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Writing The Gunslinger Incarnate


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[COLOR="1234"]This is just a short little prologue/short story that has to do with an idea that's been rolling in my head for a few weeks. The story's original name was The Gunslinger, but I looked around the net and Stephen King already has a book called The Gunslinger. This is just a short thing that will introduce you to teh beginning a little bit, it's like a trailer.



[COLOR="Sienna"][B]"Ethan, did you get the mail today?" [/B]A deep, tall voice echoed down a long, dark hallway. The voice was that of twenty-one year old, David Oswald. David was tall and skinny.

[B]"Yeah, I got something, and you have a few bills." [/B]Ethan replied as he placed a few envelopes on David's desk. Ethan was a medium sized, and very muscular teenager that David knew since he was five. Ethan had long black hair, and dark blue eyes. Ethan also had an unusual birthmark shaped like a star on his back, and he had a small scar across his neck.

[B]"Well, I'm going to be upstairs Ethe, see you in a few hours, we'll goto the bar tonight." [/B]David waved and walked up the dark ceder steps to his room. Ethan, sat down in David's recliner and opened the letter addressed to him.


Dear Ethan,
You might not remember me, but I sure do remember you. We went to middle school together when we were 14 and we were great friends. Oh, how could I forget, my name is Breanne Flin, if that helps you remember. Anyways, could you meet me at the park on 2-9-23 at 8 P.M.? I'd love to catch up.

Your old friend,
Breanne Flin.

P.S. It's going to be great to see you again![/INDENT][/I][/B]

Ethan sat on the edge of the recliner and thought about this Breanne girl, and suddenly it hit him. She was his old crush in 8th grade. They were really good friends, until Breanne moved when she was seventeen. Ethan was ecstatic to see her, she was a good person and an even better friend. He could remember her personality, she was sweet, funny and caring. Plus she was very cute.

The clock read 5:30 P.M., Ethan had to get ready.


It was 6:30, and Ethan was walking the streets of New York City. He was headed to the park to greet Breanne. But something was off, why did she try reconnecting with Ethan? Ethan liked her, he didn't even think about her until now. But Ethan didn't care, he didn't want to blow her off and feel like a prick.

After a few minutes of mindless walking, Ethan arrived at the park, however, Breanne wasn't there. The only person there was a man wearing a weird black robe, and he was holding something similar to a blade in his hand. He also had a sling with a small pistol in it.

The park was dead silent, even the cold breeze stopped as the man took a few steps toward Ethan. Ethan looked around to see that time had stopped! The cars stopped moving, the clouds stopped moving, even the animals stopped moving.

[I]What the hell is going on? [/I]Ethan asked himself. A few seconds past and the man in the robe walked toward Ethan. With every step a metal clang erupted from the man's feet.

[B]"Who are you?!" [/B]Ethan yelled after obtaining some bravery. The man removed his hood to reveal an almost mirror image of Ethan. But the man's eyes were red and his face was a bit darker.

[B]"You don't know me, yet you do know me..."[/B] He said in a dark, gloomy voice.

[B]"What do you mean?" [/B]Ethan asked as he stepped back cautiously.

[B]"I am the Gunslinger, and so are you... you don't know yet, but your life is about to change."[/B]


Ethan awoke in his bed, he was breathing heavily, he whipped his face and sat up. He was panting like a dog in a stove. The same dream, for the twelfth day in a row, what the hell does it all mean? Ethan asked himself. It was 12 P.M. and the sun was hidden behind the clouds. Suddenly he heard a knock on the door.

[B]"Ethan, you received a letter from some girl. Her name is Breanne, she wants to see you tomorrow at 7 in the evening."[/B]

Ethan opened the letter realizing that the dream might be more real than he thought.[/COLOR]
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