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Gaming Advance War: Days of Ruin


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I wanted to talk about the newest installment of Advance Wars. Here I am going to review what I think of it, after that I'm going to say what I think of the game and how it does.

I think the new Advance War game is very good and addictive also. It is fun like in the previous installment. Gameplay for this new installment is still the same but with different new things to look to.

Once you think the graphic look the same, your wrong. In the battle scene it is very different, because the battle scene is different then the other Advance War game. I say the graphic still look good even with the little army unit in a different angle.

[B]Sound Quality[/B]
The sound is good, especially the little army unit. Like the Anti-air, or the Fighter unit the sound effect for them is amazing. The sound effect almost sound kinda real, I think.

Here's my favorite part of the game, the music. The music to each character and the music of this game is simply very very good. Everytime you choose a different CO, they have their own theme song, most of the CO have like a rock music of some sort. The storyline line music when you play through the game is simply good too.

Hmmmmm... well I have to say that the storyline is very good. Why is the storyline is good? Its because this time the story is a little bit more dark and its more of a T-rated game storyline. Once you went through the storyline its going to remind you of a game you once play before, like it did to me.

What is cool about this feature is that, you can play online and use voice chat while you play online. You can trade maps and battle friends online, so if you like to dominate, destroy, or just play a friendly game online with a friend or friend's, then this game is for you.

Well thats what I think of the game. The game is awesome, so I recommend buying this game if you have a Nintendo DS or if your a fan of the series like me. Cool stuff is on the game if you buy it. New character to choose from and new maps to play on. This game is on one of my top list, so not buying it is a bad thing to do. Overall I say this game does very well then I expected. You could say I'm impress about this game.
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I second everything you have said, this game is a huge improvement over the last Advanced Wars, and they were already great games. The story is more mature but still acceptable for little kids even though they wont understand it and suck at the game. The graphics are great, I love where they went with them. This game is a must have for DS owners because it's finally a game besides Zelda and Ace Attorney, that quite frankly, doesn't suck. But that's just my 2 cents, I'm personally a fan of the PSP.
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Have anyone notice about the ranking system in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin? I barely notice it about a few weeks ago when I was playing it and my rank was a two star person, my team was MD Tank Corps, and my force were Ground. Have anyone else notice about the ranking system in the game?
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