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[B]He sighed as he slowly rose from his chair behind the desk, and strolled over slowly to a book case leaning against the wall behind him, his finger sliding along the spine of each book on the middle shelf before stopping on a battered old book. He eased it slowly out of the shelf, and began walking back over to his chair, leaning lazily back as he opened it at a book mark and skimmed through a page once he sat back down.[/B]

[QUOTE= ?Terminology of Rathe?, By Richard Tionary]

Calamity- The term used to refer to the current disaster of the world.

Calling- The term used for when someone searches for nearby Leylines, to use their power for magic.

Corrosion- The term used to classify the stage of the Calamity, in which the land and flora are killed off. It is also used to identify land that has been affected.

Contagion- The term used to classify the second stage of the Calamity, in which the air becomes toxic and kills off all fauna, or mutates them. It is also used to identify the affected air.

Haven- The term used to call the cities built to save life from the Calamity. Only six were built, one in each continent.

Kuronite- A name for the type of energy source that is used to power most of the advanced machines and weapons.

Leyline- The most common term used to call the source of magic. They are metaphorical lines that run through the air, seas, and ground, and are of supposedly endless power.

Rathe- The name of the planet, as used by most people. Others may call it by other various names, but Rathe is the most common name used.

Sanctuary- The word given to areas of land that are immune to the Corrosion for no known reasons.

Skrald- The term given to those mutated by the Contagion.[/QUOTE]

[B]He closed the book and rose from his chair. He walked over to a corner of the cramped room, and began shuffling through a pile of books resting on the corner of the rug, pulling out a group of identical books from the bottom of the pile. He walked back over to the desk and sat down as the pile fell over and spilled over the floor, knocking over several other piles of books in the process.

The man sighed as he took in the sight of the mess, before opening the first book in the line.[/B]

[QUOTE= ?Notes on the Calamity?, by Lucy Fer]

?A small, though overall pointless now, discovery was the pattern the Calamity went in when spreading. First, when striking a new place, the Corrosion would spread through the land, before the Contagion would smother it and either turn the people into Skrald or kill them. These Skrald would spread out, and usually arrived at a place after the Corrosion killed the , but before the Contagion would reach it. Those left alive by the hunting Skrald would then be at the mercy Contagion.

The Corrosion kills the land, making it unable to sustain plant life. It is possible to sustain plant life in land affected by the Corrosion through a mix of chemicals, though this usually has side effects on the plants, like making them venomous to eat or touch.
Sections of land that aren?t actually part of the ground, IE surrounded by concrete in the ground, or in pots or baskets in a building, are unaffected by the Corrosion.

There are normal sections of the , usually small forests or lakes, that remain unaffected by the Corrosion, for unknown reasons. These have become to be known as ?Sanctuaries?, due to their safeness from the Corrosion, and abundance of flora. It is unknown how they fair against the Contagion, though it is apparent they are not safe from Skrald. These areas appear to have a large amount of Leylines though?perhaps they are the key?

How long it takes for the Contagion to morph a living creature into a Skrald is random. The main things that will affect the time are how much of the contaminated air the victim has breathed in, and the person itself. If someone was to only get one quick breath of the air before managing to make it into a place with clean air, it may take about several hours to a few days for them to morph. There is no way to prevent the transformation.

Animals are rather curious. They too seem to react like humans to the Contagion, either dying or mutating into something more primal, but they seem to be able to sense it beforehand. It is unknown how creatures of a magical nature react to it, but certain evidence suggests they may be no different to the effects.

There are two types of Skrald. There?s the first kind, which are just normal people that are no longer capable of intelligent thought, and are just violent and bloodthirsty. These are called Skraldrings.

The second type are people that physically morph into primitive and monsters, of which there are many kinds. The only average things connecting them are their brown or green rough and blotchy skins, their bone based claws that can sheathe and draw out from their forearms, their large black eyes that have no irises or pupils, and their unnatural speed and strength. These are usually called Skralden.

Skralden seem to have some kind of control over Skraldrings, as Skraldrings do appear to attack those the Skralden are after as well. It?s unknown how, though it may be chemical in nature?

