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  1. I love that vid, definitely a classic. I thought I wouldn't laugh because I've seen it plenty of times before but it still got me! I have so many favorite videos I gotta really think about which one to share... Let's try this one: https://youtu.be/O0cAx1jLbJk
  2. I missed the whole thing but I was rooting for the Cubs the whole time. I'm a Rays fan, so I'm very familiar with the Cubs manager Joe Maddon. He took us to the World Series in 2008 and when I learned he was going to the Cubs I just KNEW he was going to help them break the curse.
  3. I think about OB every now and then. A decade ago, it was my favorite place on the internet. It's kind of strange to see so many familiar names in this thread. I didn't know Desbreko personally. He invited me to join the OB staff when I was 14 years old. I remember being so excited and telling everyone I knew that I was going to be a moderator. I think my name on here was Amelia back then. To his friend and and family, I'm sorry for your loss. Des helped me grow here on OB and I'll always fondly remember the time I spent here.
  4.   I think what actually happened is that the series was supposed to be a single book long, and then before it finished airing Nick ordered two more seasons. Honestly there was so much corporate meddling involved with the production of Korra that it's kind of impressive how good it ended up being. After a few episodes of book 3 leaked the network took it off the air altogether and only released the remaining episodes online. Since production on book 4 was already underway they opted not to outright cancel it and continued the online streaming until nearly the end of the series, and they a
  5. Omg. The finale almost killed me. I woke up that day to CRAZY HUBBUB on tumblr so I basically had THE BIG THING spoiled for me before I watched the episode, but I was still really excited to see exactly what happened. And I still ended up crumpled on the floor practically weeping with joy.    I have never been especially impressed with the storytelling throughout Korra, and the final season definitely wrapped everything up too hastily, BUT I don't watch Korra for its writing. I watch it for the strong, diverse, multi-faceted female characters and the incredibly animated ass-kicking
  6. This girl I really like bought me chocolate, video games, and special bath stuff, so we're gonna spend some quality time in the tub playing the new Monster Hunter.   [spoiler]THE GIRL I REALLY LIKE IS MEEEEEEEEEEEEE[/spoiler]
  7. I'm all about frozen foods. If I can throw it in the microwave for a minute and at least have something that doesn't taste like hot garbage, I'm set. There are some really good Lean Cuisines; mushroom mezzaluna ravioli, french bread pizza. Lean Pockets are okay. I used to eat those Amy's burritos a lot too.    for healthier frozen options I have Green Giant steamers. right now my favorite is brussels sprouts but the honey carrots are also quite good.    there is one non-frozen thing I can think of that's still super easy to make. you need a single serving cup of instant
  8. I pretty much only browse YouTube when I'm really bored or to look for absurd videos with my friends. I like Kim and Hannah of the Yogscast, mostly when they play horror games together. I also like Achievement Hunter's Go and Versus series, but I never really bother with the actual gameplay videos. Actually, most of what I do watch consistently on YouTube is video game content. I'm playing around with running my own channel but I've got too many things going on to give it much effort.   One of my favorite series is Beer and Board Games, which is exactly what it sounds like. Some folks g
  9.   I picked up XIII a few months ago during an Xbox binge, despite never before finishing a Final Fantasy game. Once I survived the first hour or so it really clicked for me and I got a little addicted. I looooove Lightning, we have the same first name. And Fang and Vanille KILL ME. I'm scared to finish the game because I keep having dreams that something horrible happens to them and my big gay heart can't take it. Also for some reason everything on Gran Pulse just vaporizes me and I can barely get anything done. I actually haven't touched the game since before Christmas...and I've had to
  10. Too many times I will have an amazing idea for a video game and just no chance of ever being able to play it because I don't have magic powers and no one is going to make the game for me.    Right now I'm dreaming about a Madoka Magica RPG. I know there are a couple Japanese games but I have no way to play or enjoy them. This Madoka game would probably be a lot like Final Fantasy as far as the battle system goes, since the skills and powers of the magical girls have such aesthetic potential. The anime also offers a pretty good gameplay idea in that you go around killing witches. Th
  11. I haven't been to a concert in so long. I've actually performed in more concerts this year than I've been an audience member. Did I even go to any shows at all this year? I honestly can't remember.   WAIT I LIED, I literally just saw Trans-Siberian Orchestra the other night. Tenth year in a row going to their concert! Skipped two of my own performances to make it. WORTH IT.   There are tons of venues around here, including four or five arenas, several performing arts centers, and a handful of bars and clubs. I prefer going to smaller venues but it's rare that I feel like paying $
  12. From my own personal experience, it can be hard to grow to like a place that already feels well-established. I've tried to become active on various forums and just couldn't find a way in because the posters seemed so tight knit already. It's already been mentioned that new members should be the focus for this comeback attempt. Perhaps we should see a consolidation of nostalgia threads, of which there are four or five in the midst of the General Discussion threads. It's always nice for veterans to have a place to reflect on old times, but I don't think there needs to be more than one thread for
  13. dulcissime, ah, totam tibi subdo me.

