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RPG Naruto: Path to Light


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15 years have past by. Uzumaki Naruto is now officially the 7th hokage. Haruno Sakura is head of Konoha?s medical team. Uchiha Sasuke has made peace after finally taking revenge on his accursed brother Itachi and has joined Akatsuki in his brother?s place. The world that was once terrorized by Orichimaru and his legion of the sound has died down to little smuggle attempts and minor deaths of less important people. Konoha has finally been restored well than ever and new generations of shinobi have just graduated from the academy! These children have had, so far better talents than the generation of the great Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke?

As the world may be in peace, evil is stirring in the newly formed village of the fire. Shinobi from the fire have been reported to have ?unnatural? abilities. The villages of mist and sand have formed a treaty and have started keeping an eye on the village of fire. As all attempts to get close the village of fire have been either stopped or returned with no new leads?


Gekko opens his eyes. He is still in bed and lifts his head up strugglingto notice that the sun hasn't fully risen up from the east. His head slammed back into the pillow. He slid his legs out of bed and stud up rubbing his eyes. Slowly he drug his feet towards the kitchen. Some tea had already been made. With his tea in his hands Gekko walked out to get his mail. Most of it was junk, except for a letter telling who was in his squad. A cloud of smoke then poofed by the mail slot. Inside the smoke was a letter inviting him to the kage's tower.

He put on his jounin suit and took of his pajamas. Gekko sprinted not even thinking about why he was being called. Being still asleep he didn't rush as fast as he could. He didn't even concider he was sent for a serious matter. When he got there he sat in the Kage's room. "Congrats on being the first to get here. We are waiting to start the breifing for the mission when they get here," said the Hokage. He was slouching in his chair (not the way a kage should show great posture). Gekko sat up and said "Who exactly are we waiting for." "Airi Inuzaka, Donobu Otah, and someone you know, Koro-ni," answered Naruto.

Little did Gekko know that while he was waiting in the Kage's room, that a problem was stering. An evil was brewing, and ready to attack Konoho. This would change everyones life and no one would be the same. The path you take willdecide your fate. Either it be the path of darkness, or the path of light.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Airi groaned as a large wet tounge slid across her cheek.
"Shaidow, gimme a few more minutes boy."
He whined and licked her chin again.
"Alright alright, I'll open the door so you can go."
The large black dog nipped her hand so she would look at him.
He looked at the small clock on her desk and whined again.
"Oh, I'm late."
She blinked as he held a letter up in his mouth with the Hokage's seal on it.
"I'm screwed."
She dressed quickly and opened the window and climbed onto the roof.
"Hey, lets go buddy."
He settled beside her and allowed her to climb on and than sprinted the way to the Hokage's tower. Arriveing she opened the door and smiled scratching the back of her neck.
"Sorry about that, I didn't realize what time it was."
She patted Shaidow's neck and looked around.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Koro stood atop a tree as the sun came up, holding a letter from the hokage in his hand. [I]"Hmmm there's always something wrong with this town." [/I]he thought to himself. He opened the letter and began to read. [I]"Urgent meeting blah, blah, blah, dire need, blah, blah, blah, come immediately. Thank you from Hokage et cetera et cetara."[/I] He shifted the needle sticking out between his lips from the right to the left side of is mouth, then said [I]"Alright I'll play along."[/I] And with that he vanished from sight. He leapt from roof to roof making his way to the Hokage's meeting.

As he went he saw Airi, a jounin of the Inuzuka clan native to Konoha. He would have said high were he not practically mime by nature. Instead he just kept going silently threw the village. They arrived roughly the same time. Airi opened the door the door and greeted the room taking attention away as Koro finished a body flicker jutsu appearing silently just inside the window. There he simply stood and waited, not saying a word.
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The wind was strong, the raindrops were so powerful it almost seemed like it was hailing. Donobu stood like a proud statue at the bow of the boat as it slowly approached the shores. The boat and crew cost him nearly everything he had left, but he had finally made it. He had finally come to the mysterious world called Asia. The boat almost ran ashore on the country of fire. He knew there was no point in the crew getting stranded. He turned his head softly, catching a glimpse of the captain, giving him a gentle nod which the captain kindly returned. Donobu leaped into the sky and a sudden powerful gust of wind carried him across the water to shore. He flew with such grace, as if he was one with the wind. When he landed the captain signaled the crew to turn the ship around. They had a long journey ahead of them, it was better to risk starving at the ocean than to stop at the docks and most likely getting robbed.

