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Guest KodehaGhost

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Guest KodehaGhost
I'm new here and would like some feedback on my idea for this manga.
I haven't read too many different manga so I'm probably copying an idea from one I've probably never heard of.
Please tell me if I am.

The manga is about a guy who can turn into a demon.(The demon looks kind of like the sealing jutsu monster in the Third Hokage vs Orochimaru fight in Naruto).I haven?t decided on his name yet so I?m open to suggestion. He has crimson hair and blood-red eyes. He has fire powers and wields two short swords. When he transforms the swords grow into two huge swords and tattoos appear on his body. He might also get angel/devil wings.
He is reckless and will never back down from a fight. He finds it very important to protect others. His past is a mystery.
He?s on a quest to find some super powered object that will doubtless turn out being dangerous for the world (There will be 4 members on the team and possibly a little animal-demon creature).
Some other characters will include, so far- a princess who runs away from her royal heritage with healing/holy powers, a cool, indifferent spiky haired guy with an axe which splits in two with a chain connecting the two halves, a frosty ice powered woman with a temper who can turn into a demon with five fox tails and blue skin.
There will be other demon characters and I intend to include demons from different folklore not just Japanese, and people will have different powers as well.
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