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This was the first design I sketched out for the previous Cross design commission: [url]http://baby-marshmallow.deviantart.com/art/Cross-Commission-75743774[/url] , it was flatly rejected by the client, but I really liked it so I decided to finish it up and keep it for myself.


Heh heh, I think it really suits me.

My Deviantart account: [url]http://baby-marshmallow.deviantart.com/[/url]
My Website: [url]http://marshmallowpalace.atspace.com/entrance.htm[/url]
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[COLOR=Navy][FONT=Book Antiqua]What program(s) do you use?
It looks like it could be done with sharpie, but I doubt it. I think I'm the only one these days that uses Sharpies for dark, bold lines...

Anyway, I like it. Usually I'm not much of a fan of crosses, but that would make one hell of a tattoo.
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