Donobu made his way on the sand, heading into the woods. It didn't matter where the path lead him, the first village he found people at, he would find out where Konoha Village is. Unless he was lucky enough to arrive at Konoha by sheer coincidence. His trail of thought was interrupted by a small gust of wind that whispered in his ears. His eyes calmly turned to the shadowed trees around him. He noticed the glowing eyes first, as the rest of their bodies appeared slowly out of the shadows. 5 bandits, they were obviously scouring the shores for stranded ships to rob.

[b]Bandit 1:[/b] Oh no, we've been spotted boys. No point in hiding around, let's show ourselves to our friend here.
[b]Bandit 2:[/b] Look at this freak guys, he's all white. Look at his eyes and hair, he must be from the country of Snow.
[b]All bandits:[/b] HA HA HA HA HA!
[b]Bandit 2:[/b] Well freak? Are you from the country of Snow?... Answer me! What's the matter with you?! Don't you speak Japanese!?

Donobu stood quietly and calmly, observing the bandits. Their language was so foreign to him. He had learn to understand a little bit of it from his master, but they were talking to fast and mentioned words he hadn't learned yet... [i]"What is... Freak?"[/i]... However he did not fail to interpret their intentions. He would rather not waste his time on this, but if they give him no choice...

[b]Bandit 1:[/b] I don't think he understands us. Look at his eyes, he's not Asian.
[b]Bandit 2:[/b] I don't care! Let's just get his money!

The bandits attacked Donobu, running at him like wild boars. The leader was the first to get to him and swing his giant sword. The swing was very powerful, but before it even touched Donobu, he disappeared. The leader ended up flipping himself over and landing on his back in the mud. They were all shocked, one second he was there and the next he was gone in a blink of an eye. Suddenly one of the bandits dropped down from the sky, the remaining 3 and the leader on his back looked up in the trees and saw Donobu standing on a branch.

Donobu did not want to waste any more time with the bandits. He would finish this quickly and be on his was. He leaped from the branch and as he started to drop head first the bandits stood in fighting stance. Before he reached the ground, wind again blow at him, this time making him disappear again. He only appeared briefly in front of every bandit delivering powerful kicks and punches that knocked them all out. There was no point in killing them, that's not why he came here.

The rain continued to pour down, but he didn't care. He just wanted to get to Konoha.
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Illudin walked out of some near by bush as Donobu was a little way in land now, "noone walks upon the country of fire unbenownst to the leafs" as the bug clones disguised as thugs on the ground dispersed back into himself he menioned "while the beetle may take out a few ants, it will only build his confidence and make it easier for him to be taken down when the swarm arives"

Illudin started following well behind his target keeping an eye on him as he sent a shadow clone to tell the hokage of the situation and ask what he wanted done of this intruder for it could be a spy or scout for an attacking nation. He made special sure to mention that the man had weapons of japaneese make so he was most likely from another village, tho at same time wondered why one would go to such lengths to sneak a person into the county of fire.

With that he followed the scent of the female bugs that where placed on him during the short fight and wondered if he had a fight coming up and as such checked his supllies and got ready.
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There was a long silence as the Hokage, Airi, Gekko, and Koro stood in the Hokage's office. The silence broke when a shadow clone of Illudin hopped in threw the window. "Lord Hokage," the clone began "the intruder has made his way inland, he doesn't seem know where he is going, but he may be a scout of an enemy village." "Understood" replied the Hokage. The clone continued "I will keep following him and defend the village if he gets hostile. By the layout of his general path, it seems as if he will arrive at the southern part of our boarders first. From what have seen of his abilities he may be able to scale the wall, in which case he will be near the direct center of our training fields. Fortunately this is an opportune place for a capture if he is hostile."

"Perfect!" answered the Hokage with his usual amount of awkward enthusiasm "If tat guy tried to attack us he won't stand a chance!" The clone nodded and looked around the room before vanishing into a cloud of smoke and sending his experiences back to the original Illudin. The room took a moment to let everything Illudin explained sink in. Koro thought to himself abut his next move, and spotted Gekko across the room, they caught each others gaze and gave a subtle nod back and forth. Koro said softly "It appears as though we may have more time on our hands then expected. Hokage I advise you continue with the proceedings minus our final guest. I am sure we are all eager to find out why we are here." Koro rarely spoke so when he did everyone listened, and as usual he was right. Everyone watched the Hokage closely waiting for his explanation.
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OOC: I'm not sure if everyone knows this, so I'm just gonna remind everyone. Donobu is not a bad guy. Read the sign up if you are not sure. Anyway, it's good so far so I'll continue.

