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Sign Up Bleach; New Generation, New threat

Akieen Cloud

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[COLOR="DarkRed"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]It has been years since the last major battle, and things have begun to settle down, Aiizen's threat has been eliminated and the captains are appointing new shinigami to take over for them. The thirteen protection squads are repopulating as more and more recruits come in and fill in empty spots, but things are never as calm as they seem. Things underneath all of this have been strained and stressed. It would appear that along with peace there is always one who is willing to disturb it. His name is Ahido and he is looking for a way to control the Hollows much like Aizen. A mad scientist he is spliceing them and making them more fierce than ever before and what's worse is his true target is the real world. Ichigo and Rukia have been sent on an undercover mission to track down and infultraite the stray shinigami's inner circle for it seems he is not working alone; and report back to the captain commander but they have not been heard from for nearly 3 months. Untill word is known the thirteen protection squad captains have been sent to protect the real world and its inhabitants. Powerful Hollows and low level Arranar await them as they enter into a new battle and possibly even a new war. The new and old captains are on the way through the gate to find out.[/FONT][/COLOR]

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]
Okay, I'm bored and need something to do, hopefully some people will humor me here. ^^;

Squad 1.(still belongs to the old man)
Squad 2.
Squad 3. (Mine)
Squad 4.
Squad 5.
Squad 6.
Squad 7.
Squad 8.
Squad 9.
Squad 10.
Squad 11. (Reserved)
Squad 12.
Squad 13.[/FONT]

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Navy"]Name: Sia

Age: 21

Appearance: [URL="http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t316/x-Hidden-Angel-x/Black%20Haired%20Anime%20Girls/animegirl-1.jpg"]Sia[/URL]

Personality: Bouncy and hyper she is not your average shinigami, she is often called the taller version of Yachiru only with out the nicknames. She is fun to be around and like to get peope laughing but when the fun is over and the fighting begins she one of the last shinigami you want to mess with.

Squad Number Captain/ Vice Captain: Squad 3 Captain

Zanpaktou Name (Released and Bankai attacks and/or abilities): Her Zanpaktou is slightly unusal for the simple fact that it is one of the only fire based swords in Soul Society. Kasai is it's releases name and Kasai Inferuno is its Bankai name. In it's released form it has two attacks
First Heat: Kaen, this attack launches a large and devestateing blast of fire that is hot enought and strong enough to melt flesh from bone and temper cold hard steel.
Second Heat:Fukazan, this attack release reiatsu from the hilt into the ground and creates a volcano the erupts and showers the enemies with large molten rock.
Bankai: This form is known as the most dangerous in all of Soul Society for the damage it does when released is more than it is worth. Flames cover Sia and then dissapers to leave her with a sword of fire it self. Swinging the sword once with cause a path of destruction.

Bio: Unknown, she had it erased when she became a captain.

[SIZE="3"]You can be a character from the original series if you want (EX: Ichigo, Rukia, Ishida, Orihime, Chad and so on)[/SIZE]

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="2"][COLOR="Red"]This will have some Mature nature in it such as language and gore so please keep that in mind. Thanks![/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[B]Name:[/B] Judis

[B]Age:[/B] 22

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://images.wikia.com/devilmaycry/images/9/96/DMC4-Dante_CG_Render.png"]Judis[/URL]

[B]Personality:[/B] He is almost as cold as Byakuya, and that is why he was chosen as the new captain of Byakuya's squad. He spends most of his time in the human world and has become very acustomed to their clothing, as such he usually wears his human world clothes even in soul society. He is pretty cocky in battle even though he suffers with hand to hand combat and the most common kido techniques.

