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Sign Up Revelations of a Rebirth

Zero Sephiroth

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Small warning: This will contain a little mature content, only violence, strong language. Have a nice day.

[quote=Article from the Newspaper ‘The Daily Time’, 12th March, 2253]

“It finally happened. Despite the warnings they received, in spite of the protests of all the other races, and even with the signs of it already starting, mankind continued its slow downward spiral of self destruction, taking everything from the earth that they could. whilst giving nothing in return to the planet.

Whilst all of this was happening, they even had the nerve to wage war and conflicts with each other, causing grief and strife that remained with the people till the day they died, for seemingly no reason other then boredom and to show off their power. Even the other races were dragged into this, cutting down their already dwindling numbers dramatically. Very few of them remain in their original habitats nowadays, though quite a lot of them have blended into human society, living in the cities like normal people.

Anyway. All of these actions, no matter how much people said it would be impossible, or that they could change what they did, in time to prevent something, could only bring about one result; the slow decaying death of the planet.

The demise of Earth began slowly at first. Most of the ice caps melted, causing the seas and oceans to rise and spread across some of the lands, drowning hundreds of thousands of lives on the shorelines of the lands, as random large forests and jungles died suddenly for no reason, causing several hundreds of species of creatures to disappear from life, in what seemed like the blink of an eye.

Regardless of this, mankind carried on as normal, as if nothing was wrong. They thought the phase would soon pass, and the planet would return to how it was before all of this happened. They continued as normal, and carried on hurting the planet in their own way.

Of course, things only got worse. Eventually, the weather became an untamed and unrestrained version of itself before this all happened, creating storms of hail large enough to tear through most buildings with ease over several cities, whilst others experienced heat waves so burningly hot and unbearable, that it caused even the roads to bubble and begin to melt, whilst the unfortunate few cities left suffered blizzards bitter and freezing cold, enough to turn once great cities into artic wastelands.

Somehow, humanity convinced themselves that their actions were not to blame for all of this, that this was all natural in some way, and continued like everything was normal and fine.

Then, the disaster known as the ‘Calamity’ happened one day. Reports spread rapidly throughout the world, of something unbelievable happening right then.

In several third world countries, several things happened that would change the world’s view forever. The land died suddenly, unable to sustain any more forms of life at all, whilst the atmosphere became toxic and contaminated, killing almost anyone or anything who breathed the air slowly and painfully. Hundreds of thousands died within the first week.

Those unfortunate enough to survive breathing the toxic air reacted differently, depending on the person. Some became mindless and insane, killing anything alive and unaffected by the gas that they came across, whilst others morphed slowly into monstrous beasts, more primal in appearance yet capable of intelligent thought as they violently hunted down anything and everything for fun and sport.

The death of the land came to be known as the ‘Corrosion’, while the gas came to be dubbed as the ‘Contagion’, whilst those mutated by the Contagion were referred to as the ‘Skrald’.

The beginning of a man made apocalypse, as it was only a matter of time before this epidemic would spread across the entire planet. Once humanity finally realised what destruction they had brought upon themselves and the other races, they struggled against time to try to save as much life as they possibly could.

That was several decades ago when they began, and the result of their efforts was six large cities, one built in each continent, each one large enough, and with enough living space, to hold several hundreds of millions of people easily. Each city has a large and thick dome covering it, to prevent the venomous air from reaching the city and to protect it from the strange weather on the outside. Each one is referred to as ‘Haven’, and they are numbered based on their location.

The money used to pay for the building and construction of these cities came from some of the biggest known companies and franchises known, who had also been some of the leaders in causing the destruction they were now experiencing firsthand. Most think it was their way of redemption for their past misdeeds, as everyone was grateful for the help they companies had given.

Looking on it now, it seems strange how quickly those companies are willing to pay for all of the cities’ manufacture without any other financial help at all….

Unfortunately, the Calamity at this point has spread halfway around the world, killing off over half of the entire population of Earth. Panic and chaos has spread throughout the public, as they all rush towards the new cities, hoping that they were some of the lucky ones that manage to make their way into the safe havens.

