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[SIZE="1"][COLOR="SlateGray"]Okay, actually it's Unreal Tournament 3 but in my heart it'll always be UT2007.

There have been plenty of games that have been released in the past couple of years that try and go back and hit the right spot in someone's heart by staying classic or just staying plain fun and for me, and really any Unreal fan, UT3 happens to be that game.

Taking the superior graphics that the Unreal Engine 3 can muster up and the addictive game play from previous Unreal games UT3 hits the ground running with plenty of options.

With the single player you play as a one man named Reaper, along with his motley crew, as you set about avenging your home planet from a evil alien race known as a the Necris. Basically it's a bunch of bot matches strung together nice and neat with some cut-scenes showing your progress. Ultimately it's a forgettable romp that aims to accustom you to the weapons, layout of the maps, the game types, and the over-all flow of the game.

The multi player is the meat of this game and, generally, series.
Taking the fight online, or against bots is the name of the game in a multitude of standard game types like Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Team Deathmatch along with the variant versions; Vehicle Capture the Flag, and the UT2004 addition Warfare, where you aim to destroy the opposing teams power node by disabling it's force field through capturing other scattered nodes.
This game type seems to be the most team oriented, however, the other game types also prove very team oriented at times, with the exception of Deathmatch.
On top of the game types you can select mutators which, essentially, change the flow of battle by either making time go slower, quicker, replacing all guns with sniper rifles, making heads large, and generally turning things interesting if they aren't already.

All the weaponry staples return such as the GES BioRifle which shoots out globs of radioactive sludge that stay put until stepped on or fade away making it a particularly udeful defensive weapon. Other UT returns are the ASMD Shock Rifle whose main fire shoots a thin purple beam and it's alt fire shoots a sphere of energy. When you shoot the sphere of energy with the beam it creates an intense and destructive explosion. Also, favorites return like the minigun, Link Gun, and even the Redeemer in all it's nuclear glory.

The sounds of the game are great as well with each weapon having it's own distinct report as well as each vehicle sounding different. The music is outstanding also, if you can hear it. Many homages and remixes of previous songs make the soundtrack memorable.

If you've played Unreal in the past decade or so then you know what to expect; a fast, frantic, helluva time.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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