[B]Squad Number Captain/ Vice Captain:[/B] 6th Division Captain

[B]Zanpaktou Name (Released and Bankai attacks and/or abilities):[/B]
Sealed- Judis' zanpakuto is named Dunkle Prinz it is unique compaired to most zanpakuto as in sealed form it takes the appearence of aeuropean long sword instead of the usual katana. [URL="http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c256/iarm/DevilMayCry/ForceEdge.jpg"](pic)[/URL]
[U]Shikai[/U]- When Dunkle Prinz is released into it's first form, it becomes a larger skeletal themed sword that seems to be able to summon an infinite number of strange thinner swords, which Judis uses as he pleases. To activate his shikai, the command word is "dicipline" [URL="http://images.wikia.com/devilmaycry/images/5/5d/Rebellion_3a.gif"](pic)[/URL]
[U]Bankai[/U]- The name of Judis bankai is Erhaben Dunkle Prinz, it changes from a basic blade and becomes a strange skeletal looking backpack over one shoulder his ability to summon blades at will is substantially more powerful as is his control over the blades produced[URL="http://images.wikia.com/devilmaycry/images/5/58/Lucifer.jpg"](Erhaben dunkle Prinz)[/URL][URL="http://images.wikia.com/devilmaycry/images/6/68/Dante-Lucifer.jpg"](Judis wearing Erhaben dunkle Prinz)[/URL]

[B]Bio:[/B] Judis was born and raised in Seireitei, viewed as an under-achiever however, failing miserably at hand to hand combat and common kido tecniques, he has however surpassed most of his graduating class in swordsmanship combat, and the shunpo ability. His Zanpakuto matches his abilities turning into several swords to which he excels . His powerfull zanpakuto and reputation as a combat genius has led him quickly up the ranks and he was soon chosen to head squad 6 in stead of Shunsui, who raised him and taught him in squad 6 most of his life, and trusted in his calm attitude as similar to his own. He used to spend most of his time with his twin broher Tidite, they grew older over time and grew apart, even though they have developed nearly identical attitudes, and becoming bitter rivals.
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[B]Name:[/B] Tidite

[B]Age:[/B] 28

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://img201.imageshack.us/img201/5852/vergilse3zb2.jpg"]Tidite[/URL]

[B]Personality:[/B] Tidite is calm, cool, and collected.

[B]Squad Number Captain/ Vice Captain:[/B] Captain of 13th Squad

[B]Zanpaktou Name (Released and Bankai attacks and/or abilities):[/B] Ogap-maler
[URL="http://images.wikia.com/devilmaycry/images/1/13/Weapon_1.jpg"]*Sealed form*[/URL]- looks exactly like his twin brothers
Shikia(doesn't apear to change)- instead of changing in apearance his shikia just increases his speed and has abilities, he often uses this to trick his opponents into underestimating him thinking only using unreleased form. Has wind element

[B]Judgment:[/B] An orb of wind energy forms at a distance damaging any within distance of it and are thrown from the area.

[B]Trick Step:[/B] Tidite shunpo's and sheaths his katana then all those between where he was before and where he is after shunpo get cut, usually used over short distance as is weaker the farther he travels.

[URL="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v711/Eredh/Devil%20May%20Cry/Weapons/DA2.jpg"]*bankai*[/URL]-NOTE an odd characteristic of the Bankai is that Tidite retains his katana at his side and fights with both weapons.

[B]Judgment: [/B]When in bankai he can create masses of these that appear quasi-randomlyr

[B]Wind Shield:[/B]Despite it's name it is more of an energy shield then one of wind that completely encases Tidite protecting him from harm for a limited time, afterwards he is charged with the energy for a short while

[B]Drive:[/B] His Blade(the larger one) glows with red energy as he slashes forward an invisible wave is unleashed cutting all in it's path.
[U]Lesser Moves[/U]
Blade Throw/Retrieve: He throws his larger blade which either goes straight at the target or spins and homes in on the target slightly and is then retrieved by an act of will.

[B]Stinger:[/B]He lunges at his target with supreme speed with his larger blade at speeds far surpassing what one could do physically.

[B]Bio:[/B] Like his Twin Brother and Rival Judis, Tidite was raised in Seireitei as he also showed skill in being a Shinigami, Throughout the training he excelled in Swordsmanship and speed while still having fairly decent kidou and developed his Shikia earlier then most but was mocked for it's exact similarity with his unreleased form, that was until he started unlocking it's powers. like his brother he excells at shunpo and one of his zanpakuto's abilitys show as such. He joined team 13 and quickly went through the ranks by beating everyone else in sparring. When the Captains sickness was too hard for himto continue as captain he gave up his position and gave it to Tidite.
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[SIZE="2"]Name: Matthew McCloud

Age: 19

Appearance: [URL="http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c247/AnimePhotoGallery/Anime/Anime%20Guys/GaiaCharacter.jpg"]Matthew[/URL]

Personality: Is normally quiet, and very supportive of his captain, but it?s not the normal loyalty observed by most vice-captains. He is silently infatuated with his captain, and thus would do almost anything for her. This also explains why he?s a vice-captain who has the ability to use Bankai, being that he does not wish to leave her, so he has kept it a secret.