In the once great country of America, the Calamity had finally reached its way into the land, having completely engulfed Mexico and leaving nothing behind in its trail of destruction. Already, it’s slowly spreading through the south of the country, showing no mercy to those it comes across.

Of course, Haven 6 is built in the north, near the edge of Canada, to give them more time to prepare for when the Calamity does reach it, and to get as many people as possible in.

The government, or what’s left of it at least, has decided that all of their efforts and resources should go towards helping to evacuate, and relocating, those in the northern and central areas of the country to Haven 6, as they had the largest chances of surviving, and everyone in the southern section is already dead, or so they say.

I know the truth. Those still alive, and residing in the south, are left to survive on their own. Whether they try to make it up the country to Haven 6 on their own in the 2 months before the gates to the Haven close, or attempt the impossible and survive the Corrosion outside of a Haven, is up to them.

If you are in the south and are reading this right now, then may God show mercy on you, and those you love and care for.” [/quote]

The man sighed as he put the crinkly old newspaper down on the large oak deck resting in front of him, after he finished reading through the article for the third time that day, before rising slowly from his seat and beginning to walk around the desk. The newspaper was almost two months old, and there was only two weeks before Haven 6 closed its gates, forever shutting itself from the outside world.

He walked over to the window and opened it slowly, leaning over the edge to look down on the city below. The city was at the southern end of the country, right near the border of Mexico. A few weeks ago, the land and plants city had died. It was an obvious sign of the Corrosion that had spread through there.

As most people had begun to pack their things, in preparation to leave the city and head north to the Haven there, the Skrald then suddenly attacked the city. As far as he could tell, they were once the people who’d lived in the country that had been Mexico, or at least what had been left of it after the Calamity had reached them. The Skrald killed all they came across, with no discrimination towards any who died by their hands.

The Skrald alone had cut down the population of the city from several hundreds of thousands, to about five hundred to six hundred people. After that, most left Skrald left the city, following the path of the Corrosion. Some stayed behind, unable to resist the near endless amount of food that still lay around them.

The buildings of the city still stood, though it was obvious they were in dire lack of care and attention, with some of the older ones beginning to crumble and fall apart at the edges. Cars, rubbish, and torn bodies littered the streets, with no movement to indicate life, other then a small group of the Skrald stalking something through the streets, before they broke into a sprint around the cars and trucks, hunting their target down relentlessly.

His eyes widened when he realised it was another survivor they were chasing, someone who had decided to risk leaving the safety of their hideouts to gather supplies, without any weapons on them. He winced as the survivor below sprinted with food in their arms, shouting out in panic as they tripped up and fell. The Skrald instantly swarmed around the poor person, their bodies covering them completely as they tore at the person’s body with their bare hands.

He moved away from the window and closed it after hearing the victim’s screams for help and mercy, rubbing his temples to relieve the stress. There wasn’t anything anyone could do for them now, other then clean up the mess later.

He casually pressed a button on a laptop hooked up to a radio transmitter on the edge of the desk as he walked past it, already leaving the room and closing the door behind him as an endlessly looped transmission spread over through all frequencies in the city.

Meanwhile besides the transmitter lay a strange contraption, containing a crystal and an unusual metal relic at its core, that spread the message through the magic leylines in the air and ground, contacting those using said leylines for any messages spread through them.

“This is Axel…Those of you alive, and able to understand this message, meet me at the cross road intersection of block 16 if you are looking for the salvation we all need…bring all your weapons and supplies, and a vehicle if you still have one…we’re heading out to Haven 6.”

Sign Ups/Bios

[B]Name: (Last names are optional)[/B]
[B]Nick Name: (Optional)[/B]
[B]Gender: [/B]
[B]Genus: (See explanation in the Backstage topic for more info)[/B]
[B]Race: (Same as above, varies according to the Genus)[/B]
[B]Age: [/B]
[B]Appearance: (Image or a short paragraph)[/B]
[B]Personality: [/B]
[B]Previous job: (The occupation they had before the Calamity)[/B]

