and made a revolution. Kai and Sakura were over thrown and they're Castle of Darkness was destroyed. They were taken to the gallows were they were to be hanged, but in order for them to truly die was to destroy the ' Blood Stone' which is said to be made by the blood of the first demon. Inside of the stone there is a liquid that remakes itself after every time it is drank. Kai and Sakura had drank the fluid from inside the blood stone and they were granted of never dying. If they were to die, they would be reincarnated. They hung Kai and Sakura soon after they found the Blood Stone, but the Humans were greedy and wanted to use it for gaining immortality ignoring the fact that Kai and Sakura could be resurrected at any given moment. The Elves wanted to destroy the stone, and the Fairies wanted to use it as a power fueler for they're magic. During the long war the stone was lost, no one truly knows what happened to the stone. Some people say that its with the body of the old Kai, which is also lost with the body of Sakura. Some people said that the stone was never even real and that the story of both wars was just made up to make a good story to tell. Even if the wars existed or didn't existed each race shut each other out of their lives and demons still linger in the unknown. The Elves live in there shut off forest areas, the Fairies lived in the high mountains and Humans lived in Medieval looking towns and cities with a ten foot surrounding each town or city because of the demons lingering on the outside walls. For the longest time, the demons have never interrupted any of the races but now for some strange reason their numbers are increasing and they're starting to attack each race... Races: Humans - weapon bearing, they cannot use magic unless they're a magician (one or the other please) Elves - They use bows and healing magic Fairies- Only uses magic Demons - Evil creatures that vary in size and can look anything whatever you can imagine. They are strong, can use weapons and magic but they aren't invincible. They don't have very much health. Main towns ( You can make up towns just post what they are here and I'll add them to the list) Humans: Capital- Arcan Fairies: Capital- Elysium Demons: Capital- Hell's Core ( Some History: No this is not in the center of Elanor. All the races refer the crater from where the Demons came from as ' Hell's Core ' It is a very violent city of demons...Its more of a battle field then a city) Elves: Capital- Auroras Bio: Name: Race: Age: gender: Appearance (You can use a pic if you'd like): Weapon (if any): Magic (If any): History: Other (If I forgot to add anything): EDIT: There will be no controllingother characters without other peoples permission
  14. Momishin

    RPG A New Age

    ~Middle of the Forest~ Bloody images were forced int her mind, she looked down to her hands and saw intestines of a poor small human girl and she jumped backward her eyes wide. She glimpsed up to Jakal and back down to her hands which were completely clean. "See? Now that you have seen me your revival has begun!" He said laughing as he melted back into the darkness. A frightened look on her face Sue ran back towards the camp, tripping over a branch she fell onto the lean-too she had made earlier. SHe wiped the cold sweat that was forming on her forehead and looked at Shaun and Odin. "Nothing to worry about, I just don't feel well." She said quickly turning away from them as she repaired her broken lean-too. There was no doubt that she had known that man... She hated the fact that it is completely possible that he was right. She looked down at ther hands and saw that blood again... Her hands were stained by blood, every day of her life she could smell the scent of blood but she never knew that it was her own past that was haunting her. Perhaps all those memories she had now were fake? Most likely... Maybe the father she had always remembered was a fake too... Maybe all those feeling and hopes that she had in that village were she had grown up after she lost her father too. She glances over to Odin and looked away. Perhaps... everything she had ever known or liked was fake feelings...
  15. Momishin

    RPG A New Age

    With Shaun ordering her arouns Suedropped all her items and leered at him. "You know what? DO IT YOURSELF. I was never really apart of your town and I really could care less for you or Odin. Take care of your own damn problem, I am NOT part of this." Sue then walked away, not looking back again. There was someone she had to find... SHe had to find that annoying presence the one that seemed so firmiliar. It was about 20 minutes later and she was deep in the woods when there was a sound, a few twigs snapped and she swung around. "Ah, so it is true..." The person in the shadow's said. Walking into the dim light there stood a man, short black hair and a rather odd outfit along with crimson eyes. He smiled grimfully as he started to pace around her in a circle. "It seems that you HAVE returned..." He said in a cold voice. "Who are you." Sue replied in a hateful tone. The man just laughed, "SO the spell still has its effect on you? You are Darcs Lieutenant, his best one. Unfortunatly when you decided to do something against him he puta spell on you to forget everything and grow younger. It was your punishment, you'll remember everything very soon. Your nearing the age you were when you backstabbed him, and when you remember you WILL come back to us." He said with that some cold voice and grimfull grin.
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