Squad Number Captain/ Vice Captain: Vice captain 3rd squad (figured we needed at least one)

Zanpakuto Name: Blütenblattwächter , Petal Guardian in German
Shikai: Is almost painfully similar to captain Byakuya Kuchiki?s Senbonsakura, but with one major difference. Whereas Captain Kuchiki?s sword was used primarily for attacking, Petal guardian is for defensive purposes. It can be activated by using one of three command words.

Dance: Causes the sword to scatter into the thousand blades, and float about. The blades can either be directed without movement, or can be directed faster with the use of one?s hands.

Swirl: Calls the blades to him or a person of his choosing. This creates a bladed shield around the target, protecting them, and harming anyone who comes into contact with the shield.

Soar: Causes the blades to surge angrily towards the designated target. This is his one and only attack move, and once the target is designated, the petals will follow it until they make contact. This technique requires no concentration after designating the target.

Bankai: Fluttering Petal Guardian. Increases the speed of every ?petal? making the blocking of even the fastest attacks possible, but during Bankai the effects of the commands changes.

Dance: The floating blades coalesce into small shields about one foot in diameter. Though flexibility is lost in the transformation, the defensive power is increased tenfold.

Swirl: The shield transforms into an armor-like array of petals around the target. The petals automatically block or attack anything that comes within ten feet of the target. The petals can be manipulated by Matthew during this time, and thus it is more useful when he wears it.

Soar: The shields change into scimitars, a common eastern style blade made for parrying, and begins to rotate at high speeds. Once the target is designated, no concentration is needed, unless Matthew wishes to change their direction in their pursuit. Is still the only attack move capable of this Zanpakuto.

Bio: Was born in the soul society into a prominent family, whose origins are centered in Germany. His mother was a member of this family, but she fell for a young vice-captain from a Scottish family. Though he shares a last name with his now deceased father, he is raised by his family, and for the most part is treated just like the other members in the generation he belongs to in his family. He entered the 13 court guard squads in squad three, and has worked his way up to a vice-captain seat due to his skill. Early on, however, he developed his infatuation with his captain, and thus his rise to power was halted.

(I added the infauation thing as a last minute explanation as to why a vice-captain can use bankai, and i thought it would be funneh.. heh[/SIZE]
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Guest White werewolf
Name:Aj jackson




Looks: [url]http://i94.photobucket.com/albums/l119/Oni_Sol/seiyaku.jpg[/url]
light skined male. he is athletic. slim. long black hair has earing in left ear
wears a necklace with a symbol of the moon on it. wears tape on his knuckles and ankles has a tattoo on his back it is a picture wolf showing its teeth at u only show when his shirt is riped off or when takes off his robe wears his zonpakto on his back.

Personality: he acts like he doesnt have a care in the world. he is like this in battle to unless he is comfronted by a worhty enemie or opponent

Likes: lying by the water lookin at the star at night sleeping gurls and finghting a worthy aponent

Dislikes: cocky people hollows and people who underestimate him (that really egts him pissed) and ancarrs



Division Seat: captain


Specialities: predicting his opponents attacks and sensing ritsu and being a total knuckle head helping out people in need