[B]Weapon/s: (This ranges from swords to metal chains to guns to sticks to a small animal. You can either have a few small weapons, like a sword and pair of guns, or one large weapon, like a rocket launcher or heavy machine gun. Optional)[/B]
[B]Vehicle/Animal: (A short paragraph or a picture will do. Vehicles must be land based. Those that can float can only hover a few feet off the ground. Vehicles can have mounted weapons, with larger vehicles having more room for larger mounted weapons. Animals serve the same purpose as vehicles. Same rules apply to animals as vehicles. Optional, though if you don’t have one you will need to be able to hitch a ride off some of the others, after asking their permission first)[/B]

[B]Skills: (Generic abilities that aren’t only for combat, like being a good mechanic, or medic. Optional)[/B]
[B]Abilities: (Combat based skills, physical types. Optional)[/B]
[B]Magic: (Combat and non-combat based skills, magical types. Optional)[/B]

[B]History: (What was their life before the Calamity, what have they been doing up to this point.)[/B]

[B]Other: (Anything else you may want to add)[/B]

[B]You don’t need to go into detail about anything like weapons and vehicle. Any questions bout the sign up, just PM me, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.[/B]

Name: Axel
Nick Name: Silver Blade
Gender: Male
Genus: Mortal
Race: Human
Age: 23
Appearance: Axel stands around six foot one, and has a somewhat muscular build. He has medium length snow white hair, which he wears spiked backwards along his head, and his eyes are a dark green in hue.

His usual attire consists of a red sleeveless undershirt, a black hoody, and baggy dark blue jeans, along with a pair of fingerless gloves on both hands, a black belt around the top of his jeans used to hold ammo and his weapons, and a silver necklace around his neck.

Personality: Axel is calm quiet, calm, and composed. He rarely loses his temper with people, and is patient enough to wait for someone even if they’re an hour late for their meeting. He doesn't often plan things far ahead, and decides on what he should do at the last minute. When other people's fates are involved though, he will take the time to sit down and think of the situation.

Due to a lack of him showing his emotions in the public, he can be mistaken for someone cold and uncaring. Even though he believes it about himself as well, deep down he does care deeply for those he knows and would be willing to put their safety above his own most of the time.

In combat, very little changes about Axel, aside from a quiet determination that makes him work hard to survive the fight and be able to walk away from it once it's over and done.

Previous job: Bounty hunter

Weapon/s: A pair of twin silver Magnum revolvers, holstered on his belt at either side of him when not in use, and a double edged chokuto sword that lacks a hand guard, with a silver blade that measures roughly four feet in length. Engraved on both sides of the blade is a tribal design, representing a clawed hand. The scabbard to the sword is usually attached to the belt at his waist, with the scabbard hanging a little below the right gun holster. He prefers using the chokuto over the guns usually.

Vehicle/Ride: A custom made naked style motorcycle, based on the old BMW R1200 C model, intended more for speed and distance, then carrying supplies. It has a slot built into its right hand side for Axel to place his sword when riding it, that keeps it out of the way yet within reach for him to draw if he needs to.

Skills: Axel is in top physical condition for a human, and has a good understanding of computers due to the amount of time spent using them in his previous lines of work, and magical objects, often combining the two for his own purposes. He also has quick reaction speeds, close to the point that it looks like he predicts it. He also has a strange calming effect on the people around him.

Abilities: Axel makes up for his lack of magic with his skill in swords and guns. He’s a very accurate shot with both of his guns, enough for him to use both at the same time without a drop in his accuracy, and is skilled enough with his sword in close combat for him to take on several basic Skralden at once. He’s also a pretty good strategist, even in the heat of combat, and is quick to work out or find an opponent’s weakness, before using it to his advantage to end it.

Magic: None at all.

History: Axel was born into an average family in Northern America, who moved down into South America early on in his life. He had a pretty normal childhood, he went to school, he made friends, he had fun, and he worked hard. Things went normal for him until the age of fourteen, when both of his parents died after an attack by Skrald on the city they were residing in at the time.

After that, Axel was forced head up north, and to fend for himself and his little sister, who had no other relatives except for each other. Eventually, after finding no work in his area, Axel turned to his only available option; legal bounty hunting. It was then that Axel found out he had a natural talent for fighting and hunting people down, using his newfound talents for his line of work, though he only went after the small time bounties, due to their safety.

