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Writing Starlight Story


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[FONT="Arial"]I haven't been able to write any lyrics in a very long time, maybe partially because I've signed that duty over to the vocalist of my band. I have been wanting to write some about a particular subject, though, and I knew it the instant I wrote the music for it. Tonight I finally took care of the lyrics myself.


When first he came, it was without warning.
And oh, how every human heart was hungering.
She watched from far away and only saw surprise:
There was such black hatred and hunger in his eyes.

He warned her to stay away at any cost.
Her sense of self-preservation was forever lost.

Never was never an option,
No matter the danger,
"I can't live without you,"
She said, "Please don't ever think I could.
I'm not made of diamonds.
I'll shatter if you ever let me go."

And though impermanence numbered her days,
He couldn't bring himself to take her soul away.

Forever is ever an option,
No matter the danger.
"I can't love without you,"
He said, "Please love, please think this through.
You're not made of diamonds, but
I'll shatter if I end up losing you."

Diamond hearts around a chain,
Entwined together by their fate.
He said, "my love, you are the first
And only one I'd end the world for.
Eternity awaits."
Diamond hearts and diamond skin,
Despite the stone he may be made of,
He's easier to break.
And now the world will never end,
Now the world has only begun
In this story of starlight.
Diamond hearts from the same gem
Never quite fit just as perfectly as this.
He said, "my love, the deed is done.
And now we've died to live forever.
We are one."


I know there are some parts that seem like they don't really fit or may be worded strangely, but I've been able to sing the whole song over and over again and I'm very happy with the way it works out. Unfortunately I don't have the means to record it at the moment, and I don't think I will for a very long time. Besides, I subconsciously did not write this song for MY voice, so I really doubt I'd be able to perform it very well.
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