Illudin stalked Donobu in the shadows. The rain had stopped, but there was still an unusual amount of wind. He's ok if he sticks to the trees... But then suddenly!

Back at the Hokage's room, Illudin's Shadow clone had just disappeared. Koro said something and everyone agreed. Naruto-kage took a few seconds to grab a breath and was about to say something when he was suddenly interrupted by another Illudin Shadow Clone.

[b]Illudin clone:[/b] Hokage-sama! He's Gone! He disappeared in front of my eyes! I don't know where he is but...
[b]Naruto:[/b] That's ok Illudin. You can stop searching. He's right here.

Everyone was shocked, when they suddenly turned around they saw Donobu standing by the door quietly observing them.

[b]Naruto:[/b] It's ok everyone. He has been here for a while. If his intention was to harm us he would have done so long ago.
[b]Airi:[/b] How did he get here so fast?! It's almost 30 miles to the shores!
[b]Koro:[/b] [i]"This guy... his speed is incredible... He's probably faster than Hokage-sama himself"[/i]
[b]Naruto:[/b] Stay calm everyone, no one will be harmed. But I am interested to see just what this young man wants.

They seem to understand Donobu is of no threat to them. But that's not enough. He needs their help to find Akasuki. Now it's just the matter of how he will communicate with them...
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Gekko got up.

Gekko: What's up. Long time no see!

Koro: Yeah! Can't beleive we're teamed up again.

Airi: Looks like you two have some history. How do yall know each other?

Gekko: Well we were all on a mission when he first came to the leaf. Me, him, and Hinabi (the hyuga one) were all on a squad and we fought together well, but when I turned anbu we seperated teams. Until I wanted to be a jounin to teach a squad.

Then Donobu came threw the door.

Naruto: Finally. We have everyone. So we will do the breefing, but yall will have to tell Illudin.

Koro: Illudin is coming?

Naruto: Yeah. Yall have to train him. He is destined to become a sannin.

Airi: That's awsoeme. We get to train the future sannin.

Naruto: Well, you are going to in filtrate the Snow village to get Daisukes Uchiha. He is also going to become a sannin, and the oher one will be your kid. Gekko.

Gekko: Wow, my child.

Naruto: Yes, and we won't go until Illudin's clone get's him to come here.

Illudin's Clone: Ok, I'll go get him.

The clone dashed out the window towards his real self.
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[COLOR="Red"]Since this is being addressed in the Backstage thread, I'll edit this post now.[/COLOR]
[i]OOC: Uhh, Garmeil, maybe you should make a Backstage thread so we can discus a few things. I'm not to fond of how you suddenly turn everything to a playful mood and away from what was happening... And also you completely changed Koro's quiet, loner attitude all of a sudden. I just think we should respect everyone's personality preference as far as how the players wanna represent their characters.

Sorry about this post, feel free to move it to a Backstage thread when/if Garmeil makes one. The reason I posted it instead of PM is because I think that the others might have an opinion in this. I'm probably not the only one who doesn't like having their characters changed in any way by others. I know Garmeil didn't change my character, but I value every players contribution, and I like The Enemy's character the way he was.[/i]


Donobu knew that communication would be difficult. All he really needed was one good link to build upon. One word that would make them understand what this is all about...

[b]Donobu:[/b] Akatsuki!!

Everyone was shocked. Naruto got a scary serious look on his face. [i]"Sasuke"[/i] he thought to himself [i]"... what did you do to this young man to make him come so far for you?!"[/i]

[b]Airi:[/b] Did he just say Akatsuki?!... Hokage-sama, does this mean they're back?!
[b]Naruto:[/b] I don't know Airi. But if what this young man is saying is true, then we need to investigate matters further. I need to have a talk, of sorts, with our new friend here. In the meantime you all know what your mission is. Meet here tomorrow morning at the same time for briefing before you set off.
[b]Gekko:[/b] But Hokage-sama! This is much more important! We should be going after Akatsuki!