The money he earned from this was enough for him to pay for both his sister’s and his own upbringing, though only just. Wanting the best for her, Axel began training himself in the use of weapons, and began going after the much larger, and more dangerous, bounties, with varying rates of success, ranging from capturing them without any problems, to him winding up in hospital on numerous occasions.

After a few years of saving up, Axel moved the two of them out back to North America, planning to retire early from his job and take up a normal line of work. However, whilst entering the city they were both about to move into, the Skrald swept through the city. Whilst Axel helped fight them off and protect people as they escaped from the onslaught, his sister disappeared in the panic and confusion.

He searched throughout the city after the attack whenever he could, unable to find any trace of her anywhere no matter how hard and thorough he looked. After hearing about the Haven up north, Axel decided that it would be worth heading up there, in the hope that his little sister may still be alive and already up there.


[url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=58620l][u]Revelations of a Rebirth: Information[/u][/url]

You'll want to use this for some of the info you'll need for your signups by the way. Sorry about that.
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Name: Vincent Drake
Nick Name: Vince
Gender: Male
Genus: Mortal
Race: Human
Age: 27
Appearance: [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v389/Maverick_Kossuth/SinisterNationPic.jpg[/IMG]
Personality: Vincent is a survivalist, first and foremost, a trait many have developed thanks to the Calamity. His safety comes before that of just about everyone else's, though he has every intention of keeping as many people alive as is possible (can't have the human race dieing off, after all). Incredibly practical, Vincent faces most tasks with a cold logic, calculating as much as possible before any given move. Thankfully, he's a quick thinker, and these calculations will often take place in a split second.
Vincent is slow to trust, personal experiences leading him to believe that most people are far too prone to panicking to trust at his back, making them liabilities in a time when he needs assets. Those he does trust are backed up with every ounce of skill Vincent possesses.
Having watched the Skrawd in action and seeing just how much they can take, Vincent believes in ensuring something is dead. Should he be forced into combat with anything, he will ensure it does not get back up again, or he doesn't.
Vincent is not necessarily street-smart, but is military-trained, making many of his responses to violent situations instinctive and logical. His social skills are somewhat lacking, his cold logic deeming them something that will merely waste time and cause problems. After all, growing attached is bad when anyone around you is likely to die by the end of the day (possibly by your own hand out of necessity).
Previous job: Vincent did four years in the military out of high school, picking up a degree in Physical Education as he went through. Upon leaving the military, he got into modeling, wich requires significantly less dealing with other people.

Weapon/s: While trained in numerous weapons, Vincent is not known to carry any on him. He is, however, an expert hand-to-hand combatant, and has displayed strength surpassing what may be expected of a normal human being.
Vehicle/Animal: [[I'm working on this. Cannot decide exactly what I want yet.]]

Skills: Some War-based Medical Skills (CPR, keeping people out of shock from severe injuries, keeping removed limbs 'useable' as long as possible, dealing with protruding bones, etc.)
Abilities: Expert hand-to-hand and weapons useage, appears to heal from injuries at a higher rate than normal
Magic: Vincent is unaware of his magical abilities. One of the reasons that many believe some amount of the leylines run through all living creatures on Rathe, Vincent does not directly tap the Leylines for power. Vincent's power is subconscious, more often than not coming into play as a part of an adrenaline rush. His body forces the magical energies inherent within him through his muscles to force his body to exceed what his normal physical maximums should be, leading to an increased speed, strength, and endurance (though not of a superhuman level).