Skrald are not like zombies. They will die after receiving several wounds, or enough damage to vital organs to render them useless.

Despite common myth and urban legend, people do not mutate from a Skrald wound or bite. Only the Contagion is capable of this. The common method of being affected by the Contagion is to breathe it in, though skin contact may be enough for it to work.


[B]He slammed the book shut, always feeling deeply disturbed when he read through it, especially at how the page and book suddenly ended right there, except for the few ink and blood stains covering the next couple of pages. He threw the book over his shoulder into the bin behind him as he stood back up. He wouldn?t need it anymore.

He brought the next book in line in front of him, and began reading the first page.[/B]

[QUOTE= ?The various types of Genus and Races of Rathe?, by Reno Alr Eady]

?Mortal- The humans of this world. Nothing special about them as a group, though some have special abilities that separate them from the rest of the mortals, and each one is different from the last human, making them a very unique Genus. They?re a very versatile genus.

Race: Human

Fantasial- The mystical ones, living on the long before the Mortal race even began. Majority of Fantasials are separated from the other races in their own areas, though same have integrated into the human society easily. Fantasials generally prefer the old ways, and are wary of technology, though there are exceptions within each of the races. Using magic is also second nature to them, as they seem to require little to no effort to use it and call out to the Leylines.

Races: Elves, Dwarves, Fairies, Trolls/Jotuns, Goblins. Etc.

Noko- Genetic man made weapons. The various countries researched into how to improve their soldiers, and came up with the Noko; a Human, or the odd Fantasial, injected with animal DNA. This boosts their physical attributes, and heightens their senses, according to the animal DNA they receive. The main side effect is that the person also becomes more animal mentally, though those with strong minds can resist this. They came in various levels based on how much DNA they take, though the main difference between the levels is appearance rather then the side effects.

Although once only available in the military, private groups and companies are now able to give a ?Noko procedure? to those with enough money. The most common variety of Nokos is the mammal type, though fish, reptiles, amphibians and birds are quite common.

Races: Level one: Eyes and teeth are fully affected. Hands and feet slightly become more animal like, resembling claws or paws.

Level two: Same as Level one, except hands and feet fully change, ears also change and they gain a tail.

Level three: The person basically becomes a humanoid version of the animal they?ve taken their DNA from. Their skin even becomes covered in the fur or feather or scales of their chosen animal.

Nokos generally make a note of which animal they?ve taken their DNA from as well.

Nightmarian- The genus from which the old legends of the creatures of the night come from. Although they once began as fully separate creatures within their own race, with their own societies, nowadays the term Nightmarian is used to refer to those cursed in some way to become one of these old races, as the originals have disappeared from Rathe.

The legend about vampires needing to drink blood to survive is somewhat true. Some do require regular doses of blood to survive, whilst some just become about as strong as an average human if they do not drink. However, they become stronger shortly after taking a small amount of blood, though the effect of this typically wears down after a while without regular blood intake.

Werewolves are often confused with wolf type Nokos, though there is one big difference. Where as Nokos are constantly stuck in their form, unable to change shape, werewolves are able to change between three forms; whatever race they were before becoming a werewolf, a full wolf, and a cross between wolf and their previous race. Though they gain a lot of strength in their hybrid form, they too gain some wolf like habits, with some even completely losing control of themselves in this form.

Despite their appearance and the myths around them, Nightmarians are intelligent beings. A common trait amongst Nightmarians is their supposed immortality, though research into vampires and werewolves has shown this is just a stronger regeneration then the other races, as they do die of old age and from several very serious wounds.

Only ghosts and zombies are immortal, though as they have already died and are just reanimated bodies or spirits, stuck between life and death, they are technically not immortal.

Races: Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, Zombies. Etc.

Automaton- A combination technology and mortality. Automatons come in three varieties. There are androids, which are any of the above races that have a robotic limb or body part replacing a lost piece of their body.

