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Gaming Tomb Raider: Underworld


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[COLOR="DarkRed"][SIZE="1"]Got this from another forum.

[QUOTE=Tempted @ psfantasy]Tomb Raider: Underworld will be released around December 2008, and will be available on 6 different platforms: PC, Xbox360, PS2, PS3, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS.

The storyline of Tomb Raider: Underworld is based on the legends of the old Maya's. During 5 dangerous days, at the end of the Meso-Americans calendar year, the gates of the underworld open and release all kinds of evil ghosts and horrible creatues. Even a flood of tragedies and disasters on earth.

Lara will enjoy the return of Zip and Allister and probably Winston will be back roaming the manor too. Rumor has it that the plot is partially based on the Mayan Calendar, and its beliefs about the ending of the great cycle of time (Mayan Calendar time line ended 2012).

Mostly non human forms and some strange creatures will be haunting Lara's beloved tombs and Play magazine declared our beloved Lara will have to fight something she never encountered before.

The environment, weather, objects and mechanisms will all interact with Lara. A rich environment, abundant in plants and vegetation. Lara can destroy or use and interact with many parts of her new domain(like wooden sticks as levers). The weather will vary from torrential rain to blazing sunshine. Dirt will also transform into mud in which Lara's footsteps are visible before disappearing under the driving rain. Ledges and terrain will also become slippery when wet.

The implemented Crystal Dynamic's graphic engine, set of shaders and maps, will provide an unprecedented level of realism to immerse yourself in. Lara's movements are have been designed on a motion capture basis and will look stunningly realistic and fluid.

Play magazine also declared the demo level appeared huge and it's easy to get lost in. Debris and killed foes carcasses will stay on the spot and they will be helpful features for gamer orientation.

Combat mode can be used to push the enemies at the shooting range. Ingame this aptitude will be of growing importance. Another interesting feature is the fact that Lara can now aim and shoot in two directions simultaneously. She can also grab a ledge with one hand and shoot an enemy with the other.

Game length can vary according to the player. Each player can find his/her own way of playing the adventure, either exploring thoroughly, using weapons and the materials of his/her choice, or going straight ahead and shooting for goal.

Puzzles are not only a way to progress from one area to another, but also an upgrading opportunity within a level. Different parts are interlocked with one another and specific mechanisms will help solving the global puzzle.

Lots of work implementation has been made on the character design. Even if she looks similar to the Legend model, she is totally nextgen, a blend of artistic and technologic features. Consisting of up to ten layers to reflect environment changes, rain, mud, water showers etc. she looks more realistic than ever before. She can change outfits during the game, and there will be bonus unlockable outfits too.


It's been declared that the music will be orchestral, but not as present as in TR7. Ambient sounds will be similar to that of Anniversary.


[URL=http://www.tombraiderinc.com/images/stories/Wallpaper/wallpaperfactory_tr8_05.jpg]New Lara[/URL][/QUOTE]

I haven't played a Tomb Raider game since the PS1 days, and I only played a demo of I think the second TR. (Could've been the first.. don't remember) I guess this would be a good game to try out for me to test out the TR games.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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