[i]Illudin arrives through the window. He places himself comfortably in a corner of the room, near Donobu. They glance at each other, and after a few seconds they nod while smiling to indicate no harsh feelings.[/i]

[b]Naruto:[/b] No! The matter of the Snow is still as important as it was. The fact remains we know nothing about the situation with Akatsuki. Thats why I need to talk to our friend. And if I do find out something I will send Anbu to research it. You four have your mission, now follow through with it!
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Illudin already fairly close behind Donobu's track got the message about him being friend and at the meeting from his clone dispersing, "he found the village quickly enough, must have spent a fair bit of chakra to travel that distance in such a short time" Illudin thought as he ran through the trees towards the village. After a short bit Illudin arived at the edge of the woods that where cared for by the Nara family showing that he was just a short while out of the village.

As he ran he thought about how the other 3 sannin became so by surviving a war and the top enemy let them live because of it and said he'd let them live only if they called themselves the 3 sannin. Illudin wondered what kind of training he could recieve that would be the equivelant to living through a war and facing the top enemy ninja, while he had no dout that his skills where good enough to be a very hard challenge to any opponent let alone if they don't know of his bugs but to become a sannin seems nearly impossible seeing as theres only ever been 3.

just as he arrived in town he figured that they must mean sannin level and quickly entered the hokage's building, walked up some steps then entered the room quietly and stated "sorry for the wait" and walked over and waited at the edge of the room quietly waiting for the hokage to speak.
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[i]"Hai Hokage-sama!"[/i] everyone shouted and hurried off. Donobu simply stared as they left. He had no place to go. No home to return to...

As Illudin was about to leave...

[b]Naruto:[/b] Illudin! I would like you to stay here. I have had a change of heart and think you would be more useful here.
[b]Illudin:[/b] Hai Hokage-sama.
[b]Naruto:[/b] First of all, I can't keep referring to this man as "our friend". We need to know what his name is.
[b]Illudin:[/b] We can call him Shin. (This is a pun. The word Shin in Japanese means white. And Donobu is all white, [i]See bio[/i])
[b]Naruto:[/b] I'm sure he must have a name.

Naruto went over to Donobu and sat down on the floor in front of him, indicating that he should do the same. He pointed to himself and said "Naruto Uzumaki", and then pointed at Donobu with a curious expression. "Donobu Otah", he replied looking at Naruto as if he was explaining himself to his father.

[b]Illudin:[/b] Donobu?.. What an unfortunate guy being named after a thief.
[b]Naruto:[/b] I'm sure Donobu doesn't mean the same thing in his language.

Naruto took the map of Asia off his wall and presented it to Donobu. Ge gestured that this place is the same as the one he pointed to on the map. Then he gestured at Donobu that he should point out where he came from. Donobu looked at the map, his home wasn't even chartered on it. He slowly lifted his hand, and pointed several decimeters bellow the map.

[b]Naruto:[/b] ... Could it be that he is from Enopu?
[b]Illudin:[/b] Enopu? I thought that was just a legend.
[b]Naruto:[/b] I fear only it's mysticism may be legend... We need to find out what he knows about Akatsuki.
[b]Donobu:[/b] Akatsuki!!
[b]Naruto:[/b] Yes! What do you know about it?! Have they been to your home?!

Donobu only saw memories as Naruto desperately tried to communicate with him. He looked at the floor for a moment, interrupting Narutos trail. Donobu suddenly started to cry, surprising both Naruto and Illudin.