There are also Mechanoids, beings composed entirely of machine parts and technology, usually in the model of a human of Fantasial, whose thoughts are nothing more then the programs of advanced artificial intelligence residing in the processor within its head. The largest problem with using Mechanoids as weapons is their lack of magic, due to the fact they are not living creatures, and are thusly unable to draw from the Leylines around them.

Bio-Mechanoids are a more recent invention, as they are Mechanoid shells with living organs inside of them, capable of living thoughts and feelings, using the organs to power themselves. Unfortunately, as most Bio-Mechanoids go insane once they realise the truth of what they are and kill themselves, they are rather rare. Due to the organic parts within them, Bio-Mechanoids are able to call upon the Leylines, thought they are somewhat limited in the magic they can cast.

To disguise themselves, both Mechanoids and Bio-Mechanoids will either use a holographic projection to make themselves look like organic creatures, or cover themselves with a material made to replicate flesh.

Races: Android, Mechanoids, Bio-Mechanoids.

Skrald- Those unfortunate enough to breathe in the Contagion, and survive. They morph into one of two creatures; Skraldrings and Skralden. Skraldrings are just normal people that are no longer capable of intelligent thought, and have a never ending bloodlust and hunger for meat. They only follow their instinctual thoughts and needs, and are fairly easy to outsmart and distract. Aside from their skin morphing, there?s no physical difference between Skraldrings and normal races.

Skralden, on the other hand, physically morph into primitive and monsters, of which there are many kinds. The common things between each type of Skralden are their bone claws, their large blank black eyes, and their heightened speed and strength. They are more intelligent then their lesser versions, though this intelligence does vary from Skralden to Skralden, as some seem able to set up very simple ambushes to get their pray, whilst some even attack in formations and can operate simple tools or machinery.

The only average things connecting both of the races are their brown, green, or grey rough and blotchy skins that seem to cling tightly to the muscles and bones.

Races: Skraldrings, Skralden.

Hoka- Those that don?t appear to belong to this world, even in this day and age. There are many things that may be classified under the term of Hoka; various types of aliens, the angels, and the demons. They usually have powers or abilities not usually seen by those residing on Rathe, though these powers generally come at a large price. There are supposedly something call Omni-Hoka, beings that either rival the gods in power, or are the gods of old. Of course, this hasn?t been proved and wouldn?t be possible.

Races: Alien, Demon, Angel. Etc.

Of course, there are half-breeds, the results of intergenus and interracial breeding. They typically look like a crossover between the two races, and have weaker versions of both race?s abilities, though there is usually a more dominant race that appears in a half-breed. [/QUOTE]

[B]He placed the book on the side of the desk once he finished reading it, before picking up the next book and opening it to a page covered with a book mark.[/B]

[QUOTE= ?Technology of Rathe?, By Mr Rob Otto]

?The most common variety of technology available to the public nowadays is that of the type of the 20th and 21st century, namely machines that are run on fossil fuels and machines that make use of chemical reactions. The reason for this is that whilst newer technology is, and always has been, available, the costs of building them, and the materials needed, makes them highly unpractical to mass produce.

Certain variations of the older technology sometimes replace the need for fossil fuels to power them, with alternative sources of energy, like solar panels attached to the vehicle to make use of solar power, whilst much larger contraptions may even make use of nuclear type materials to power them.

The newer technology, however, makes use of an extremely rare type of gem known only as ?Kuronite?. Although it is unknown how this is formed naturally outside of certain groups, rumours suggest it may be a crystallized fragment of a Leyline pushed to the surface.

Kuronite is limitless in use, never running out of power, though extensive overuse of Kuronite has been known to cause explosions, with the larger ones being strong enough to wipe out a city block with ease.

Artificially produced Kuronite, called ?false Kuronite?, can be produced, but only by a certain method, and requires a gem that has not been used for the process before. The method first involves finding an area with an abundance of Leylines around it. The gem is then laid at the area where most of the Leylines either meet or crossover, before someone draws the power from the Leylines that lay there, and sends the power into the gem. The time taken varies according to the size of the gem and the amount of Leylines.