History: Vincent led a fairly normal life pre-Calamity. While not rich, his parents did well in life, and kept Vincent taken care of, and in good private schools. He was introduced to martial arts in his early years, and has been training in various types since about age 6 (hence his proficiencies). An excellent athlete, Vincent also makes a fairly decent scholar, though by no means is he a scholar of genius levels.
He got himself through school well enough, than decided to enlist in the military. He made friends readily while there, but was quickly exposed to the harsh realities of the real world. His only tour was a peacekeeping mission in the Middle East, just the kind of mission where things hadn't happened in a while where they were, but soldiers maintained a presence. Unfortunately, while there, one of his comrades was accused of rape (Vincent is unaware of whether or not the man was guilty). The enraged natives turned on the American soldiers, and car bombs and sniping became common, aimed specifically at the soldiers.
While Vincent was lucky enough to go through his tour unscathed, two of his friends were killed by a car bomb, their lives ended prematurely for the mistake of another. And the government made apologies to the foreign country, court-martialing the accused, but never making mention of the number of uninvolved soldiers who were killed by irate citizens who were overreacting on an extreme level.
At that point, Vincent knew he was getting out of the military as soon as he was allowed, though he had two more years to go. Those two years were fairly uneventful, and he was kept in the U.S. Upon leaving the military, Vincent found himself jumping between odd jobs until a friend suggested he go check out an ad for models.
He did well in the modeling world, though his personality did suffer from all the attention. When the Calamity began, everything changed. As more and more people died, Vincent became more and more sure the world was nearly over, and began to withdraw into himself, afraid anyone else would just make it worse. The near-impossibility that is now being attempted with the Havens has granted him something of a new outlook on life, though he is still world-weary and expecting destruction in the end.

Other: Nothing right now
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[B]Alright. Looking good MoyakuKeramushe[/B].

Name: Roberto Frois
Nick Name: Rob, Dr Zombie by the kids he works with.
Gender: Male
Genus: Nightmarian
Race: Zombie
Age: Was 30 when he died and was revived. He’s now somewhere in his 50s.
Appearance: Roberto looks like an average 30 year old man, aside from the grey skin covering him due to the lack of blood flow, which sometimes makes him resemble a Skrald in certain lights. His body is covered with stitches from the times he’s had to reattach his limbs himself and sew up his wounds, as his body can’t heal itself. Due to the fact his eyes lack irises and pupils, which generally scare people quite a bit to see, he often wears jet black sunglasses to cover them up.

In terms of clothing, he wears the standard white long coat of an attending physician over black trousers and a light blue short sleeved shirt, with black shoes to complete the look. The only accessories he adds to the overall look are a gold wedding ring that is still on his right hand, even after all of this time, and a bag on his back that contains his first aid kit.

Personality: Roberto, when put simply, is rather bitter and resentful about having been left for dead by almost everyone he knew. The only thing that made his mood worse was when someone made the effort to bring him back for their own needs, after he’d gotten used to being dead.

His main problem is that he wants to die, as he found the afterlife quite pleasant and his family is already there, but can’t due to his ‘condition’ as he calls it, which brings him to the point of utter depression and suicidal tendencies when he thinks about it.

When talking to people, he’s rather sarcastic and cynical, and very rarely shows anyone any kind of respect, even people who supposedly save him from danger. Whilst often seen as harsh and cruel when talking, he’s often just realistic and sensible about current situations.

Although it seems like he’s constantly angry, he very rarely loses his cool and hardly cracks under pressure, due to his time spent at the hospital working with every kind of ‘nutjob’ there is and facing dire situations daily. Due to the fact he can’t technically die, he fears nothing, not even Skrald, and has little regard for his own safety, though he does dislike pain and the idea of being eaten by Skrald for lunch.

He rarely made friends with his patients and co-workers when alive, though this stemmed from his realisation that it was incredibly painful to become friends with a patient that would possibly die on him later on. This has carried on over to his current situation, as he acts coldly to people he treats, though he still does take the time and risk to help them.

Previous job: Doctor, which he carried on shortly before the attack on the city. He started out training as a surgeon when he began, before changing his mind and switching over to the Physician course halfway through his training, rising to attending physician just before the calamity.

Weapon/s: He doesn’t carry one, though he will rip an arm or leg off of himself and use it like a club or launch it like a spear if he’s forced to fight something.

Vehicle/Animal: A modified version of a standard fossil fuel using ambulance, fitted with all of the standard equipment one would find in an ambulance. The only modifications are a large bumper attached to the front and back of the ambulance, used for ramming things down without damaging the vehicle.