[b]Naruto:[/b] It seems Akatsuki really are back... And they are up to something. We need to know what... Illudin, let Donobu stay with you tonight. It's still early so try to spend the day teaching him about our language and customs. We will need his help, and we need to simplify communication. Come back with him tomorrow morning after the other teams briefing.
[b]Illudin:[/b] Hai Hokage-sama.
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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Navy"]Airi walked through the little village as the rest of it began to stir with the quickly rising sun. She looked up as the message hawk from the sands flew over head.
"Wounder what Garra is up to now?"
She looked down as a deep growl came from Shaidow, looking up to where he was looking she sighed. Koro stood against the fence. She walked up and leaned on the fence next to him.
"I'm pondering something Koro."
He looked at her indicating he was interested.
"Do you think all this trouble with the Akatsuki has something to do with Sasuke?"
He raised an eye brow not speaking, something he rarely did.
"Suppose your right, if it has something to do with them, it will most certainly have something to do with him."
He looked forward again.
"I was also wondering something else."
Again the raised eye brow.
"Why is that I am the only one who can understand you, even when you never say anything?"
He raised his eyebrow higher.
"I guess your right, there's no telling."
She smiled and closed her eyes, her face mask beginning to get hot against her face. Puling it down she took a sip of water from her canteen and offered it to Koro, he looked at it and than away.
"Alright, I offered. Picky."
He looked at her making her laugh with the look he gave her, her laughter only made the look intensify which intensified her laughter. She wiped her eyes and looked up at the sky.
"I hope this doesn't turn into another war like last time."
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Illudin took Donobu out through the town and pointed out thinks saying their name but mostly concentrated on basic speach, such as hello, verbs and various names of bugs. Later on in the day he was showing him the area around the village and paused for a second as he saw a wire infront of him, and quickly noticed many others in the vacinity.

looking around he noticed they had stumbled into a maze of wires and moving around would be very difficult as they even lined in the air between trees, and he put his ear to the ground and quickly heard 2 people coming in this direction and got up and told donobu 2 people where coming this way.

Illudin and Donobu looked up as 2 akatsuki landed on a nearby branch above them weapons drawn, Illudin made 1 hand sign as a puff of smoke apeared and a clone of him ran off towards the town to get reinforcements, One of the 2 akatsuki made a small motion with his hands and 2 wires crossed each other slicing through the clone as he smirked.

"ha you gotta do better then that to stop my clone" as the cuts through the clone filled with bugs on the other side of the wires and formed back as it just was. The clone jumped a few times and met the other akatsuki who suddenly apeared infront and punched into the clone holding an explosive tag which then exploded scattering the insects.

A wire came flying towards Illudin and Donobu, Donobu quickly disapeared apearing short distance away and felt a sharp pain as 2 cuts apeared on him. "wires everywhere, don't run through any" Illudin commented as the wire cut through me which turned out to be a bug clone, as he jumped out of the way of a black spear made of bugs Illudin through at him from behind. *hmm one apears to be using a combination of strong fist and iron skin jutsu and the other seems to have complete control over those wires* as another wire came by almost cutting off Illudins who just replacemented in time.

edit: spelling and tense issues
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Donobu and Illudin stood still, trying to observe as much of the situation as possible without dropping their guard. Illudin seemed concerned by the fact that Donobu barely looked around him. And then he noticed Donobu closed his eyes completely. [i]"What is he doing?"[/i] Illudin thought, trying not to loose his focus on the surroundings. Without making his bugs shapeshift they couldn't get help fast enough. He had no choice but to let them run in their own individual forms. At least then the Akatsuki members can't stop them. As he watched one of his beetles fly off, he noticed it was briefly knocked off course by a small gust of wind. [i]"That's it!"[/i] He thought and looked at Donobu, [i]"... I know what you're doing... And I'm gonna help by stalling these guys"[/i]. Suddenly Illudin raised his arms...

[b]Illudin:[/b] Hey losers!

Hidden in the trees, the two Akatsuki were suddenly surprised. One of them came out of hiding.

[b]Akatsuki 1:[/b] You're not exactly in a position to be talking to us like that. Are you [u]trying[/u] to get killed?
[b]Illudin:[/b] I'm just curious what you want from us.
[b]Akatsuki 1:[/b] Ha! We want nothing from you! It's your friend we're after. He has something we need.
[b]Illudin:[/b] Then why haven't you made your move yet?
[b]Akatsuki 1:[/b] Your friend is not the type of guy we can just walk up to. For our own interest we need to secure him first.
[b]Illudin:[/b] And what about me?
[b]Akatsuki 1:[/b] You? You're practically dead already. We just haven't finalized it yet.
[b]Illudin:[/b] I think you'll find it's a little more difficult than that.

Having said that, Illudins body suddenly dispersed into a pool of insects. The curious Akatsuki stared intently, not noticing the bugs flocking together behind him, forming a brand new Illudin ready to strike with his kunai. As he's about to strike, the other Akatsuki suddenly threw another wire at Illudin to stop him. It was too late for Illudin to react, but suddenly a shuriken came flying by him, cutting the wire before it reached him... It was Donobu, still having his eyes closed, he threw that shuriken so precisely. [i]"I was right, that's what Donobu's doing..."[/i] He though for a second before the Akatsuki in front of him turned around and attacked him. They engaged in an intense battle in the tree tops. [i]"I have to stay close to this guy. If I do that, his friend wont dare throw more wires at me"[/i].