Brief Summary of Character: grew up in queens new york one day he was playing foot ball with his friends when his frend threw a pass that his friend thought he wouldnt catch. HE throght it long he ran and it hit in the street he caught it and when he caught it he was hit by a car. when his friends checked on him his last words were i told u i could catch it. and he then died he was 13. when he woke up he thought he was in his bed but he found that he was in a strange place called the ruon district. he then notice that there was a sword underneth his bed it had a note on it that said use this to make it to the goti thirteen. he wondered who had given him this sword and what the goti thirteen was but later found out wut it was but he gave it no mind. on the back on the note said i will see you soon. when he got to the seretai he quickly advanced through the ranks and later became head of his class. when he first learned how to realease his sword one of his teachers said he thought that sword was lost come to find out it was later given to him by the original owner of the sword. his grandfather. after he found this out he kept training and training until he was able to use bankai. he never told anybody that he learned how to use bankai but every day he trains harder and harder until he can fully control his bankai. before joining the gotie 13 he went on a journey to find somebody to train him to fully use his weapon full power. when he was about to give up he found an oldman by the river. he asked the old man about the sword he said he did knw about it and agreeed to train him. after two years have gone by he was able to almost realese its full potential and to fight with his heart not his mind. he felt like he knew this man all his life but never gave it anymind after he came back he later joined squad 11 and quickly moved to the to vice captain his dream is to later on became a captain. after he became a vice captain he later tried to find the old man. he found where he was before but then a human like hollow came and kill his master Aj drove him away and the oldmans final last words were thank you for completeing my dream my grandson. A.j vowed that he will avenge him and kill the hollow that did this. He hunted day and night but never found him until one day he was just layin down on the river bed and herd a loud bang it was the hollow that killed his grandfather attacking the village he then came to the hollow and defeated him with the skill that his grandfather thought him the hollow said he will return even stronger. Aj said go ahead come back it will end the same. and tried to finish him off but fled he later came to relise he had a sword but was also a hollow he asked wut it was but ike always he didnt give it no mind. he vowed to always remeber this things name drago an ancar.
Name: white wolf (howaido ookamiotoko gengetsu)
Activation Command: howl at the black moon
Abilities: able to see through illusionary techniques and see weak points in oponents attacks
Spirit Appearance: [url]http://images.quizilla.com/L/LY/LYC/LycosLittleWolf/1128280842_ingenWhite.JPG[/url]
Unreleased Appearance: [url]http://www.shopusmore.com/uimg/last-samurai/last-sam-dragon.jpg[/url]
almost always sheath unless havin to unsheath it (dislikes killing people for no reason) on the sheath has a picture of a wolf howling at a moon
Released Appearance: [url]http://img.gamespot.com/gamespot/images/2005/313/reviews/924641_20051110_screen003.jpg[/url] the tip of the blade is cut off
silent wolf - aj becomes invisible his rietsu and energy disappears for a moment so he can avoid enemys attack making it seem as if he had gotten attacked
energy moon rings : the number of rings on his blade is the amount of tmes he can do this. gives him a recharge in energy of 25%
white claw send a burst of rietsu at his apponent
black howl this ability alows him to make energy wolves around him to eighter protect or attc.
black fang - sends a black version of the white fang its shape changes to how aj wants it
tsukiyami level 1 - able to slow down time for a couple of seconds
Name: white werewolf of the black moon (howaido ookamiotoko burakku muun)
Abilities:greatly increases speed, rietsu, and strength
final howl of the white werewolf- his two blades come together and turns white then flash steps toward opponnet then sends a large blast of rietsu form the blade in the shape of a giant wolf

black moon dances 1-4 -each dance gives him an increase in an ability.
moon 1- speed. moon 2- strength moon 3- rietsu moon 4-reflexes
black fang - sends a black version of the white fang its shape changes to how aj wants it
white fang -an advanced version of the white claw execpt it sends two at his oppenents
black howl- summons spirit wolves to help him in battle
final fang- has to do black howl the blades and the wolves start turning black and rush the opponent and attack from allsides while Aj appears infront of opponent and cuts right thrugh the oponnet
white impearial fang - second form of sword a j puts both swords together and then the blead turns whiteish grey
tsuskiami level 2- able to completely stop low level arrancar and vice captain and below slows down captains and espada 6 and down.
Blood moon illusion- a red mist comes around field making opponents see their worst fears or their worst enemy
silent howl -aj stabs the earth with one sword and slices toward opponent making a shockwave toward opponent
devestating howl- aj lets out a loud roar that can harm the opponents ears.
siezmic roar- an upgraded version of the devistating howl sends a shock wave of energy in the form of sound waves makeing the opponents vision become distorted
Appearance: two black swords that look like cresent moons has four holes for fingures to be stuck in them on each one of the swords there is a symbol of a moon that light up when all four black moon daces are done to increase the power of his blade to its max
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Hey, [B]White werewolf[/B], and welcome to the Theater of OtakuBoards!

When signing into RPGs, you should look at the date when it was posted. This thread was posted in February, so there's no chance it's still active. The game has either been played already or maybe it never even got that far.

For your own sake, please sign into threads that are recently posted, and that you known are open for sure. Frankly put, you just wrote all that text for nothing, and that's a pity.

If you have more questions about how to act here, check the Guidelines threads on top of each forum, or send a private message to me!

[I]- Sandy[/I]
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