    1. Allamorph


      Me gusta a comer los pantalones grande con queso.

  14.   That is absolutely brilliant. I might have to start doing that, even though my family doesn't really have that kind of sense of humor.
  15.   I neglected to take any good photos of my Halloween costume so have this potato.
  16. Hey OB! It's been a while. I thought I'd try to stir up some conversation with a nice timely topic.   As of today we are less than six weeks away from Christmas, but there's a lot that goes on in the time leading up to it. How do you spend your holiday time? Where are you spending your Thanksgiving? Are there activities you do every year? Do you travel to see family? If you don't celebrate Christmas, what kinds of winter holiday stuff do you do?    My family doesn't have too many traditions. Since my grandparents moved to an assisted living place we've had to move our Thanks
  17. Finished Alien: Isolation with a friend a few weeks ago. Inspired me to dress as Amanda Ripley for Halloween. We're gonna play the DLC as soon as he gets it but right now we're trudging through The Evil Within, which isn't really as fun as Alien but is certainly pretty unsettling.   Also attempting a Wonderlocke playthrough of Pokemon Y. I've had to restart a couple times already and my current roster is pretty meh so I'm not sure how it's going to go. I might not be able to finish it before ORAS comes out and I pick up Alpha Sapphire.
  18.   Please! I stopped coming here so often right around the time that thing took off, just because I had no interest in sorting through such a massive, directionless thing to find a conversation. I would love to come back to an active board and I think encouraging lots of new threads will help.
  19. Putting a lot of time into Animal Crossing: New Leaf lately. It's such a cute way to unwind or kill time. Right now I've gotta wait until tonight to pick it up again because of the game's real time clock and time-based events so I have no idea what to do with myself.   Trying to add some mods to Skyrim in the mean time...we'll see how that goes.
  20. I can second these tidbits of advice. Not sure what part of the country you're going to be schooling yourself in, but down here in Florida (and I think lots of other places) we have this one really infamous evangelist named Brother Micah who always attracts masses of hecklers and something hilarious pretty much always happens when he and his wife are around. My first day of spring 2012 I witnessed a trans-guy strip down to his assless underwear and offer free kisses to everyone just to rile BM up. And I don't even go to a liberal arts school.   There's also a lot of free food and probab
  21. I'd like to take the time to recommend that everyone watches Tommy Wiseau's masterpiece The Room. It literally change my life for the better.
  22. I just found out I'm going to Toronto in July, which will be my first time leaving the country. I gotta figure out what to do while I'm there!
  23. I've been so off and on with Pokemon. Last summer I got really into Black and started EV training a whole bunch of dudes and I would just play all hours of the day, and when I wasn't training I was working on the impossible Battle Subway with a friend. I way overdid it and got pretty burnt out. Then I bought SoulSilver and decided to just have fun with it, and now the team I have is probably my favorite ever (including a shiny Nidoking!!)   I was pretty addicted to Skyrim for a little while, too, but then I decided to leave my HDD at my friend's house so I can't play Xbox at all in favo
  24. I like seeing new places and exploring, but because I'm a broke student the only trips I get to go on are with my family. Those are not fun. We recently drove to Blue Ridge, GA, to spend a few days in a cabin in the mountains. I loved the scenery and the weather but it didn't take me long to feel sad about being so far away from my friends. The day we drove back I had a 21st birthday party to go to, and though I live maybe 8 hours away from Blue Ridge it felt like we were on the road for a WEEK. There are few things I hate more than long car rides. I've never been anywhere interesting thou
  25. Oh wow, that dual type cycle looks sweet. The inclusion of dark might make me actually pick the grass starter for once!   Of course, I'd have to actually acquire a 3DS first...that was a big reason I was thinking it was time to let Pokemon evolve without me. I guess if I can save up some money for it, it would be a good investment.
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