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A deep shadow floated softly across the sidewalk, twirling and shifting in the full moonlight. A single red eye was visible in the region where the shadow's head would be. The shadow cast its gaze about feverishly, searching for someone, anyone. There!

A girl was sitting at a bus stop, alone. Good. The shadow drifted over the unsuspecting human. A long wispy tendril drew shot forward, dragging something from deep within it. It appeared to be an everyday notebook. Shaking with glee, the shadow let the book fall from its grasp.

It landed next to the girl with a thud. She jumped and almost screamed at the sudden sound, looking about frantically for the source of the noise. It was some time before she noticed the black notebook on the bench beside her. "Huh? This wasn't here before." She opened the strange volume for inspection. What she found surprised her.

"The human whose name is written in this note shall die," she read. "What a load of crap! And there's more. Stuff about picturing your victim's face, the cause of death, details, blah blah blah." The girl smiled and rolled her eyes. Somebody was playing a really weak joke on her. Who ever heard of death by notebook?

"This is really stupid. If I do this," she took a pen out of her purse and began writing something. "If I write my own name, then I should die. There, we, go!" Nothing happened. The girl saw the lights of the bus turn the street corner. Standing up, she left the crazy notebook on the bench.

She was smiling a lot to herself. Whoever had played that prank on her was a real dumbass. Creative, but still a dumbass. Just as she was contemplating who would have pulled that, she felt a stabbing pain in her chest. "Aaah!" The few other passengers became alarmed. The young girl had fallen out of her seat, and she wasn't moving. There were murmurs as the driver pulled to an emergency stop. They all had one thing in common. Kira.

The stange shadow was disappointed. He had expected his fun to last a little longer. The passengers who had got off at the stop had mostly gone off on their own little ways. But there was one human who stopped to pick up the Death Note. Looking up, they saw the shadow that was Kagerou, and smiled. The shinigami couldn't resist a cackling laugh. So, his fun hadn't been ruined after all. The chaos was just beginning.


This is obviously a Death Note RPG, and fans of the series can guess at the objective. First, one person will play the human with the Death Note. Their goal will be to kill the other players by finding out their true names. Everyone else will be playing as the other passengers who left the bus, trying to discover the identity of the "Kira". Only myself and the player who is chosen to be "Kira" will know who it is.


Alias- NOT your character's real name. PM the character's name to me instead.

Appearance- What your character looks like. We're all playing humans, so nothing outrageous.

Personality- How your character generally acts.

Occupation- What your character does for a living.

History- A brief biography of your character. Need to work on the brief part myself.

Your First Victim- Let's say theoretically your character was the one that obtained the Death Note. How would you test it out to make sure it was real? This is the one that decides who plays Kira.

Here a few points that may need clarifying:
The Kira cannot kill another player's character without him/her finding out that character's name. This is done through PMs. Each player starts out knowing their own name, and I should know everybody's name. As the game progresses, each player can PM their name to any other player, so long as there is a reason for them finding out the name in the game itself. An example would be one character whispering to another. The game ends when either all the non-Kira's are dead or the identity of the Kira is made public, with proof of course.

My sign-up will be edited in here in a little while. All this typing has made me hungry. Happy hunting!:devil:
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