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Request Pokemon banner request.


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Hi, I need a banner or some kind of image for my site. I also need a smaller imaged used with affiliates.

banner approx.: width 350-400 x height 150-200 pixels
other image approx: width 90-100 x height 30-40 pixels

It needs to match this site: [url]http://4pkmnad4.proboards47.com/index.cgi[/url]
I would like for it to have palkia and dialga on it.
I would like it to say "Pokemon adventures 4"
I would usually make this on my own, but all I have right now is paint...
And could it be sent to my email? [email]darkangelxX447@yahoo.com[/email]
So, If anyone could help,
Thanks. :catgirl:

heres some images i found that could be used
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