Skills: Roberto is a very skilled medic, and can usually help anyone out with whatever injury or disease is plaguing them, though he does require the specialist tools for the complicated things. Thanks to being reincarnated, Roberto can not be killed by anything short of complete and utter destruction of his body. Though he can survive almost anything, he usually uses function of a body part when it is cut off until he stitches the limb back on, or gets someone else to do it for him. He’s also pretty good at needlework thanks to his time spent reattaching his limbs with his sewing kit.
Abilities: None. Roberto prefers to hide during fights, and stay out of the way, due to the frequency of him getting hit by stray bullets.
Magic: He has a limited use of magic for healing, though this usually requires a lot of preparation time to perform, which is something he doesn’t usually have time for.

History: History: Roberto had a pretty normal life. He did well at work, was in line for a promotion to head Physician, had a wife and two kids. He went out with friends at the weekends, saw the rest of his family over Christmas, the usual things a man does in his early thirties. He was happy and content with how his life had turned out, and was looking forward to the future.

Unfortunately this didn’t last long, as one day whilst driving down the highway with his family for their annual holiday; their car was viciously smashed into by a truck driver, killing Rob and his family. It later turned out the driver had been drinking at a nearby bar before getting behind the wheel, and when he realized that he’d killed a family and their kids, he killed himself. Little late for that to do any good for anyone.

This should have been the end of Roberto’s story, except a friend of his thought that it was far too early for Roberto to die, and sought out a way to bring him back from the dead. After a few years of research into various techniques, in which Roberto’s body was preserved via cryogenic methods, his friend hired a team of surgeons, and performed an experimental surgery involving the power of the leylines. The surgery was a success after several hours, and Roberto was brought back to the world of the living.

Regrettably, Rob wasn’t exactly pleased with having been revived, especially as a zombie, and being torn away from his family in the afterlife. It was when he tried to send himself back there to rejoin them, he found that he couldn’t due to the slight side effects of becoming a zombie. Although he rejoined the medical staff after some convincing from his friend, he eventually became bitter over the long hours helping people, somehow convincing himself that only he’d been brought back because he was to be used.

When the Calamity hit, he wasn’t too bothered or affected by it. his only hope that keeps him going is that the Calamity will either kill him at long last, or that there may be something worthwhile to hang on for in the Haven up north.

Other: Roberto usually carries a first aid kit around with him, which has the usual things needed for everyday situations.
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Name: Amer Lewis

Nick Name: Amer

Gender: Male

Genus: Hoka/Noko

Race: Demon/Siberian Tiger. For his Noko blood, his mother was level 3, but because of his fathers demon blood, Amer only has a slight case of level 2, but when looking at him, it only seems that he is at a level 1. Under his shoes, his feet have white fur growing on then, and he has claws on his fingers. His eyes are red, with a yellow bar down the middle. His ears are starting to tip at the top, but in general, he still appears mostly human.

Age: 26

Appearance: See Below

Personality: He is very stubborn. He smiles when someone starts to inflict pain on him. When he gets angry, he has been known to destroy cars, trucks, and one story said that he once destroyed a small house out of anger.

Other than that, he is calm, collected (when not pissed off). He is very protective. When someone smaller than him is in danger, he will not hesitate to jump in and either be used as a shield, or some sort of guardian or body guard.

If someone ever helps him, he feels as though it must be returned in favor. When someone saves his life, he will gladly serve them till the day that he dies. He will serve and protect them until he either dies, or if they are on a journey of some kind, until they are done.

Previous job: Before this whole thing started, he was an instructor at the local college. During the summer vacations, he worked as a part time swat member for the local police. I guess you can say, he loves to get a little rowdy every now and then.

Weapon/s: He mainly likes to fight his weapon battles from a distance. He likes to take them out before they can cause any real damage. So, for this fact, he uses an M12 Sniper Rifle with a plasma scope that can see nearly a mile in distance. He also is able to pull a sword from his body. It is part of his body, unless it is needed to be used. This causes great pain, but sometimes, it is needed to survive. The blade is a sword that is roughly five feet long. It is customized to fit his grip, and he uses it for protection if the target is to close for his sniper rifle to be effective.