Suddenly Donobu opened his eyes, and dispersed a shower of shuriken in all directions. One narrowly missed the hidden Akatsuki. [i]"Hmph, he missed..."[/i] he thought, but at the same instant he was shocked as he saw all of his wires drop. Without a moments pass Donobu appeared behind him and drop kicked him straight down into the ground, breaking the tree and causing a hole in the ground. Before the Akatsuki managed to get up, Donobu landed on top of him, twisting his arm and keeping him in place while Illudin dispatched the other one.

The battle was raging on, but Illudin seemed surprised by now easy this Akatsuki members battle patterns were easily to learned, and how weak his punches were. Not to mention the fact that he was so slow. As they both leaped into the sky and started dropping towards the ground Illudin allowed his foe the higher ground, but just before he landed bellow his body once again dispersed into a flood of insects, shocking his opponent. As the Akatsuki landed in the pool of bugs Illudin appeared again, observing as the bugs engulfed his opponent, pinning him to the ground. Illudin looked over towards Donobu.

[b]Donobu:[/b] Illudin, sugoi!

... said Donobu with his thumb in the air and a kind smile on his face. Illudin returned the gesture.

Illudin and Donobu returned to the Hokage with their two prisoners unconscious. Illudin sat them down in the floor and turned his attentions to Naruto.

[b]Illudin:[/b] Hokage-sama, we were attacked outside of the village by these two dressed as Akatsuki members.
[b]Naruto:[/b] Dressed?
[b]Illudin:[/b] Yes. They are way to weak to be Akatsuki. However, don't know how they got these outfits. It's not exactly something you can buy in a clothing shop.
[b]Donobu:[/b] Akatsuki, give.
[b]Naruto:[/b] oh I see you taught him some Japanese, that's good. Donobu, are you saying that Akatsuki gave these men their outfits.
[b]Donobu:[/b] Hai.
[b]Illudin:[/b] Huh?! How could you possibly know that?
[b]Donobu:[/b] Akatsuki, watch, battle.
[b]Naruto:[/b] Eeh? How do you know that?...
[b]Illudin:[/b] ... Ahh, I see. Donobu uses a very unique battle technique in which he controls the wind. In the battle with the impersonators he used it as a sort of radar to detect every single wire around him. He seems to speak to the wind, as if it's watching over him.
[b]Naruto:[/b] Donobu, did the wind tell you that Akatsuki were watching you?
[b]Donobu:[/b] Hai.
[b]Naruto:[/b] This is more serious than I thought. They were testing you. They were obviously aware of Donobus arrival. But it's very unlike Akatsuki to use decoys.
[b]Illudin:[/b] Those two said that Donobu had something that they needed. A message from the real Akatsuki maybe?
[b]Naruto:[/b] We can't jump to conclusions. We need to interrogate these two when they wake up to find out more.
[b]Illudin:[/b] There's more. Before we brought them here, I searched them and found these. Fire village headbands.
[b]Naruto:[/b] Then this whole Akatsuki issue may be connected to what's been going on in the village of fire... I want both of you to return here tomorrow with the other team. We'll have a definitive plan by then, and hopefully a few answers from these impersonators.
[b]Illudin:[/b] Hai Hokage-sama.

OOC: Phew, sorry bout the long post, but I was inspired ^^

Awe dang, The Enemy hadn't posted that yet when I started mine. What now? -_-
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The next morning, Koro was sitting up in a tree as usual watching the sun rise. His peaceful calm was broken however when Illudin appeared on a tree top near by. Koro looked over indicating he was curious "The Hokage requests our presence again." Illudin said shortly before leaping off again. Koro nodded and jumped off himself. Illudin left to get Gekko, and Koro headed of to find Airi. Donobu was already in the Hokage's office when everyone showed up. The Hokage had a grim look on his face, for anyone who had known Naruto for any amount of time they knew this could not be a good sign. "The village of fire has similar intentions to our last enemy, Orochimaru." The room fell dead silent the moment his name was said. The silence was interrupted by the Hokage continuing "akin to Orochimaru, the land of fire seems to be on a quest to learn all jutsu. They seek to know every ninja technique in the world. That is why Donobu is so important to them, his unique wind based technique is like nothing anyone has ever seen before. They want to have it for themselves. Unfortunately, they want to keep this knowledge within their village. Killing Donobu so he doesn't teach the technique to anyone else."