False Kuronite are far more common, though they lack the limitless power and use of true Kuronite. However, their lifespan easily surpasses all fossil fuels, and if they do discharge from overuse, the explosion is nowhere near as strong as one from a true Kuronite.

Kuronite, both types, vary in sizes, and their size determines their use. For example, a shard of Kuronite the size of a bullet may power a photon particle pistol, whilst a Kuronite gem the size of a human fist would easily power a tank, or even a small mech.

They are terribly expensive to buy, whilst the production of false Kuronite costing a lot to produce, thus the reason why Kuronite type technology isn?t seen often outside of the military and public services.

The most recent advancement in technology using Kuronite, is the creation of vehicles that hover a few inches in the air above the ground, via something similar to the old jet propulsion of the 21st century technology, except it?s the power of the Kuronite sent through small thrusters that is pushing it off the ground, rather then very strong flames.

Though these vehicles are usually safe and work most of the time, when a miscalculation is made, it can be grave. The best example of this is when someone made a mistake with the thrusters on one Vehicle. When it was started off, it shook violently for a moment, before shooting off several hundred feet into the air. They never did find it afterwards.? [/QUOTE]

[B]He placed the book down, rubbing his eyes with the back of his hands, before moving on to the final book in the line, opening at the pre-designated as indicated by a small sheet of paper lodged between the pages.[/B]

[QUOTE= ?Magic of Rathe, and Leylines?, By Mr Cal]

?Magic, when put simply, is the art of one breaking the laws of reality, and bending nature and its elements to their whim. Whether the person uses magic to heal damage, or cause the damage, is down to them.

The source of magic is the Leylines. They run throughout the entire planet, through all of the seas, through the ground beneath our feet, and through the air we live beneath. The Leylines are spread erratically, with some areas having little to no Leylines at all, whilst some have numbers ranging in the hundreds. The power of the Leylines may even run through each living thing on Rathe.

They are completely invisible to the naked eye, though certain types of Genus, like the Fantasials and Nightmarians, are able to see faint auras of where the Leylines are lying.

There is much we don?t know about the Leylines, and most things we suppose we know are nothing more then guesses and speculations. What does seem sure is that the Leylines have infinite energy and power. Even if mankind, in their rashness and ignorance, were to somehow tap directly into a Leyline and attempt to drain it of all its power, they might not even make a dent in its energy supply. Of course, this would still have disastrous consequences that are unimaginable to any mind.

Simple low level magic, like small fireballs or a tiny bolt of thunder does not require the power of a Leyline to use and wield, and simply tires out the user, draining a small amount of their stamina

When using higher level magic, the user attempts to find and draw power from the nearby Leylines around them. The act of finding and using the power of Leylines, also known as ?calling?, can be quite draining on those not experienced in the art. The user still has some of their stamina drained, of course.

The number of Leylines around will affect how much easier the user has of calling to the Leylines. The more there are, the easier it is to call upon. However, users may sometime call upon more power then they originally wanted if there are far more Leylines nearby then usual, and may even lose control of their magic.

Alas, great skill is needed to call upon the Leylines. Very few people outside of the Fantasial Genus are able to call upon Leylines. Skill also determines how well people may call upon Leylines.

Lower level users sometimes need to be physically touching a Leyline, or be very close to one, to use its power, whilst higher level users are sometimes able to call upon a Leyline?s power even if they were the same distance as a city block away from it.

There are always exceptions to these kinds of rules though. Some people seem to be able to use higher level magic without needing to call upon a Leyline, though this does drain them terribly of their strength.?[/QUOTE]

[B]He sighed loudly, smiling as he leaned back on the chair, happy that he?d gone through all of the information one last time. He was about to put the books away, and clean up the mess, when he noticed a sheet of paper resting on the desk.

He frowned as he leaned forwards and grasped the paper gently between two fingers. He didn?t remember putting any paper down on the table.

He raised the paper in front of his face, reading the writing on the paper.[/B]

[QUOTE= Sheet of paper]

Any questions about the RP are to be put in this topic here. Discussion about the RP also takes place in here.

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