Vehicle/Animal: For transportation, Amer has a beast of sorts, named Altec. It stands nearly eight feet tall at the back when on all fours, but when it stands up on its hind legs, it’s nearly fifteen feet tall.

The beast has dark black fur with yellow stripes all over. Its eyes are a dark red with yellow pupils. It has fangs that are a foot long sticking out of the top jaw pointed towards the ground. On its front shoulders, it has bone sticking five feet from the joint. The bones resemble blades, and are able to fold back and press close to the body of the beast.

Skills: Because of his swat time, he is able to read situations very well and is able to determine situations well depending on how his opponents react. While watching them, he is somewhat able to tell what their next move will be. He is not always correct, but has a better record of being right than being wrong.

Abilities: He is a master of a fighting style known as Mutsu. It is a style that boasts it can beat anyone with a weapon, why the style itself using none. It is a powerful fighting style, but it has been proven that it is able to be beaten, but very rarely.

Magic: He has no real magical abilities that he knows about. All he can really say is when his body becomes enraged, he feels nothing. No pain, nothing. He can have his arm cut off and he will stand as he was, maybe smiling, depending on angry he is.

This proves to be useful, as to the fact that he could be bleeding to death, and still be able to run from a fight or stay and fight if he has no other choice.

Other than those two, he is still learning the skills from his father, who was once a powerful demon, or so they say, so, he may be able to use the white flame like his father one day, till then, he will continue to train and learn the best way he can, by trying.

History: When it hit, it was bad. Everything around started to die, no matter what it was. He saw his dog, his cat and his horse either die in front of him, or slowly start to change into a beast that was bound to destroy everything in its path.

Well, to tell the truth, he was at the college, teaching his last class for the semester. It was nearly the end of the class. Only ten minutes left, and then he was done with the students for nearly four months. Amer was getting excited. He smiled then he heard a noise coming from the back of the class. A few of the girls that were back there started to scream and then ran away.

Slowly Amer walked back to the back of the class and then let out a gasp. The boy, a young student of his, always quiet, was twisting and turning on the ground, holding his throat as if he was gasping for air.

Amer was about to lean down and help the boy, but then his skin started to change color. When it was finished, the boy was now several feet taller, and grey and brown. Slowly, the creature stood, drool running from its mouth and onto the floor.

Amer took a step back and then stood in shock as the creature grabbed the closest person to him, a young petit girl, and began to rip her into shreds. “Professor Lewis, please do something!” Another girl screamed as they all watched.

Amer looked around at all of the kids and then turned back to the beast. Rage started to burn in his eyes. He started to snarl a little, his tiger coming to life in his blood. His eyes started to narrow, and then a smile started to form on his face. Students turned and looked at him, stunned, scared, some even more scared at their teacher than at the beast tearing into another student that strayed to close.

Amer pushed hard onto his chest and then started to pull a red blade from the center. He gritted his teeth, the pain still hurting him in the state that he was in. His rage was not blocking the feeling of the demonic red blade that slowly was freed from his chest.

The beast slowly dropped the students lifeless body and then ran at Amer. He sidestepped the claws that were rushing towards him and then brought the blade up, cutting the beasts head off. Amer smiled as he watched the skull roll down the steps to the bottom of the classroom.

Amer’s rage was starting to fade, then he heard things around him. Some of the other students were starting to go through the same transformation. Amer spitted on the ground and then jumped out of the window and headed back to his home. Where he now stays for the most part, trying to stay alive.

While on his way home, he tried to recal why the students that did change, were changing. The nerdy, quiet kid, the three pretty males, the slutty female, all four of them changed, and roughly at the same time. Then it clicked. Them four, they all lived in the same appartments. They must have had the gas go through the building, meaning that all the people living in the same building have, or will be changing soon, if they were not already dead. Amer spat at the ground agian before walking into his home and shutting the door, locking it behind him.

Other: His beast, Altec, was a gift from his father. It is bound to him; by a spell his father put on the creature and will never die unless Amer himself is killed. His father, a demon, gave it to him, to help for any situation that may show. Altec was also responsible for the killing of Amer’s other pets. It protected him, making sure Amer is never hurt.
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