Illudin stepped forward "Do they plan on killing all high level ninja's as well, so jutsu will not be passed on in other villages?" The Hokage nodded and answered "Yes, they aren’t powerful enough to defeat all the other shinobi villages single handed though. They want all villages to be pitted against one another, so they will all destroy each other." Airi spoke up next "So what are we going to do about this?" Naruto went silent and thought to himself for a moment then answered "First off we can expect more attacks from the village of fire. So I suggest we all sharpen our skills and get to know each others strengths, when the next attack comes we should be prepared. The fire village won't set it's largest plan into action until it has acquired the jutsu needed to defend itself in the case of a country wide war. This means f we can defeat tem before they know Donobu' wind technique we'll safe millions of lives."

Illudin asked yet another hard question "What do the Akatsuki have to do with any of this?" Naruto smiled slightly "I was waiting for you to ask that, all I know so far is that the Akatsuki are going to attack when Konoha is weakest, directly after the fire village's strike. The Fire village has somewhat adopted the Akatsuki into their land, adding the Magekyo sharingan, Rinnegan, and many more deadly tactics into their ranks. Be prepared for the worst people. I have already ordered the gennin and chunin evacuate the training fields, even the chunin exam is being postponed. The land is open for you, the jounin, to train as you may. Dismissed."

you want me to change anything pm me
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The briefing was over. As everyone left they seemed a lot less enthusiastic than the last time he saw them all leave. He understood most of what the Hokage said, but he couldn't help but notice the lack of information he had about Akatsuki. Was he holding back intentionally or did he really not find out anything from the two captives from the day before? Donobu had to know, he didn't have anywhere better to be anyway...

[b]Donobu:[/b] Hokage-sama... Akatsuki?
[b]Naruto:[/b] I had a feeling you'd want to know more. I'm surprised the others didn't call me on the bluff... Yes, it's true, I know more about the Akatsuki then I mentioned during the briefing. The reason I didn't reveal more is because I didn't want to consern everyone with it. For now I think they need to keep their minds focused on the Fire village. Whatever happens, the fire village will in one way or another lead us to the Akatsuki.

Donobu stared intently at Naruto. He was still not telling him what was really happening.

[b]Naruto:[/b] Alright... The truth is, with my personal experience with the Akatsuki and specifically Uchiha Sasuke, I believe that whatever actions the fire village shinobi are taking are most likely the direct result of whatever Akatsuki is up to. Knowing the amount of power that Akatsuki hold, there is no chance that their collaboration is mutualy beneficial. The fact that those two impersonators seemed to be acting on behalf of Akatsuki seems to speak for that theory more than anything else. I believe the Akatsuki are in direct control of the entire fire village. Whether the villages shinobi are willingly following orders or if they are somehow brainwashed, I do not know. But brainwash would not surprise me. The fire village has absolutely no use for all the Jutsus in the world. However, we already know that both Sasuke and his former master at one point were set on that goal.

Donobu finally understood why his master was killed by the Akatsuki. They wanted to know the technique. But then why were they after him if they already have it? What more could Donobu possibly offer them?

[b]Donobu:[/b] For now Donobu, I think the best thing for you is to spend time with the others in case of any more attacks. If nothing else, you all have a lot to learn from one another. That will help a lot in future events. You still need to learn more of our language and way of life, and in turn you could help train the others by sparing with them. If they can manage to defend themselves against your speed, then that would be a great asset in case the Akatsuki get your abilities.

For now, this was all Donobu could do until the Akatsuki presented themselves again...
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Koro strolled down the street looking for something to do while thinking about what the Hokage told everyone. It was obvious he was holding back about the Akatsuki issue but Koro wasn't really one to press the issue so let it slide. As he walked down the street he spotted Illudin. Koro casually walked over and drew a senbon. Illudin was at first a little confused, fortunately Airi was close by as well "He wants to spar with you." she explained. Illudin smirked and replied "Where?". Koro smiled and gestured to follow him. A few moments later they had made their way to a large training field, the area was like a prairie except extremely uneven, the land was filled with steep hills and holes. All covered over neatly by a fresh layer of grass.

