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[font="trebuchet ms"] [img]http://xs322.xs.to/xs322/07504/tekkon-kinkreet-722881.png[/img]
I'm sort of shocked that nobody has made a thread about this, because it was, hands down, the most amazing visual tour de force I've ever seen in anime. Period. Everything is beautifully, and lovingly, drawn. The backgrounds are jaw-dropping, so creative, and so wonderfully animated it was shocking to me that it hadn't gotten much attention. I thought [i]Mononoke[/i] was pretty cool, but yeah, not anymore. lol


Unfortunately, it's a classic example of style over substance; the story failed to capture my attention (as most anime plots go for me). The plot:

[i]"Tekkon Kinkreet offers Black and White as two young children, possibly brothers or more likely they have adopted each other as the only family each has. Their turf is a place known as Treasure Town, and they have cast themselves as superheroes protecting it from invasion by any one else or any other gangs. White is tough in a street scrape yet this eleven-year-old still needs help getting dressed. Black is slightly older, definitely more savvy and looks to White with great paternal care. But a local yakuza leader named Suzuki also sees Trasure Town as his town and plans to return to the city to take over. But posing an even greater threat is Mr. Snake, who?s acting on behalf of property developers who want to level Treasure Town to make way for a huge amusement park. The story takes on metaphysical and metaphorical dimensions, but at its heart are these two young children: White who seems able to remain innocent despite all around him and Black who must struggle with inner demons and an inner conflict tearing at him."[/i] ([url]http://www.kpbs.org/blogs/movies/2007/11/05/tekkon-kinkreet-black-and-white/[/url])


In the end the movie lacked emotional impact and relied on rather empty dialogue and scenes and, I think, tried to make viewers love characters they didn't take time to make lovable. Which, to me, is always the biggest mistake of a movie. There's never any way for a lack of character and plot to be made up, even with such outstanding animation; if [i]Tekkon Kinkreet[/i] had really packed an emotional punch, it would have easily become one of my favorite movies.

But for any anime aficionado who loves the visual creativity of Japanimation, this movie is a must. [/font]
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Ooh, hoping to see this over break.

[url=http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/company.php?id=359][u]Studio 4°C[/u][/url], which animated the film, is known for taking on arty projects. While not everything of theirs is movie quality in terms of production values, their stuff tends to be very different from the anime norm. Mind Game is their best-known work besides Tekkon Kinkreet (and the director of Mind Game also animated an absolutely wild-looking TV series called Kemonozume--I'd recommend it if you like this kind of thing).

100% agree with your comment about the issue with movies in general. I almost always find myself enjoying them more for the improved animation than anything else.

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