When they arrived Koro looked over to Airi and Shaidow, ten gave them a curious upward nod sort of gesture before Airi could answer it Illudin cu in "Let m guess, he wants you two to join in as well?" Airi laughed a little "Yep, Koro was always one for a good fight". Illudin turned his view to Koro and asked "What about that newcomer, is he just going to wonder around the village aimlessly while we train?" Koro shrugged, then Airi answered for him "Well he needs to get a look around anyway, and who knows if he passes by he might just want to have some fun too. They jumped into different positions over the battle field each taking his or her own unique battle stance. Now Airi, Koro, Illudin and Shaidow all stood at the ready, each waiting for someone else to make the first move.
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Illudin jumped back making 12 hand signs in a split second(kakashi after time skip speed) before moving his hands forward "destruction technique: twisting spears", 4 black spears flew out of the ground from beside Illudin going towards Koro.

Quickly jumping to the side onto another small hill and just before throwing senbon in retaliation the spears curved in the air almost hitting koro as he made another smooth jump away this time not trying to throw senbons as he would deffinatly be ready for it and made a few hand signs using his rain jutsu instead, As the 4 spears running out of power landed behind Illudins 2 opponents in a wide spread as each had tried to turn round at different angles.

A few drops of rain and a small breeze came up as Illudin jumped back further looking at the Airi and Shaidow waiting for them to make a move as he himself prepared his strategy to come out the winner even planning just incase for the situation that Donobu arived, He made 6 quick hand signs "multi body flicker", And illudin apearing infront Koro punching at him who reactivly ducked as Illudin disapeared apearing behind Airi unleashing a wave of bugs from his sleeves as the rain started to come down harder now almost a heavy pour.
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  • 2 weeks later...
Wolfie was up before the sun even came out. He takes a swig from whats left of his water then starts walking and talking as he usually does when theirs no-one around.

Wolfie: "Awww thats great, real great. Rain again. Man I'm never getting a break. I'm still far away from that sword. 50 gold coins and I only have 1. Not to mention that I need to work to get some more coins for food and some new cloths. These reak. No wonder why I am tossed out of every town I come accrossed."

Wolfie walked for about 2 hours near the shore line hoping for a crab to be on the shore instead he sees a ship and a guy jumping off the bow and looked like he was water gliding. Wolfie hides in the brush and watches as hecame ashore and being attacked.

Wolfie: "Hey that guy isnt from here. His cloths are different. Reminds me of something. Well might as well follow him maybe ask him if he as any stall bread."

Wolfie was following him at a distance keeping only visual contact with this guy. Then he goes up to the stranger and taps him on the shoulder.

Wolfie: "Excuse me sir, would you happen to have an stal bread I could have?"

The stranger just looks at him with a confused look on his face. Wolfie deffently knows that he is not japanesse nor chinesse. Looks like a european. Wolfie thought to himself about the ship that crashed on shore here about a few years ago and the strange books he found with foreign words in them.

Wolfie pulls his sack off his back and pulled out a dictionary and hands to this stranger.

Wolfie speaks slow: "I think this is yours European."
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Airi took the chance as the other two were going for each other at the moment to down a pill and give one to Shaidow, both felt their stamina burst. She smiled and made her hand signs and growled as they continued to fight, fangs grew in her mouth as she finished the hand signs.
"Beast mimicry!"
A loud howl issued throughout the clearing as Shaidow grew to a tremendous size, they growled in unison making the others look in her direction and smile. Charging them her and Shaidow began to fight with the others fiercely.[/FONT][/COLOR]

Sorry its short, dont feel to good.
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Sorry about being late. I have a lot on my plate.

Nei wandered around the village, like her father lets her do every day. She was wondering what she could do. she never did figure out what that book meant to her father. All she did was go on trips every time there was a new issue. It always went like this:

Nei: I'm here.

Jiraiya: That time again, huh?

Nei: Yeah. Here's the money, you give me the book, as usual.

Jiraiya: Here you go! Have a nice day!

Nei: You too!

Constantly, she wondered what was in the book. One day, she decided to take a peek. She opened the book to the first page. What she saw was horrifying.

Nei: Aah! That's nasty! I can't believe he reads that stuff!

She never looked in there again. All she wonders now is who would she meet today, and if they were nice or not.
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